Mindless Behavior Where are they now? Mindless Behavior Then and Now

Mindless Behavior, once a vibrant boy band, charmed fans with hits like “My Girl.” Now, their journey diverges.  After disbanding, members of Mindless Behavior pursued individual paths

Mindless Behavior Where are they now?

1. Craig “Prodigy” Crippen Jr.:

Craig, also known as Prodigy, was the oldest member of Mindless Behavior, born on December 26, 1996. He was from Philadelphia and joined the band after being discovered on YouTube. He was both the lead vocalist and the first to leave Mindless Behavior. After leaving the group, he pursued a solo music career. Now at 26, he is focusing on his solo music endeavors and seems to be exploring opportunities in modeling, showcasing his maturity and confidence.


2. Raquan “Ray Ray” Tanyae Smith:

Ray Ray, born on January 6, 1997, in Los Angeles, was a crucial part of Mindless Behavior as a backing vocalist and sub-rapper. After leaving the group, he kept a low profile. He’s now 27 and has been working on his solo music career quietly. He is a private person and not very active on social media. Ray Ray is also a father, taking on the responsibilities of parenthood while pursuing his passion for music away from the spotlight.

3. Jacob “Princeton” Perez:

Princeton, born on April 21, 1997, in Los Angeles, was the only member to stay in Mindless Behavior throughout its existence. He served as a backing vocalist and the group’s spokesperson. After the band disbanded, he focused on his individual career as an artist and upcoming actor. In a recent interview in 2022, he shared his plans to continue his journey in the entertainment industry, indicating his dedication to his craft.

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4. Chresanto “Roc Royal” August (Santo August):

Roc Royal, the youngest member born on July 23, 1997, faced legal troubles after leaving Mindless Behavior in 2014. He is currently serving a prison sentence. Despite his challenges, he has managed to communicate with his fans through fan mail and continued to release music under his new stage name, Santo August. He is also a father, and his life has taken a different path, but he remains connected to his passion for music even behind bars.


Mindless Behavior, the once-popular boy band, has taken different paths since their breakup. Prodigy, the first member to leave in late 2013, briefly rejoined in 2015 but left again soon after. Now, he is pursuing a solo music career and is also trying his hand at modeling, showcasing his confidence and growth as an individual.

Roc Royal, the second member to leave after being fired in 2014, faced legal issues and is currently serving a prison sentence. The remaining members, Princeton, EJ, and Mike, continued as a trio for a while before officially disbanding in early 2017. While their days as a group are over, the individual members are exploring their own paths in the music industry and beyond.


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Mindless Behavior Band

Mindless Behavior was a popular American boy band formed in Los Angeles, California, in 2008. The group was initially created by Keisha Gamble, Vincent Herbert, and Walter Millsap. The band members were incredibly talented young individuals trained in dance and singing for two years before making their debut.

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Their early success was marked by hit singles, which was produced by Walter Millsap, gained them a significant fanbase. Despite their initial fame, internal conflicts and changing dynamics led to the band’s disbandment in early 2017.

Mindless Behavior Career

Mindless Behavior’s career was marked by energetic performances and catchy tunes that captivated audiences worldwide. They made their breakthrough with their debut album, “#1 Girl,” released on September 20, 2011. The album’s success led to tours with renowned artists like the Backstreet Boys, Justin Bieber, and Janet Jackson. Their second album, “All Around the World,” released in March 2013, further solidified their presence in the music industry.

In addition to their albums, Mindless Behavior released several singles, including “My Girl,” “Mrs. Right,” and “Keep Her on the Low,” which contributed to their popularity. Despite facing challenges and lineup changes, the band continued to release music, with their third single, “#OvernightBag,” released in June 2016. However, rumors of disbandment circulated in 2017, as the members expressed their desire to pursue solo careers due to issues with music rights.

Mindless Behavior Band Members

ProdigyLead Singer
PrincetonBacking Vocalist, Spokesperson
Ray RayBacking Vocalist, Sub-rapper, Rapper
Roc RoyalBacking Vocalist, Rapper
EJLead Singer
MikeBacking Vocalist, Sub-lead Singer

Mindless Behavior Discography


TitleRelease DatePeak Chart Positions
#1 GirlSeptember 20, 2011US: 7, US R&B: 2
All Around the WorldMarch 12, 2013US: 6, US R&B: 1
#OfficialMBMusicJune 24, 2016US: 79, US R&B: 4


TitleYearPeak Chart PositionsAlbums
“My Girl”2010—, US R&B: 40#1 Girl
“Mrs. Right”2011US: 72, US R&B: 8#1 Girl
“Girls Talkin’ Bout”—, US R&B: 50
“Keep Her on the Low”2013—, US R&B: 47All Around the World
“#IWantDat”2016—, —#OfficialMBMusic
“#OvernightBag”2016—, —#OfficialMBMusic
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Mindless Behavior Then and Now

In their prime, Mindless Behavior was a young and energetic boy band that made waves with hits like “My Girl” and “All Around the World.” They captured the hearts of fans with their catchy tunes and dynamic performances, becoming a sensation in the 2010s.Today, the original members have taken different paths.

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