Is there Going to be a Zombies 4? Zombies 3 Wiki, Plot, Cast and Trailer

“Zombies 3” is a 2022 Disney movie where Seabrook faces an alien invasion, testing the love of its residents, Addison and Zed, and exploring themes of unity and sacrifice.
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Is there Going to be a Zombies 4?

Disney has yet to confirm the existence of “Zombies 4,” which leaves fans with mixed feelings as “Zombies 3” could potentially mark the final chapter for beloved characters like Addison and Zed in the Seabrook universe. In the third installment of this popular Disney franchise, the storyline takes an interesting twist with the arrival of aliens, putting Addison and Zed’s relationship to the test.

Despite the challenges, their love manages to endure, even as Addison grapples with her true identity and the possibility of leaving Earth behind. Initially, Disney labeled “Zombies 3” as the “third and final installment,” adding to the uncertainty surrounding the franchise’s future.

While the movie does wrap up the story conclusively, unlike the cliffhanger ending of “Zombies 2,” it’s important to note that this doesn’t necessarily rule out the possibility of a return in “Zombies 4.” Fans are left to speculate about what might come next.

To delve into the potential for a fourth installment, it’s crucial to consider the events of “Zombies 3” and their implications. While spoilers abound for those who haven’t seen the film yet, the movie’s ending provides ample room for imagination and the prospect of new adventures.

In the end, whether “Zombies 4” becomes a reality or not remains uncertain, and fans will have to keep their fingers crossed for more adventures with the endearing Zeddison duo. While the animated series is on the horizon, it may or may not continue the main storyline. For now, the fate of Seabrook and its residents hangs in the balance, leaving fans eager to see what the future holds for their favorite characters.

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Zombies 3 Wiki 

“Zombies 3,” a 2022 American science fiction musical film, made its debut on Disney+ on July 15, 2022, followed by a Disney Channel premiere on August 12, 2022. This film serves as the sequel to both the 2018 movie “Zombies” and its 2020 follow-up, “Zombies 2.” Reprising their lead roles, Milo Manheim and Meg Donnelly return as Zed and Addison, respectively, anchoring the story. Additionally, much of the primary supporting cast from the preceding two Zombie films makes a comeback.

The film’s narrative unfolds in the now-diverse town of Seabrook, where zombies, regular humans, and werewolves coexist harmoniously. However, their peaceful existence is disrupted by the arrival of an alien invasion, thrusting them into a new conflict. This fresh threat challenges the town’s residents to unite and confront the otherworldly menace, highlighting themes of cooperation, friendship, and overcoming differences.

“Zombies 3” continues the tradition of infusing music into its storytelling, with catchy musical numbers that contribute to the film’s unique charm. The movie explores the dynamics between the various factions within Seabrook and the growth of the central characters, Zed and Addison, as they navigate the complexities of their relationship against the backdrop of this extraterrestrial crisis.

As the third installment in the “Zombies” franchise, this film maintains the series’ signature blend of science fiction, music, and teen romance, providing fans with another dose of entertaining adventures in the Seabrook universe. With its intriguing premise and familiar faces, “Zombies 3” offers a delightful continuation of the saga, captivating both long-time enthusiasts and newcomers to the franchise alike.

Zombies 3 Cast 



Milo Manheim


Meg Donnelly


Trevor Tordjman


Kylee Russell


Carla Jeffery


Chandler Kinney


Pearce Joza


Baby Ariel


Terry Hu


Matt Cornett


Kyra Tantao


Kingston Foster


James Godfrey


RuPaul (Voice)


Emilia McCarthy


Noah Zulfikar


Jasmine Renée Thomas


Naomi Snieckus

Principal Lee

Paul Hopkins


Marie Ward


Sheila McCarthy


Jonathan Langdon


Tony Nappo


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Zombies 3 Release Date 

“Zombies 3” made its debut on Disney+ on July 15, 2022. Additionally, the movie had a broadcast on Disney Channel on August 12, marketed as a “Lost Song edition.” One notable scene within the film involves A-spen’s revelation of his romantic feelings for Zed to Addison.

This pivotal moment leads to a heartfelt musical performance involving Bree, Addison, Willa, Wynter, and A-spen. The song, titled “What Is This Feeling?” encapsulates the emotions and complexities of being in love, adding depth to the storyline. This particular scene underscores the film’s commitment to blending music and storytelling to enhance the viewer’s experience, making it a noteworthy moment for fans of the “Zombies” franchise.

What Happened in Zombies 3? 

In the peaceful town of Seabrook, a harmonious coexistence exists among werewolves, humans, and zombies. It’s the final year at Seabrook High for Addison, who has been accepted into Mountain College, and Zed, who’s pursuing an athletic scholarship there with the hope of joining Addison.

The town is buzzing with excitement as a pivotal football game approaches—one that could open doors for a Seabrook monster to enter college, breaking down barriers for others like them. However, on the eve of this crucial match, chaos ensues as a UFO lands, introducing alien passengers led by A-Lan, A-Li, and A-Spen.

The aliens, who are actually searching for an interstellar map to their new home, Utopia, claim to be in Seabrook for a National Cheer Off competition to conceal their true mission. To assist Zed in securing a scholarship, A-Spen finds a loophole, prompting Zed to excel academically. This development raises tensions, particularly among werewolves like Willa, Wyatt, and Wynter, who suspect the aliens have ulterior motives.

As the aliens settle temporarily in Seabrook, they scan werewolves’ minds and interrogate them, while Zed collaborates with them to identify a valuable moonstone that holds lethal properties for the aliens. A-Spen reveals their love for Zed to Addison, further complicating the situation. Amidst cheer practice, the cheer team witnesses the aliens’ extraordinary abilities, leading to heightened suspicions.

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Things take a dramatic turn when Addison is mistakenly beamed onto the aliens’ Mothership, revealing their true intentions. Zed’s home college interview goes awry due to Addison’s alien powers, which she begins to question. The aliens, now realizing the importance of the Seabrook Cup as their potential map home, compete in the Cheer Off but are disqualified. Addison becomes their last hope.

As the werewolves uncover the aliens’ true mission and alert the Z-Patrol, Addison and Zed attempt to help the aliens. However, complications arise, leading to a decision for Addison to accompany the aliens to Utopia. Zed offers to go with her but is unable due to the aliens’ stardust energy, which would be lethal to him. The aliens’ spaceship is damaged on the departure day, and Zed helps recharge it using the moonstone, narrowly surviving.

Days later, in Addison’s absence, the group celebrates their graduation, and the aliens decode Addison’s DNA, revealing Earth as Utopia. The aliens return to Seabrook, joining the residents, including vampires and merfolk. During the credits, Bucky activates the Mothership, setting out to spread cheer across the galaxy.

This complex narrative in “Zombies 3” explores themes of love, sacrifice, and unity in the face of extraterrestrial challenges, ultimately bringing the diverse residents of Seabrook together in a heartwarming conclusion.

Zombies 3 Trailer

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