Judith Giuliani Sued Her Ex-Husband Rudy Giuliani For Contempt Of Court’

Rudy Giuliani’s ex-wife, Judith Giuliani, recently sued him for alleged contempt of court and sought more than a quarter-million dollars in damages to escape a jail term. According to fresh court records acquired by Page Six, Judith claims that the former New York mayor owes her $262,000 as part of their divorce settlement, including $140,000 for a Palm Beach residence, and $70,000 for club membership, and $5,000 per month for housekeeping services.

She also alleged that Giuliani owes her $45,000 in unpaid overtime for the latter. According to Judith, the Palm Beach home was marketed for $3.3 million in 2019, but despite the fact that it did not sell, Giuliani is “bound to pay me $200,000” under their legal agreement. Judith further claimed that her ex-husband had only paid her $60,000. While Judith said that Giuliani did not pay “his share of the yearly club membership dues,” she also stated that she had to supply $70000 for his dues and is now waiting to be reimbursed.

“I had no option but to pay his part of the dues… in order to keep my membership in the clubs.”

She also claimed that Giuliani had provided “sporadic and irregular payments” to her since last summer, as well as a $10,000 check in June 2021 that bounced “due to inadequate funds.”

Judith feels Rudy Giuliani has the cash to pay the $262,000 payment despite his current legal woes:

“He has many residences in New York City and Palm Beach [and] it seems he earns a lot of money through media-related contracts and transactions.”

Pay me $260K or go to prison – Rudy Giuliani sued by ex-wife Judith

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Former Donald Trump’s lawyer and 107th Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani has been sued by his ex-wife Judith. Guiliani’s ex-wife who wants him to cough up more than a quarter of a million dollars or go… pic.twitter.com/J7A9HWo5Y8

— Converseer (@converseernews) August 3, 2022

According to court documents, Judith has urged her ex-husband to settle his debts “immediately and with interest.” Her attorneys have also said that Giuliani’s failure to appear in court may result in “instant arrest or jail for contempt of court.”

Judith and Rudy Giuliani divorced in April 2018, and their divorce was legally completed in December 2019 after a court settlement.

Everything you need to know about Rudy Giuliani’s ex-wife Judith Giuliani.

Judith Giuliani is a qualified nurse, former medical sales executive, founder member of the Twin Towers Fund, and former managing director of Changing Our World. She is also the ex-wife of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Donald Stish Sr. and Joan Ann gave birth to the healthcare worker on December 16, 1954, in Pennsylvania. She graduated from Hazleton High School in 1972 before enrolling in a two-year nursing program at Pennsylvania State University’s St. Luke’s Hospital. On September 1, 1974, Judith obtained her registered nursing diploma and began working as a nurse at Sacred Heart Hospital. She eloped with a medical supply salesman named Jeffrey Ross and married him in Las Vegas shortly after.

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The pair began working together at the US Surgical Corporation in 1975, selling medical equipment until splitting up in 1979. After their divorce, Judith married wallpaper dealer Bruce Nathan and adopted Whitney. Sadly, the couple split in 1992, and Judith was awarded primary custody of their kid. She later relocated to New York, where she obtained a New York nursing license and began working as a pharmaceutical sales representative for Bristol-Myers Squibb’s hospital sales division in 1993.

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Judith began dating Manos Zacharioudakis and lived with him for four years before splitting up. By 1997, she had advanced to become one of Bristol-Myers’ top sales managers. The former medical sales employee met Rudy Giuliani at a cigar lounge on the Upper East Side in 1999 and married him in 2003. During his presidential campaign in 2007, she was also his adviser and fundraiser. Judith was the national spokeswoman for Women’s Heart Advantage in addition to her services to the Changing Our World and Twin Towers Fund.

Giuliani has raised funds for Hurricane Katrina relief, Christian Blind Mission International (CBMI), Finding a Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures (FACES), St. Vincent’s Hospital Level 1 Trauma Unit, Southampton Hospital, Cabrini High School and Medical Center, and the McCarton School for Autistic Children throughout her career.

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Judith has been honored for her work as a nurse as well as her humanitarian and philanthropic contributions. In 2006, she received the New York University Humanitarian Award, the Cabrini Mission Foundation’s Spirit of Cabrini Service Award, and the New York Junior League’s Community Award.

How Many times Rudy Giuliani has been married?

Rudy Giuliani, an American attorney, former New York Mayor, and Donald Trump’s former lawyer, has been married three times. Between 1968 through 1982, he was married to Regina Peruggi, an American educator and former president of Kingsborough Community College. Peruggi and Giuliani are said to have known one other from infancy and married on October 26, 1968. Their marriage was in difficulty by the mid-1970s, and they chose to divorce in 1975. Their 14-year marriage was terminated in 1983 when they discovered they were second cousins.

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While still married to Donna Hanover, the former mayor met Judith Giuliani at Club Macanudo in 1999. He was apparently estranged from Hanover by this time, who had ceased making public appearances with her spouse by 1996. On April 15, 1984, Giuliani married Hanover in Manhattan. Andrew and Caroline Rose were their two children. Judith and Rudy Giuliani allegedly had a romance, although they portrayed themselves in public as “close friends.” Before Giuliani formally announced his divorce from his second wife in 2000, the couple began attending public events together.

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Giuliani and Hanovar separated in 2002, with the former agreeing to pay his wife a $6.8 million settlement and giving her custody of their children. The lawyer proposed to Judith in Paris in 2002 and married her on May 24, 2003, at the Gracie Mansion. After 15 years of marriage, Judith and Giuliani’s relationship ended when the former filed for divorce in 2018. After a court struggle over their combined $30 million wealth, their divorce was completed in 2019.


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