Love at First’s Josh Riquelme Talks About His First Reality Program

Season 1 of Love You First has just ended. Many pairs of lovers and liars appeared on the show as they tried to win prizes by showing their true love on screen or by lying between their teeth. Josh Riquelme, one of the show’s contestants, opened up about life after the show in an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda. Josh and his girlfriend, Monica, were the second couple to be dropped from the show. However, they did return in the finale to help choose the winner along with the other eliminated couples.

In an interview, the reality star said that the show caught his interest because he was able to join his girlfriend.

He declared:

“I’ve always loved reality TV and found it fascinating. This show piqued my interest as it is a reality dating show that I can participate in with my girlfriend, Monica. Because many shows these days focus on singles, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Josh Requelme, a contestant on Love at First Lie, talks about his experience on the MTV show.

Josh recently appeared on MTV’s Love at First Lie with his girlfriend Monica, but their time on the show was shorter than they expected. The show premiered on October 13, 2022, and the season finale aired on December 27, 2022. In the final episode of the first season, all the couples were eliminated, including Josh and Monica, back to choose the winner. The two are the second pair to depart. When asked about leaving the show so soon, Josh expressed disappointment that they didn’t get to talk to all the other couples as much as they would have liked.

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He went on to say that if they spent more time with other couples, they would be further in the game. Josh makes sure everything happens on purpose and they step inside the house to be themselves.

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He continued:

“Who knows what picks we’ll make and probably wouldn’t be proud if we went further in the game.”

When asked how it felt when the others didn’t raise the pot by the time they were eliminated in Love at First Lie, Josh said, “In a sense, it feels great.” He stated that the other members would benefit from this experience. He added that he tried to warn the others to “look out for them”, but that didn’t work because the favorites kept getting eliminated, leaving the pot unchanged mid-game.

The Love at First Lie actor went on to praise his co-stars, saying that his favorite pairing is Steven and Tom. He says it’s because they’re full of energy and bring a lot of joy to the house. Josh went on to say that the winners, Stephanie and Arabella, won the game “fairly and with integrity”. Love at First Lie’s opponents noted that they’ve been through some challenges while staying indoors and that getting to the finish line as winners together is a huge achievement.

He went on to say that he:

“I’m excited to see what the future holds for both, especially now that they’ve won $175,000.”

The pair still keep in touch with the people they met on the reality show and keep in touch. He hopes they can all meet one day. In fact, Tori Spellings, host of Love at First Lie, is quite likable and hospitable. He went on to say that she is a lot more relatable now and that he was happy to reconnect with her after filming.

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Josh Riquelme is a “big believer” in performance, so much so that he took to Twitter last year to say that before the end of the year he would be on a reality show, which he did. . He said of the power of expression:

“GOD! I am a firm believer in the law of attraction. Much of what has come to light in my life is the result of speaking into reality and not changing.”

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He continued:

“When combined with hard work, the expression can be quite impressive! If you don’t write down your goals, I recommend you do because there’s nothing better than crossing things off your list.”

Viewers can watch episodes of Love at First Lie on MTV and follow the reality TV star on Instagram @riquelmejosh.

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