IU Admits Having A Hearing Problem During THE GOLDEN HOUR Performance

On the last night of THE GOLDEN HOUR concert in Seoul, popular singer IU announced that she was seeking treatment for her hearing problem. At the two-day solo concert, the 29-year-old artist delivered outstanding performances for the audience. Her statement at the end of the event surprised many as the LILAC singer showed the high notes right before she made the announcement.

Fans give much love and support to singer LILAC. They also applauded her for having the courage to speak out about her problems openly during the GOLDEN HOUR performance. Following her announcement, Twitter was flooded with messages of encouragement for her. No matter how epic THE GOLDEN HOUR performance was, IU admitted to being “extremely nervous” while preparing for it. The soloist’s recording includes songs with a bit of choreography, allowing people to notice her vocals.

“Horrible to Watch”: IU’s THE GOLDEN HOUR will be remembered as a breathtaking yet melancholy concert.

On September 17 and 18, 2022, IU, also known as the Queen of K-pop, completed her two-day offline solo performance at Olympic Stadium, Seoul. She gave better performances than in real life, full of gorgeous clothes, massive stage, hot air balloons, drone displays, etc. IU was diagnosed with Disorders. Eustachian Patulous tube function, a condition that allows people to overhear their own voice. According to Verywell Health, this is a rare disease that affects only one in 10,000 people.

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This condition is comparable to earplugs. There is no reason for this. Risk factors include rapid and significant weight loss, anxiety and stress, jaw problems, and fatigue. According to Hankyoreh, the solo artist shared his problem with fans after playing Love Poem. She added that it got a little worse on the second day and that preparing for the show became more difficult for her.

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IU stated:

“I was really sick with my ear so I was scared and was getting ready for this performance.” It’s not life-threatening, but I had trouble controlling my ears about a year ago. My ears have gotten a bit worse since finishing the show yesterday, so I guess I had a bad day practicing last night and today.”

She continued, saying she couldn’t hear the crowd well but thanked them for their support:

“I barely heard from you today, but I got the impression that they were supporting me and congratulating me on my 14th wedding anniversary.”

UAENAs, IU’s fans, also noticed that her documentary Pieces sheds some light on the same issue. The documentary follows singer Palette to the clinic, providing fans with insight into her hearing condition. Naturally, fans have given their love to the actress, who has become Korea’s most popular and successful solo artist for over a decade. THE GOLDEN HOUR event was IU’s first offline concert in three years, and she went above and beyond to give her fans a great experience.

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After IU spoke out about her health during THE GOLDEN HOUR performance, fans wished her a speedy recovery and encouraged her to take care of herself. Meanwhile, IU announced that she will no longer include Palette and Good Day in her concert repertoire, making THE GOLDEN HOUR the last time fans will hear the two songs live. About 85,000 people have experienced the singer’s magic, including several K-pop celebrities.

producing the golden hour that will go down in history: strawberry moon, using light to turn the stage into waves in my sea, drone demonstrations, fireworks… all impressive pic.twitter.com/vuWN0pgfGF

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– (@serene1219) September 20, 2022

Get well soon! You can take a long break after this show. We (UAENA) will be here waiting for your full recovery. You did an excellent job!#Golden Hour_Day2 #IU_14th_UAENA

— Cookies UAENA 🍪 (@FrozenChart_IU) September 18, 2022


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