Michail Antonio Net Worth in 2023 How Rich is He Now?

Michail Antonio Net Worth 2023, The famous Footballer Michail Antonio has a net worth of 18 Million Euro and he was born on 28 March 1990.

How much is Michail Antonio’s Net Worth? 

So how much is Michail Antonio worth? According to our research, Michail Antonio’s net worth is estimated to be 18 Million Euro. Michail Antonio is a professional footballer who serves as a forward for the Premier League team West Ham United. As of 2023, his base salary is set at £4,420,000. Antonio committed to a 3-year contract with West Ham United valued at £10,920,000, encompassing an average yearly salary of £3,640,000.


Michail Antonio

Net Worth( 2023)

18 Million Euro



Date of Birth

28 March 1990


33 years old


180 cm (5 Feet 11 Inches)


(180 lbs) 82 kg


Wandsworth, London, United Kingdom


British, English, Jamaican

Who is Michail Antonio?

Michail Antonio is a prominent professional footballer renowned for his role as a forward with the Premier League powerhouse, West Ham United. Hailing from England, Antonio also proudly represents the Jamaica national team on the international stage. At 33 years of age, he stands tall at 180 cm (5 feet 11 inches) and boasts a sturdy physique, weighing 82 kg.

Sporting the coveted number 9 shirt for West Ham United, Antonio made a significant move to the club in September 2015 from Nottingham Forest, a Championship club at the time. His journey with the Hammers has been nothing short of remarkable, featuring 289 appearances and an impressive tally of 77 goals. In fact, he holds the prestigious title of being West Ham’s all-time leading goalscorer, a testament to his exceptional contributions on the field.

When we delve into his career statistics, it becomes evident that Antonio’s talent transcends club boundaries. During his time with Nottingham Forest, he made 50 appearances, netting the ball 16 times and providing 13 assists. His Premier League exploits for West Ham United in the previous season showcased his continued prowess, with 33 appearances, 5 goals, and 3 assists, solidifying his status as a key player in top-flight English football.

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Michail Antonio’s remarkable journey in football is a testament to his dedication, skill, and versatility, making him a beloved figure for both club and country. His accomplishments, both individually and collectively, mark him as a player of great significance in the world of football.


Real Name

Michail Gregory Antonio

Date of birth

28 March 1990


33 years old


180 cm (5 Feet 11 Inches)


(180 lbs) 82 kg

Birth Place

Wandsworth, London, United Kingdom






British, English, Jamaican

Zodiac Sign



Debbie Whittle





How old is Michail Antonio?

As of now, Michail Antonio is 33 years old (born 28 March 1990), in Wandsworth, London, this talented footballer has gracefully matured in both age and skill. His journey through the footballing world has been a testament to his dedication and love for the game.

With each passing year, Antonio continues to contribute to his team’s success, demonstrating that age is just a number for athletes with his level of commitment. He remains a pivotal player for his club, West Ham United, and continues to represent his country, England, with enthusiasm and pride.

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How tall is Michail Antonio?

Michail Antonio, the versatile forward of West Ham United, possesses distinctive physical attributes that contribute significantly to his prowess on the football field. Standing at a height of 180 centimeters, which is equivalent to 5 feet and 11 inches, Antonio enjoys an optimal stature for a footballer. This height grants him a competitive edge, especially in aerial battles and heading, allowing him to dominate in the air.

In terms of weight, Antonio maintains a solid 82 kilograms (180 pounds). This weight is well-distributed across his athletic frame, providing him with the strength and balance required to excel in various positions on the pitch. His robust physique enables him to hold off defenders, shield the ball, and execute powerful shots with precision.

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Physical Attributes



180 cm (5 Feet 11 Inches)


(180 lbs) 82 kg

What is Michail Antonio Nationality?

Michail Antonio proudly represents the English nationality in the world of football. Born on March 28, 1990, in Wandsworth, London, he has carried the flag of his homeland on numerous occasions, both at the club and international levels. His journey in professional football has seen him wear the colors of various English clubs, including Tooting & Mitcham United, Reading, Sheffield Wednesday, and West Ham United. Furthermore, Antonio has had the honor of representing the England national team, showcasing his talent on the international stage.

Michail Antonio Career

  • Michail Antonio plays as a forward for West Ham United, representing Jamaica.

    Explanation: This introduces Michail Antonio’s current professional role and his national affiliation.

  • In the Premier League, he has participated in 232 games, scoring 63 goals and assisting 30 times. He holds the record for West Ham United’s all-time leading goalscorer.

    Explanation: These stats highlight his impressive contributions in the Premier League and his significance to West Ham United.

  • Antonio joined West Ham United in September 2015 after transferring from Nottingham Forest.

    Explanation: This points out the year and club where he made a significant move in his career.

  • Prior to joining West Ham United, he played for Nottingham Forest, making 50 league appearances, scoring 16 goals, and providing 13 assists.

    Explanation: This provides background on his performance at Nottingham Forest before the transfer.

  • Antonio’s career history includes the following clubs:

    • West Ham United (2015/2016)

      Explanation: This specifies the year he joined West Ham United.

    • Nottingham Forest (2014/2015)

      Explanation: This indicates the year he played for Nottingham Forest.

    • Sheffield Wednesday (2012/2013)

      Explanation: This mentions his stint at Sheffield Wednesday.

    • Colchester United (2011/2012)

      Explanation: This notes his time at Colchester United.

    • Southampton FC (2009/2010)

      Explanation: This highlights his early career experience at Southampton FC.

  • Explanation: This provides details about his height, weight, and his agency for representation.

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Michail Antonio Achievement and Awards

Here are some of Michail Antonio’s notable awards and achievements:

Certainly, here’s the information presented in bullet point form, along with explanations for each year and details:

  • Michail Antonio serves as a forward for West Ham United.

    Explanation: This establishes Michail Antonio’s current playing position with the club.

  • In the year 2021, he achieved the remarkable feat of becoming West Ham United’s all-time top scorer in the Premier League.

    Explanation: This highlights his significant achievement as the club’s top scorer in the Premier League, which is a noteworthy accomplishment.

  • Over the course of his career, Antonio has clinched several titles, including the Conference League, Football League Trophy, and the English 2nd tier championship.

    Explanation: This showcases his successful track record, listing the titles he has won in his career.

  • Antonio made his move to West Ham United in 2015, departing from Nottingham Forest.

    Explanation: This specifies the year of his transfer to West Ham United and mentions his previous club, Nottingham Forest.

  • During his time at West Ham United, he has amassed an impressive record of 289 matches played and 77 goals scored for the club.

    Explanation: This provides statistics on his performances for West Ham United, underlining his contributions to the team’s success.

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