Matt Gutman Net Worth in 2023 How Rich is He Now?

Matt Gutman Net Worth 2023 – The famous American Writer and Reporter “Matt Gutman” has a net worth of $5 Million Dollars and he was born on 5 December 1977.

Matt Gutman Net Worth

Matt Gutman is an American Writer and Reporter, currently has an estimated net worth of $5 Million Dollars. Matt Gutman’s net worth is largely the result of his success as an American Writer and Reporter.


Matt Gutman

Estimated Net Worth( 2023)

$5 Million Dollars


American Writer and Reporter

Date of Birth

5 December 1977


45 years old


Westfield, New Jersey, United States



Who is Matt Gutman?

Matt Gutman is a highly accomplished American author and renowned reporter who holds the position of Chief National Correspondent at ABC News. Born on December 5, 1977, in Westfield, New Jersey, Gutman has made a significant mark in the field of journalism. His career has been nothing short of impressive, characterized by his in-depth and diverse reporting from a staggering 40 countries across the globe.

Not only is Gutman a dedicated journalist, but he is also a committed family man. He has been married to Daphna Venyige since May 17, 2007, and together they have three children, adding depth to his personal life that complements his professional achievements.

Gutman’s presence in the world of journalism extends to several notable ABC News programs, including “World News Tonight with David Muir,” “20/20,” “Good Morning America,” and “Nightline.” His versatility as a journalist is further demonstrated by his role as the host of ABC’s wildlife program, “Sea Rescue.”

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to journalism, Matt Gutman has been honored with multiple awards. Organizations such as the Emmys, RTDNA (Radio Television Digital News Association), and the Society of Professional Journalists have all acknowledged his exceptional reporting skills.

Aside from his on-air work, Gutman is also a prolific author, with several books to his name. Some of his notable works include “No Time to Panic” and “The Boys in the Cave: Deep Inside the Impossible Rescue in Thailand.” His writings have captured the essence of gripping real-life stories, showcasing his talent for both broadcast and print journalism.

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Matt Gutman is a respected Chief National Correspondent at ABC News, an accomplished author, and an influential figure in the world of journalism, known for his exceptional reporting, dedication to his craft, and ability to tell compelling stories.

Real Name

Matt Gutman

Date of birth

5 December 1977


45 years old

Birth Place

Westfield, New Jersey, United States




American Writer and Reporter




Newark Academy, Williams College

Zodiac Sign



Paul J. Gutman, Sharon Gutman





How old is Matt Gutman?

Matt Gutman current age is 45 years as of 2023. Born on December 5, 1977, in Westfield, New Jersey, Gutman’s birthday is a cause for celebration for both his fans and the field of journalism. His journey from his hometown to becoming a renowned correspondent for ABC News has been nothing short of inspiring.

Matt Gutman’s age in 2023 signifies a wealth of experience and wisdom, reflecting the numerous adventures and impactful stories he has covered throughout his career. His relentless pursuit of truth and his passion for journalism have made him a beloved figure in the industry. With each passing year, Gutman continues to bring a fresh perspective to news reporting, making a positive impact on the world.

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What is Matt Gutman Nationality?

Matt Gutman’s nationality is American. He was born and raised in the United States, specifically in Westfield, New Jersey. As an American journalist, Gutman has played a vital role in delivering news and information to the American public and the world at large. His nationality is significant in understanding his perspective as a journalist, as he has a deep connection to the country’s culture, values, and the issues that impact the American people. This connection to his homeland has also made him an influential and trusted figure in American media.

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Matt Gutman Career

  • Experience: He has been with ABC News for 13 years and 7 months, contributing significantly to the network.

  • TV Hosting: Gutman hosts the Saturday morning show, “Sea Rescue,” showcasing his versatile skills.

  • Career Highlights:

    • Radio Correspondent: Gutman served as a radio correspondent for ABC News Radio from 2005 to 2010.
    • Middle East Reporting: He was the West Bank/Gaza and Middle East reporter for the Jerusalem Post from 2001 to 2006.
    • ABC News Programs: Gutman has made appearances on various ABC News programs, including “ABC World News Tonight,” “Good Morning America,” “Nightline,” and “20/20.”
    • Extensive Reporting: He has filed reports from more than 50 countries worldwide for ABC News.
    • Authorship: Gutman is a published author, having written two books.
  • Accomplishments:

    • Human Survival Reporting: He has extensively researched and reported on stories of human survival against impossible odds.
    • COVID-19 Incident: Gutman faced suspension from ABC News for breaching COVID-19 safety protocols during a hospital visit.
  • Personal Life:

    • Marriage: He has been married to Daphna Venyige since 2007.
    • Family: Gutman and his wife have three children.

This condensed format provides a quick overview of Matt Gutman’s career, experiences, accomplishments, and personal life.

Matt Gutman Achievement and Awards

Here are some of Matt Gutman’s notable awards and achievements:

  • Awards:

    • Two Emmy Awards: Matt Gutman has received two prestigious Emmy Awards, which are a testament to his exceptional work in the field of journalism.
    • The Peabody Award: He has also been honored with the highly respected Peabody Award. The Peabody Award recognizes outstanding contributions to electronic media, emphasizing excellence in storytelling.
    • RTDNA: Gutman’s achievements have been acknowledged by the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA), a prominent organization in the field of journalism.
    • The Society of Professional Journalists: He has earned recognition from The Society of Professional Journalists, underscoring his dedication and proficiency in journalism.
  • Specific Awards:

    • In 2018, Matt Gutman received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News Story in a News Magazine. This award signifies his exceptional reporting skills in conveying critical news.
    • In 2019, he was nominated for two Emmy Awards: Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News Story in a News Magazine and Outstanding Feature Story in a Newscast. These nominations highlight his consistent excellence in news reporting.
    • The Peabody Award is a prestigious acknowledgment of his exceptional storytelling and reporting abilities.
  • International Reporting: Gutman’s extensive career has taken him to an impressive fifty countries across the globe, underscoring his commitment to global journalism and covering stories from various regions.

  • Authorship: Matt Gutman has ventured into the realm of literature, authoring a book titled The Boys in the Cave: Deep Inside the Impossible Rescue in Thailand. This book reflects his talent for in-depth storytelling, honed through his journalism career.

  • Residence: He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and two children. This personal detail adds depth to his public image, showing the balance between his professional achievements and his family life.

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