Keleigh Teller Height How Tall is Keleigh Teller?

How tall is Keleigh Teller? Keleigh Teller, Model, Social Media Star, Actress, 170 cm tall.

Keleigh Teller Height How tall is Keleigh Teller?

Want to know Keleigh Teller’s Height? Then read this article and get accurate information about Keleigh Teller Height. Keleigh Teller is a Model, Social Media Star, Actress born on October 16, 1992. Recently we can see fans searching for Keleigh Teller Height; We have the same answer.

Keleigh Teller’s height and biography details are the most searched terms by users. Those who are wondering about Keleigh Teller’s height can refer to the information below.

  • Keleigh Teller’s height in centimeters – 170 cm
  • Keleigh Teller in meters – 1.70 m
  • Keleigh Teller in feet – 5 feet 7 inches

Now it’s clear to fans how tall Keleigh Teller is. To know more about Keleigh Teller’s biography, refer to the table below.


Keleigh Teller


Model, Social Media Star, Actress

Date of birth

October 16, 1992

Place of birth

Orange County, California, USA

Age (as of 2024)

31 years old


170 cm


57 kg (125 lb)



Who is Keleigh Teller?

Keleigh Sperry, known professionally as Keleigh Teller, is a talented actress and model known for her captivating presence in both music videos and films. Born on October 16, 1992, Keleigh is 1.70 meters tall, adding to her striking on-screen charm. Within the family, she shares her life with five siblings, including Katie, Kevin and Michelle, fostering a strong sense of connection.

Keleigh’s notable appearances include roles in Taylor Swift’s “I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor’s Version)” music video released in 2021, as well as the 2017 film “Dance”. Keleigh’s professional achievements and personal life are also closely linked to her marriage. to famous actor Miles Teller, a relationship that began in 2019. The foundation of their relationship was rooted in a longstanding friendship, which developed into a deeper bond during their collaboration on Swift’s music video.

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Miles Teller’s proposal to Keleigh in 2017, set on a safari in South Africa, marked an important chapter in their journey. The climax of their love story took place in a picturesque setting, as they exchanged vows in Maui, Hawaii, cementing their commitment to a life together. Keleigh Teller, with her multifaceted talents and long-standing relationship with Miles, continues to make waves in the entertainment industry, leaving an indelible mark on the screen and in the hearts of those who appreciate art as well as as her personal story.

Real name

Keleigh Rand Sperry


Model, Social Media Star, Actress

Date of birth

October 16, 1992


Miles Teller (m. 2019)





Keleigh Teller Age

As of now, Keleigh Teller is radiantly celebrating her vibrant 31st birthday, displaying a spirit that radiates positivity and accomplishment. Born on October 16, 1992, into a world awaiting her unique contributions, Keleigh comes from a generation defined by resilience and creativity. Her journey over the years has seen her grow from a young and promising talent to a seasoned actress and model. an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

The optimism surrounding Keleigh’s 31st year is a testament to the experiences she has embraced, the relationships she has nurtured, and the artistic endeavors that continue to shape her path. As she navigates this important milestone, Keleigh Teller is an inspiration to those who appreciate her artistry, unwavering dedication, and the love story she shares with her husband, Miles Teller .

With each passing year, Keleigh’s light shines brighter, illuminating the way for future successes and memorable moments in both her personal and professional life. This has been a year filled with constant growth, exciting adventures and timeless beauty that accompany the journey of a remarkable individual like Keleigh Teller.

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Keleigh Teller’s career

  • Models and actors:

    • Keleigh Sperry Teller, recognized for her work in both modeling and acting, has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment industry.
  • Early Credits (2011):

    • Keleigh’s journey in the world of entertainment began with an initial appearance in a music video dating back to 2011, introducing her first foray into the industry.
  • Main actors in the movie “Dance” (2017):

    • In 2017, Keleigh took on the lead role in the short film “Dance”, which marked an important step forward in her acting career and added depth to her portfolio.
  • Prominent appearance in Taylor Swift’s MV (2021):

    • Keleigh received notable recognition for appearing in Taylor Swift’s 2021 music video “I Bet You Think About Me”, a collaboration that further raised her profile in the industry.
  • Married to Miles Teller (Since 2019):

    • Since 2019, Keleigh has been happily married to famous actor Miles Teller, strengthening their relationship in a marriage that has become the foundation of her personal life.
  • Starting a family with a furry friend:

    • Keleigh and Miles, who met in 2013, share their lives not only as a couple but also as a family with the addition of a French bulldog named Bugsy.
  • Lifelong friendship with Taylor Swift:

    • Keleigh and Miles’ connection to Taylor Swift extends beyond their professional collaboration, as the pair have formed a lasting friendship with the famous singer since they appeared in her 2021 music video. Miss.
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Keleigh Sperry Teller’s career journey unfolds as a harmonious fusion of modeling and acting, highlighted by collaborations with industry icons and the joyful foundation of her personal life with Miles Teller.

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