Kyra Lashley- All About The First Daughter Of Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley’s daughter is Kyra Lashley. Bobby’s firstborn child is supposed to be Kyra. She is now residing in Denver, Colorado, USA. Her nationality is American, and she is of mixed race. She adheres to the Christian faith. Kyra is spending her time at a Colorado high school teaching herself. Bobby’s true name is Franklin Roberto Lashley, and he is a wrestler as well as a mixed martial artist.

Quick Facts

Full NameKyra Lashley
First NameKyra
Last NameLashley
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameBobby Lashley
Father Professionwrestler and mixed martial artist
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual Orientationstraight
SibilingsNaomi Lashley, Myles Lashley
Date of Birth2005

Kyra is following her mother

Kyra was reared by a single father. Young Kyra is believed to be a follower of her father. It implies she works out every day. Her father, on the other hand, teaches her how to perform workouts. We think she has no plans to become a wrestler in the near future since we haven’t seen any activity Kyra has done to pursue that career.

Kyra, on the other hand, likes to remain silent whenever the issue of motherhood comes up. Bobby, as a father, consistently encourages and prepares his children for hard work and frequent exercise. Finally, Bobby has claimed his children as his hidden weapon.

Kyra Lashley


Kyra has two half-siblings, the youngest of whom is Naomi Lashley. In the year 2011, she was born. Kyra’s father’s ex-fiancée is Naomi’s mother. Kristal Marshall is her name. Myles Lashley, her younger half-brother, was born in 2008 to Kristal. Myles is known to have been interested in sports since he was a child. Naomi and Myles are both trained in the gym, and Myles’ father Bobby trains him to be the finest athlete in the future. They are often seen with their father on a family trip, and Bobby has said that all three are sources of inspiration for him to do better with each passing day.

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Did Bobby marry Lana?

Bobby’s friendship with Lana has been the most talked about issue on WWE Universe. These had split the WWE fanbase into two camps. Some crowds backed it, while others opposed it. Bobby experienced a lot of internet hatred after revealing the couple’s announcement, while the woman received a lot of threats. There was also talk about their marriage on the last RAW show of 2019, which was often interrupted by their ex-partners and loves.

The ring was beautifully adorned, and the bride and groom exchanged vows but were unable to properly tie the knot owing to repeated disruptions. And the occasion cake was placed on Lana’s face. Nonetheless, they appeared together on the following edition of RAW, which aired on January 6. Lana, on the other hand, was ecstatic to begin a new chapter with Bobby.

Bobby’s current wife

Bobby is now unmarried and has been devoting more of his time to his WWE profession. It is the most important factor in his professional success. Nonetheless, in the late 2000s, he was in a love relationship with Kristal Marshall. Nonetheless, the former couple announced their divorce on Twitter in April 2010. He was also in another relationship prior to his romance with Kristal.

Bobby Lashley was barred from competing in the Olympics?

Bobby was selected to participate in the 2004 Olympics, but he was unable to do so owing to a bank robbery. He was in a bank in Colorado Springs when the crime occurred. As a result, he had to defend himself and suffered a significant knee injury, which prevented him from passing up the chance.

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Kyra Lashley

Bobby Lashley’s thoughts about his sisters

Bobby tackled the fact that he is an extremely fortunate guy right at the outset of the conversation. Unlike other unhappy individuals, Bobby acknowledged to having a wonderful family, which he defines as the center of his life. Bobby’s family consists of his mother and father, as well as three elder sisters. Bobby also indicated that they are still close to one other, despite his earlier belief that they were not. He remembers that they were both unpleasant and hostile to him. Bobby also described how his sister would kidnap him and tie him up for an hour. He also claims that in this universe, the younger brother might be tormented by their older sisters, and he was particularly bullied by his elder sister, Cathy.

He recalls Cathy chasing Bobby around with a broom back then. Bobby also said that at the moment, he made a joke about Cathy, telling her that she should get on the broom and fly away. Bobby mentioned his other sister Jessica and how some individuals claim to have a security blanket. Similarly, Jessica had a security towel that belonged to her grandma and was extremely significant to her.

He recalls that as time went on, the white towel grew dingy and filthy, and it also stank. One day, his sister Jessica went to school with the towel, and several bully boys stole it. Bobby claims that at the time, he entered, took it from the man, and returned it to his sister. Finally, referring to his final sister, he said that she was closer to his age.

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Francis was his father’s little daughter. Bobby remembers pulling a trick on her one day. Bobby also had a scar on his face, just below his left eye. He added that glancing at the scar reminds him not to tease or annoy his sister Francis. Bobby recognized the reality that he had had a colorful life up to this point.

Net Worth

We shall depend on Kyra’s father’s net worth, which is predicted to be $4 million as of October 2023 since she is young.

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