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Renee Searson Beach and Phillip Harley Beach are the parents of Mallory Beach. She is the third and youngest child in a family of three daughters. Mallory Beach, a 19-year-old South Carolina native, died in a boating accident in 2019. The beach has always been a sociable place. According to her father, Philip, she can be a tomboy or a lady depending on the occasion.

Viewers can learn about the powerful Murdaugh family of Lowcountry, South Carolina and the many alleged crimes that led to their deaths in Netflix’s “Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal” and “Low Country: The Murdaugh Dynasty” of HBO Max. Paul Murdaugh, 19, and five other companions were on his family’s boat when it capsized in February 2019, killing Mallory Beach. Renee and Phillip Beach, her parents, are devastated by the incident but continue to pursue justice.

Who are the parents of Mallory Beach? Genealogy

Mallory Beach was born in April 1999 to Renee Searson and Phillip Harle. She is considered the bright spot of the Beach family. Renee Searson and Phillip Harley raised Mallory and her sisters, Savannah and Morgan. Phillip thought of Mallory as a kind young girl who loved a challenge.

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According to sources, Renee is a businessman, and Phillip is a businessman. Beach grew up with his two siblings, Morgan Beach Black and Savannah Beach Tuten. She has a strong relationship with her family members and often exchanges pictures with them. Phillip last spoke to his daughter Mallory on February 23, 2019, after driving her car to a mechanic. Mallory had planned to attend a house party with her boyfriend, Anthony Cook, and four other friends, including Paul Murdaugh, later that day.

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However, Paul managed to buy some alcohol before the party and put it on his boat using his brother’s identification. No one expected that the boat would collide and throw three of the six friends, including Mallory, into the ocean within a few hours. According to CBS News, detectives and volunteers searched for Mallory for eight days. On March 3, 2019, two volunteers recovered her remains about five miles downstream from the accident site. Renee appeared before the media after Beach’s sudden death and was interviewed on ABC News.

Where are Mallory Beach’s parents?

According to CBS News, the Beach family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Murdaugh’s family a month after the tragedy. According to WTOC 11, a court approved the Mallory family’s settlement with Buster and Maggie Murdaugh in early 2023. Regarding the criminal case, despite Paul’s prosecution when he and his mother, Maggie Murdaugh, was found murdered in June 2021, Phillip and Renee would never see Paul stand trial. As a result, in January 2022, Mallory’s relatives filed a $50 million creditor’s claim against their estate.

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The Murdaugh family’s approximately $4 million Moselle estate in Hampton and Colleton Counties was sold, and Renne and the Murdaugh family’s two co-receivers netted $275,000 as part of the settlement this case. Renee and Phillip have doggedly pursued justice for the loss of their daughter. Renee and Phillip divorced when Mallory was still a young adult. However, they are now friendly co-parents and devoted grandparents who look forward to moving on. Despite the fact that Phillip was married to Robin, both of them still lived in South Carolina, and Savannah and Morgan, their two surviving children, were most likely very close to them.

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