Ludivine Reding Parents: Father Sébastien And Mother Geneviève

Who are Ludivine Reding’s parents? Explore the family life and childhood of the beautiful Canadian-Belgian actress. Her other notable film and television performances include Stat, Wolfe, The Knockout Theory, Clash, La Derape Saison 1 and Cerebrum. In addition to her acting career, she has also built a presence in digital media, influencing her fans by sharing lifestyle material on social media.

Reding has about 354,000 Instagram followers. She is active on the site, with over 378 posts as of this writing. Viewers can see Ludivine Reding in the series Fugueuse, which was first shown on VAT and was recently acquired by TF1.

Meet Ludivine Reding’s parents Sébastien Reding and Geneviève Dubé

On February 6, 1997, Sébastien Reding and Geneviève Dubé gave birth to Vénutia-Ludivine Dubé Reding, also known as Ludivine Reding. Similarly, the actress’s parents raised her in Montreal, Canada. Ludivine’s father, Sébastien Reding, was a Belgian immigrant, while her mother, Geneviève Dubé, was from Quebec. Similarly, Ludivine received her artistic lifestyle from her parents.

Ludivine Reding's parentsLudivine Reding’s parents

Ludivine Reding’s parents are both voice actresses. Similarly, her father is famous as the Quebec voice of Casey Affleck, Kal Penn and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Sébastien also voiced Drago Malefoy in Harry Potter. Her mother, Geneviève Dubé, also represents various voice artists. She is also an actress. Ludivine was raised in an artistic environment and wanted to do voice acting since he was 4 years old. She also has a brother named Godefroy Reding.

Ludivine Reding’s career received a boost from her parents

Beautiful actress Ludivine Reding is a rising celebrity in Quebec. In 2018, she played Fanny in the series Fugueuse, opposite Mickael Youn and Julie Depardieu. Furthermore, the film also brought her to fame as the audience was attracted by the young actress’s lovely appearance and abilities. Furthermore, Ludivine Reding’s parents have always been a strong support for her success. Her mother inspired her to pursue a career in voice acting. Geneviève Dubé, Ludivine’s mother, was only 20 years old when she gave birth to her daughter. She also accompanies her everywhere, even during dubbing sessions. Ludivine said:

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As soon as I started reading, it was clear that I was going to do the voiceover.

When Ludivine was just 6 years old, she had a successful debut, most notably in the video for the song Encore un nuit by Marie Mai. Additionally, the actress also identified herself as the Quebec voice of Chloe Grace Moretz in Volt and KickAss. In addition, she also played the dual role of Willow Shields in Hunger Games and Taylor Momsen in Le Grinch. Additionally, she played little Agnes in Moi, Moche et Méchant and little Tiana in The Princess and the Frog.

Ludivine Reding's careerLudivine Reding’s career

Ludivine attended Dawson College to study film. She also received her first small role in the television series The Theory of KO. She was eventually given roles in two films: Ego Trip and Memories Vives. However, she had her first big success with Éric Tessier’s Fugueuse series. During the audition process, the director chose Ludivine Reding for her frank and scary performance and cast her as Fanny. Ludivine in Fugueuse became an instant hit. In addition, the actress also won the Artis Award based on fan votes.

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