Joshua Kimmich Age: How Old Is He Now? Explore His Performance Stats And Football Career

Joshua Kimmich was born on February 8, 1995, making him 28 years old in 2023. This world-class midfielder, who plays for Bayern Munich and the German national team, has become a football superstar. Let us now go further into Joshua Kimmich’s life and accomplishments. Joshua Kimmich has established himself as a major player in the football world. The phrase “Joshua Kimmich age” is often searched, indicating that people want to learn more about this German star.

Joshua Kimmich Personal Information

Joshua Walter Kimmich is a Rottweil, Germany native. He’s been demonstrating his talents as a midfielder at 177 cm and 70 lbs. Bayern Munich has been lucky to have him since 2015, and his market worth is currently a remarkable €75.00m.

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Stats on Season Performance

Joshua is currently ranked #135 in the Bundesliga. When compared to Rodri’s Premier League position of 11, this gives an intriguing insight on global football dynamics.

Joshua Kimmich’s wife: Lina Meyer

Lina Meyer, his devoted wife, stands behind this football master. Lina isn’t your average person; she’s a professional volleyball player who has represented Germany in major competitions.

Joshua Kimmich’s Net Worth and Football Career

Joshua’s net worth is projected to be approximately €50 million, mirroring his on-field achievements. He has 27 championships to his name with Bayern Munich and 50 caps for the German national team.

Joshua Kimmich’s Potential Future

Rumor has it that Kimmich is thinking about expanding his horizons. Top teams such as Liverpool, Manchester City, and Barcelona are said to be interested. The summer transfer window will undoubtedly be one to remember!

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Interesting Facts About Joshua Kimmich

Kimmich has a diverse range of interests outside of the field. Did you know he is a licensed electrician? His affinity for the Golden State Warriors in basketball and golf reflects his eclectic preferences.


As we conclude our look at Joshua Kimmich, it’s clear that he’s more than simply his age. At 28, he has accomplished more than most people do in their whole careers, and his future seems to be much brighter.

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