Masicka Girlfriend 2023, Who is Candice? Know Everything About Masicka Girlfriend Candice

Masicka Girlfriend 2023 – Who Is Masicka’s Girlfriend And Does Masicka Have A Girlfriend Are Current Questions; fortunately, we have provided detailed information about Masicka Girlfriend 2023. The sections below will inform you all the details about Masicka Girlfriend 2023.

Who is Masicka’s girlfriend?

Candice is Masicka’s Girlfriend according to our latest research. She was formerly known as Masicka’s Girlfriend. Learn more about Masicka in the following sections.




Music artist

Date of birth

December 4, 1993

Year old

30 years old

Place of birth

Portmore, Jamaica







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Who is Masicka?

  • Masicka, born Javaun Fearon in 1993, is a famous dancehall singer from Portmore, Jamaica.
  • His journey to fame began in 2009 when he won a deejay competition sponsored by Hype TV.
  • At the age of 18, Masicka released his first solo song, marking the beginning of his solo career.
  • His career breakthrough came with the 2011 single “Guh Haad and Done”, which became a regional hit.
  • Masicka boasts an impressive discography with five albums to her name, including “438”, “Generation of Kings” and “Start from the Grung”.
  • Throughout her career, Masicka has been affiliated with five record labels, such as Def Jam Recordings, 1syde/Genahsyde Records and QUANTANIUM RECORDS.
  • Notable songs in Masicka’s repertoire include “Bed a Rock!”, “LimeLight”, “Tyrant”, “Swamp to The Globe”, “Shootaz”, “Pieces”, “Grave Freestyle” and “Real Badness.”
  • His music is accessible on platforms like Wynk and Spotify, giving listeners easy access to his diverse and engaging catalog.
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Nationality Masicka

Masicka, born Javaun Fearon, proudly represents Jamaica’s vibrant music scene. Born in 1993 in Portmore, Jamaica, Masicka is a dance artist who has received much acclaim both nationally and internationally.

Nationality is a fundamental aspect of his identity, profoundly influencing the rhythms and lyrics of his music. Jamaica, famous for its rich cultural heritage and significant contributions to the music industry, was the setting for Masicka’s artistic journey.

The pulsing beats and lyrical power evident in his work reflect the authenticity of Jamaica’s musical tradition. Masicka’s nationality is not just a geographical marker but an integral part of the artistic mosaic that defines his unique sound, representing the cultural tapestry that continues to shape the sonic narrative. his music.

Masicka career

  • Early years (Before 2009):

    • Masicka, born Javaun Fearon, began his journey as a local DJ in Jamaica.
  • 2009: Recognition and Deejay Competition:

    • Recognized in 2009 for winning a deejay contest sponsored by Hype TV.
  • 2011: Breakthrough with “Guh Haad and Done”:

    • Releasing his first regional hit, the single “Guh Haad and Done”, marked a significant breakthrough in his career.
  • 2013: Solo debut at age 18:

    • Started solo career at age 18, released first solo song.
  • Albums released:

    • Has released several projects, demonstrating its versatility:
      • “Christ”
      • “King reigns”
      • “Win or lose”
      • “438”
  • Awards and certificates:

    • Received the EME Award for Best Newcomer in 2017, highlighting his influence on the dancehall scene.
  • Ambassadors and local relationships:

    • Serve as an ambassador for Spanish Town, demonstrating commitment to your homeland.
  • Digital Success:

    • Masicka’s songs have garnered millions of streams and views on digital platforms, attesting to his widespread popularity.
  • Current efforts (2023):

    • Actively participated in the creation of his second album, signaling his continued dedication to his musical craft and artistic development.
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