Love Is Blind Stars Stacy and Izzy Break Up? Who are Stacy and Izzy?

Love Is Blind stars Stacy and Izzy broke up shortly after the show ended. Stacy felt they needed to address important issues, but Izzy wanted to keep the engagement. Izzy then pursued a relationship with another cast member, which surprised Stacy.

Love Is Blind Stars Stacy and Izzy Break Up?

Love Is Blind stars Stacy and Izzy have broken up. After not getting married on the show, it seemed like they might give their relationship a try. However, during the reunion special, it was revealed that they only spent a week apart after the show ended.

On their first date after the show, Stacy told Izzy she didn’t want to continue as an engaged couple. She explained that she felt there were some important issues, like Izzy’s finances and career, that needed to be addressed before they could move forward. Izzy, on the other hand, wanted to keep their engagement and move forward, leading to their decision to end things and take time apart.

Shortly after their breakup, Izzy decided to give a relationship with another cast member, Johnie, a try. Stacy was surprised and shocked to learn about this from another person on the show, and she had various questions about his motivations for moving on so quickly.

Despite their breakup, Stacy had positive feelings about her time with Izzy on the show and expressed that he was the right choice for her during the pods portion of the experiment. However, she also had some regrets about how she was portrayed on the show, feeling that the edited content did not accurately represent her true self.

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Who is Stacy Snyder?

Stacy Snyder is a person who appears on a reality TV show called Love Is Blind Season 5. She’s one of the cast members. In the show, people try to find love and get married, but they can’t see each other before they decide. Stacy made a good impression on the show with her happy and fun personality. She ended up choosing a man named Izzy Zapata, who is an insurance agent, as her partner on the show. But they broked up now.


Stacy Snyder


35 years


Head of Operations at Petromar,

Founder of The Closet Audit and The Face Audit,

Pilates Instructor

TV Show

Love Is Blind Season 5



Current Residence


Stacy Snyder Age

Stacy Snyder is currently 35 years old. The show she’s on, Love Is Blind, is for people who are ready to get married, so they tend to be in their late 20s to mid-30s. Stacy is a bit older than her fiancé Izzy, who is 31 years old. They met on the show and decided to get married even though they couldn’t see each other.

Stacy Snyder Career

Stacy works as the Head of Operations at a company called Petromar in the Houston area. She’s been doing this job since 2014. Besides that, she also has some other cool jobs. Stacy is the founder of The Closet Audit and The Face Audit, where she helps people with their style. She also teaches Pilates, which is a type of exercise, at Method Pilates in Houston. So, she’s a busy lady with different jobs.

Who is Izzy?

Izzy Zapata, also known as Smiley Zapata, is an American TV personality and salesman who gained fame through his appearance on the Netflix reality show “Love Is Blind” in its fifth season. Born on September 3, 1992, in Corpus Christi, Texas, he is 31 years old as of 2023.

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Izzy had an active dating life prior to the show, and his journey on “Love Is Blind” involved an initial connection with another contestant, Johnie Maraist, and later pursuing a relationship with Stacy Snyder. Their love story unfolded in front of the camera, and their wedding day was a pivotal moment in the show, marked by an emotional rejection.


Izzy Zapata

Real Name

Ismael Blanco

Date of Birth

September 3, 1992



Place of Birth

Corpus Christi, Texas, United States



Zodiac Sign



Richard King High School,

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi


TV Personality, Salesman

Izzy Net Worth

Izzy Zapata’s estimated net worth falls within the range of $700,000 to $2 million. He accumulated his wealth through his career as a TV personality and salesman. Izzy’s journey on “Love Is Blind” was a significant part of his public profile, and he also supplemented his income through the show.

Apart from his appearance on the series, he had worked as a sales manager at Globe Life Liberty National Agency Division. Additionally, his presence on social media platforms, with a substantial following on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, contributed to his income.

Love Is Blind Season 5

“Love Is Blind” Season 5 is a reality TV series that you can watch on Netflix. In this season, it all started on September 22, 2023, and will finish on October 15, 2023. The show features singles from Houston, Texas, who try to build meaningful relationships without seeing each other at first. They communicate through special pods, where they can’t see but can talk to one another.

Some couples end up getting married, like Lydia Gonzalez and James “Milton” Johnson IV, who are still together, while others, like Stacy Snyder and Izzy Zapata, decided not to get married and split. Another couple, Taylor Rue and Jared “JP” Pierce, got engaged but later broke up during a trip to Mexico. The show explores the ups and downs of these relationships and whether love can truly be blind.

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Love Is Blind Season 5 Contestants




Lydia Velez Gonzalez



James “Milton” Johnson IV


Petroleum Engineer

Stacy Snyder


Director of Operations

Izzy Zapata



Taylor Rue



Jared “JP” Pierce



Johnie Maraist



Christopher Fox


Project Manager for

Commercial and Retail Development

Aaliyah Cosby


ICU Travel Nurse

Uche Okoroha



Carter Wall



Connor Moore



Efrain Batista


Software Sales

Enoch Culliver


Financial Advisor

Erica Anthony


Marketing Manager

Ernesto Solorzano Jr


Supply Chain Manager

Estefania Garcia



Jarred Gibson


University Director

Josh Simmons


Sales Representative

Justice Currey


Personal Trainer

Linda Obi


Talent Acquisition Recruiter

Maris Prakonekham


HR Specialist

Mayra Cardenas



Miriam Amah



Paige Tillman



Robert Martinez


Special Education Teacher

Renee Poche





Flight Attendant

Love Is Blind Season 5 Trailer

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