Last Rizzmas I Gave You My Gyatt Meaning Explained

Explore viral sensation ‘Last Rizzmas I Gave You My Gyatt’, a hilarious holiday meme on TikTok. Discover humorous interpretations of catchy lyrics and Gen Z slang.

What are the lyrics to ‘Last Rizzmas’?

The lyrics to Last Rizzmas are:

Last Rizzmas, I gave you my gyatt

But the very next day, you were taxed Fanum.

This year, to save me from meowing,

I’ll give it to someone who has fun.

Explain the meaning of the last Rizzmas I give to you my Gyatt

The meaning behind “Last Rizzmas I Gave You My Gyatt” involves a creative reinterpretation of the classic Christmas song “Last Christmas” by Wham! In the song, the singer humorously recounts giving someone a ‘gyatt’ (a term expressing admiration for an attractive person) last Christmas.

However, an interesting thing happens when the very next day, the person is ‘taxed Fanum’. The phrase refers to a playful act by a Twitch streamer named Fanum, who playfully took a bite of his friends’ food as a form of “tax.” To avoid a similar situation this year, the singer decided to give his ‘gyatt’ to someone ‘rizzful’, using ‘rizz’ as slang for charisma or attractiveness.

The song has become incredibly popular on social media platforms such as TikTok, with users creating their own versions and sharing the catchy and humorous lyrics. The playful use of slang terms adds a modern and light touch to the holiday season, making “Last Rizzmas I Gave You My Gyatt” a popular and widely shared meme in 2023 .

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What does ‘Rizz’ mean?

In the context of “Last Rizzmas I Gave You My Gyatt”, the term ‘rizz’ has a specific slang meaning. Simply put, ‘rizz’ is a shortened word for ‘charm’. It is used to describe attractive and attractive qualities that someone possesses, especially in a flirtatious or seductive way.

So when the song mentions giving someone a ‘gyatt’ last Christmas, it implies expressing admiration or attraction towards them, as ‘gyatt’ is associated with appreciation of physical attractiveness. The use of ‘rizz’ in the lyrics adds a cheerful and modern touch to the traditional Christmas song. The term ‘rizz’ has become part of creative and humorous reinterpretations of the original song, making it a catchy and trendy expression in the realm of Gen Z and Gen slang. Alpha.

How did the song ‘Last Rizzmas’ originate?

The origin of the song Last Rizzmas I Gave You My Gyatt can be traced back to the TikTok trend that emerged in late 2023. The song is essentially a clever and humorous cover of the classic Christmas tune “Last Christmas” by Wham! The trend started when a TikToker named @letterboxdsigma posted a video of herself singing the modern slang version of “Last Christmas” on November 12, 2023.

In the video, she creatively incorporates terms like ‘rizz’, ‘gyatt’ and ‘Fanum tax’, giving the traditional song a fresh and playful twist. This first video became popular and soon another TikToker named @theonlyrapscallion posted his own version, which became the trending sound associated with “Last Rizzmas”.

How to use these lines?

Here are the steps to use these lines:

  • The lines from “Last Rizzmas I Gave You My Gyatt” have become part of a TikTok trend where users create videos with the lyrics.
  • Many TikTok users are putting a unique spin on the song by creating their own versions. They use the original lyrics as samples and may add their own creative flair or context.
  • These lines include trendy expressions like ‘rizz’, ‘gyatt’ and ‘Fanum tax’, which are part of the slang of Generation Z and Generation Alpha. Users often incorporate these terms into their videos to create a humorous and modern feel.
  • Some users adapted the song for the Roblox gaming platform, creating versions featuring Roblox avatars singing the catchy lyrics.
  • Besides user-generated videos, there are also AI-generated voice parodies of the song. These parodies use technology to create entertaining performances, adding another layer of creativity to the trend.
  • Videos created using these streams have received many viral reposts on platforms such as Twitter, further expanding the reach of this trend beyond TikTok.
  • Even after the original audio was removed from TikTok, users continued to remix and reuse the lines, demonstrating the meme’s adaptability and longevity.
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