Is The First Wives Club Cancelled?, Why Was Ari Removed From First Wives Club?

“First Wives Club” faces an uncertain future with no official Season 4 announcement, Director hopes, but industry dynamics and silence prevail. Stay tuned for updates.

Is the First Wives Club Cancelled?

“First Wives Club” has not been officially canceled, but there is uncertainty about the show’s future. The director, Shea Williams Vanderpoort, expressed hope for a fourth season on her personal social media account. However, despite consistent viewership across its three seasons, there has been no official announcement from BET regarding the renewal of the show for Season 4.

The longer the silence persists, the less likely it seems that a new season will happen. Various factors, including industry dynamics and financial considerations, could contribute to the lack of news. Fans are advised to stay tuned for updates from official sources for the latest information on the show’s status.


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Why Was Ari Removed From First Wives Club?

Ari, portrayed by Ryan Michelle Bathe, was removed from the First Wives Club in Season 3, Episode 2 due to a significant plot decision made by the show’s creators, Darren Star and Tracy Oliver. In this episode, Ari’s character experiences an unexpected and tragic turn of events, succumbing to a brain aneurysm just before her friend Hazel’s wedding.

The decision to write off Ari was a deliberate move by the creators to introduce a bold and unpredictable element to the series. They aimed to showcase the show’s willingness to take risks and explore complex storytelling, adding an emotional twist to the narrative. Ari’s departure marked a pivotal moment in the storyline, surprising and affecting fans who had grown attached to her character throughout the series.

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Will First Wives Club Season 4 Happen?

There is no official confirmation on whether “First Wives Club” will have a Season 4. The director, Shea Williams Vanderpoort, expressed her hope for a new season on her personal social media account, but there hasn’t been any announcement from the network, BET. The series concluded its third season in December 2022, and the usual pattern for renewals, which historically occurred a few months after season finales, has not been followed.

The longer the lack of news persists, the less likely it seems that a Season 4 will happen. Despite the show’s consistent viewership, financial considerations and industry dynamics, including potential impacts from Hollywood strikes, may be contributing to the uncertainty surrounding the renewal. Fans are advised to stay tuned for updates from official sources for the latest information on the show’s status.

First Wives Club

“First Wives Club” is an American comedy television series based on the 1996 film of the same name. It premiered on BET+ on September 19, 2019, and is centered in New York City. The series follows three women, Ari, Bree, and Hazel, who reconnect after their marriages fall apart.

They form a strong bond and support each other through the challenges of divorce and relationships. The show, inspired by the original film, features an all African-American cast. Development initially began with TV Land but later moved to Paramount Network before finding its home on BET.

The series underwent casting changes, with Michelle Buteau, Jill Scott, and Ryan Michelle Bathe taking lead roles. Filming started in September 2018, and the series premiered on BET after a series order by Paramount Network.

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First Wives Club Plot

“First Wives Club” follows the lives of three women, Ari, Bree, and Hazel, who were friends and classmates in the ’90s. After their marriages fall apart, they reunite in present-day New York City, finding strength in their sisterhood. The show explores how these women navigate the challenges of divorce, relationships, and other aspects of modern life.

The trio leans on each other for support and seeks revenge on those who have wronged them, empowering themselves in the process.

Set against the backdrop of friendship, the series tackles the ups and downs of contemporary romance and showcases the resilience of the female protagonists as they face unexpected twists in their lives. With humor and camaraderie, “First Wives Club” depicts the enduring bonds that help these women overcome life’s hurdles.

First Wives Club Cast



Michelle Buteau

Dr. Bree Washington

Jill Scott

Hazel Rachelle

Ryan Michelle Bathe

Ariel “Ari” Montgomery (née Carmichael)

Mark Tallman

David Montgomery

RonReaco Lee

Gary Washington

Malik Yoba

Derrick Ellsworth

Michelle Mitchenor

Jayla Wright

Tara Pacheco


Bill Barrett

Jacob Rosen

Jordan Carlos


Deborah Cox


Bailey Tippen


Gary Dourdan

Dr. Malcolm Reynard

Mikhail Keize


Jaxon Rose Moore

Imani Washington

Auston Jon Moore

Ollie Washington

Chase Dillon

Ollie Washington

Naledi Murray

Imani Washington

Tobias Truvillion


Raymond Greene-Joyner


First Wives Club Trailer

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