Is The Good Ship Murder Season 2 Coming? The Good Ship Murder Season 2 Release Date

As the first season docks at its final port, whispers of a second voyage echo. Is ‘The Good Ship Murder’ preparing to chart a new course for Season 2? Find out here.

Is The Good Ship Murder Season 2 Coming?

As of now, there is no official confirmation or announcement regarding the production or release of Season 2 for “The Good Ship Murder.” The network, Channel 5, has not provided any details about the future of the show. Fans are eagerly waiting for updates, and until there’s an official statement, it remains uncertain if a second season is in the works. Keep an eye on official sources and announcements for the latest information about the potential release of The Good Ship Murder Season 2.

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The Good Ship Murder

The Good Ship Murder is a British TV crime drama set on a fancy cruise ship in the Mediterranean. Created by Paul Matthew Thompson and Mike Benson, the show revolves around Jack Grayling (played by Shayne Ward), a retired detective turned cabaret singer, who unexpectedly becomes involved in solving murders on the cruise ship. Catherine Tyldesley co-stars as Kate Woods, the First Officer with a point to prove in a male-dominated world.

The series, consisting of eight episodes, debuted on Channel 5 on October 13, 2023. As Jack and Kate navigate the glamorous and exciting life aboard the ship, hidden rivalries and deep divides come to light when a passenger is found murdered.

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The unfolding tragedies prompt an unlikely partnership between Jack and Kate as they join forces to unravel the mysteries behind the crimes. The Good Ship Murder combines elements of crime, drama, and intrigue against the backdrop of a captivating cruise ship setting.

The Good Ship Murder Cast



Catherine Tyldesley

Kate Woods

Shayne Ward

Jack Grayling

Claire Sweeney

Beverley Carnell

Geoffrey Breton

Piers de Vreese

Zak Douglas


Vincent Paul Ebrahim


The Good Ship Murder Plot

The Good Ship Murder tells the story of Jack Grayling (Shayne Ward), a former detective who’s now enjoying life as an entertainer on a cruise ship. On the ship, he crosses paths with First Officer Kate Woods (Catherine Tyldesley), a woman making her mark in a predominantly male environment, determined to prove herself. While life on the ship seems glamorous, there are hidden jealousies, rivalries, and deep divides among the passengers and crew.

As the ship makes its first stop, a passenger is discovered murdered. This tragic event is just the beginning, as more murders follow. In an unexpected partnership, Jack and Kate must team up to unravel the mysteries behind these crimes. The series unfolds as they work together to solve the murder cases amidst the intriguing backdrop of the cruise ship’s glamorous exterior and the secrets concealed beneath the surface.

The Good Ship Murder Review

The Good Ship Murder might is not readily available, as the show is relatively new. Reviews often surface after a series has been on air for some time.

To find reviews, you can check reputable entertainment websites, TV critics’ opinions, or viewer responses on platforms like IMDb or social media. These sources can provide insights into the reception of The Good Ship Murder and help you understand what both critics and audiences think about the show.

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Keep in mind that opinions on TV shows can vary, so exploring a range of reviews can give you a more comprehensive understanding of the series. For the latest and most relevant reviews, it’s recommended to check recent sources and platforms where TV reviews are regularly updated.

The Good Ship Murder Where to Watch?

To watch “The Good Ship Murder,” tune in to Channel 5 or My5 at 9 pm starting from Friday, October 13. The series consists of eight episodes in total. Enjoy the show!

The Good Ship Murder Season 2 Release date

Channel 5 has not shared any news about what will happen next with the show. When we get more information, we will update this page. If everything goes as planned, we can probably expect the next season to come out next year. However, predicting the exact timing is a bit tricky, but we’d guess it might be around the middle to late part of 2024 based on what we know.

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