Is There a Season 2 of 1923 Coming Out? Yellowstone 1923 Season 2 Release date

Wondering about the release date for “1923” Season 2? Dive into the details of this Paramount series set in the Yellowstone universe.
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Is There a Season 2 of 1923 Coming out?

Yes, Season 2 of the Paramount series “1923” has been officially confirmed and was announced in February 2023. This upcoming season will provide viewers with an even deeper exploration of the Dutton family’s history and their experiences leading up to the events of the main series, “Yellowstone.” It promises to offer exciting insights and revelations into the characters and their journey during this prequel spinoff.

The first season was premiered on December 18, 2022. It is revealed that the second season of the series will also consist of eight episodes, just like the previous season. The exact release date of the second season is unknown.

Yellowstone 1923 Season 2 Release date

The release of “1923” Season 2 is expected to occur in 2024. But there is no official confirmation about its release date. The first season of “1923” concluded on February 26, 2023, and the renewal for the second season was announced in February as well. Typically, it would have followed a similar release schedule to the first season, which began streaming on December 18, 2022.

However, due to a halt in production caused by the WGA writers’ strike in June, Season 2 is now anticipated to be delayed until 2024. Viewers can likely expect it to premiere in either the first or second quarter of that year.

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What Will Happen in 1923 Season 2?

Season 2 of “1923” is expected to revolve around the central conflict between the Duttons and the formidable character, Donald Whitfield. Whitfield emerged as a significant antagonist in Season 1, making his mark in the Yellowstone franchise.

As Season 1 concluded with Whitfield paying property tax on the Dutton Ranch, the ownership of the ranch now hangs in the balance. Unless the Duttons can repay him, Whitfield stands to gain control of the ranch.

In typical Yellowstone fashion, viewers can anticipate a high-stakes battle as Jacob, Cara, and the rest of the Dutton family go to great lengths to retain ownership of their cherished ranch. Season 2 holds the potential for an intense and all-encompassing conflict between these characters.

1923 Season 2 Expected Cast 



Harrison Ford

Jacob Dutton

Helen Mirren

Cara Dutton

Darren Mann

Jack Dutton

Brandon Sklenar

Spencer Dutton

Julia Schlaepfer


Sebastian Roché

Father Renaud

Aminah Nieves

Teonna Rainwater

Michelle Randolph

Elizabeth Strafford

Robert Patrick

Sheriff William McDowell

Jerome Flynn

Banner Creighton

Timothy Dalton

Donald Whitfield

Where to Watch 1923 Season 2?

“1923” Season 2 is set to be initially available for streaming on Paramount+ upon its release. Typically, the first episode of the season is expected to premiere on the Paramount Network, providing viewers with an early broadcast experience. However, following this initial broadcast, the series will become exclusive to the Paramount+ streaming platform, where fans can continue to watch the subsequent episodes and enjoy the full season at their convenience. This distribution strategy allows both traditional television viewers and streaming enthusiasts to access the show, catering to a broader audience.

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1923 Trailer

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