Luke Getsy Net Worth & Salary: How Rich Is He? Offensive Coordinator Contract Detail

Luke Getsy, the Raiders’ offensive coordinator, is expected to make $1.5 million. Getsy was previously employed by the Bears in a similar job. The offensive coordinator previously worked for the Packers, holding several jobs. His first stint as offensive coordinator was at West Virginia Wesleyan in 2009, and he later worked for Mississippi State, Western Michigan and Indiana.

The Las Vegas Raiders agreed to hire Kliff Kingsbury, but the two sides could not reach an agreement on a trade. Commander Washington hired Kingsbury. The Bears eliminated Getsy after the team finished 18th in scoring at 21.2 points per game. They are only five places higher than Las Vegas. But he also controlled the Bears’ rushing offense, finishing second in rushing yards.

Raiders OC Luke Getsy salary: New NFL contract

Luke Getsy, former offensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears, earned about $1.5 million. Getsy began coaching in 2007 with Akron and he later worked with various clubs at the college and NFL levels. Previously, NBC Chicago reported that NFL offensive and defensive coordinators earn an average of $1 million. In contrast to the head coaching role, the team’s contracts with these coaches are never disclosed.

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Vic Fangio became the highest-paid coordinator in the NFL last year after signing a $4.5 million contract with the Miami Dolphins. Fangio has a long history in the NFL, dating back to 1986. The former Dolphins OC has 33 years of experience in the NFL. Getsy has 17 years of coaching experience, including 9 years in the NFL. Getsy’s first NFL role came with the Packers in 2014.

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He started as an offensive quality control coach and eventually became a wide receivers coach. Wide receiver coaching salaries are lower than offensive coordinators and defensive coordinators. In 2019, he returned to the Packers as quarterbacks coach and eventually became the passing game coordinator. Luke must have made over $700k because according to USA Today, the football coach made $600k the previous year at Mississippi State.

Luke Getsy’s net worth and contract

Luke Getsy, the football coach, is expected to have a net worth of $1 million. Luke Getsy could have received his first big NFL salary in 2022 after being named offensive coordinator by the Bears. Previously, Getsy had only worked with the Packers as a position coach. According to USA Today, Getsy earned about $67,500 during his early days as wide receivers coach at Western Michigan in 2013.

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The Packers probably would have given him a higher contract, perhaps between $100,000 and $300,000. Maybe Getsy got a better deal with the Raiders. Luke’s new owners are famous for offering contracts to their coaches. In 2018, the Raiders signed head coach Jon Gruden to a 10-year contract for $100 million. Gruden resigned in 2021, with an estimated outstanding guaranteed payment of $40 million. In 2022, the Raiders hired Josh McDaniels and signed him to a six-year contract for $60 million. This made him one of the highest paid coaches in the NFL, but he was fired a season later.

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