Moving Season 1 Episode 20 Recap and Ending Explained

In the ending of Moving Season 1 Episode 20, a big battle happens between North and South Korean superhumans, but they realize the real problem is with the higher-ups, not each other. The series ends with a joyful reunion, hinting at a possible Season 2 with new characters joining the story.

Moving Season 1 Episode 20 Ending Explained

In the ending of Moving Season 1 Episode 20, an intense battle takes place between North Korean superhumans and South Korean superhumans, including their kids. Mi-hyun saves a student named Kisoo from danger by shooting a North Korean superhuman.

Ju-won also fights off a North Korean superhuman named Kwang-jae. Deok-yoon, a troupe leader, mourns the loss of his fellow North Korean warriors.

At the school gym, Dong-geun is confronted by Bong-seok and Hee-soo, but he later returns to the school to restore order. Meanwhile, Bong-seok learns about his mother and rushes to the school.

A heated fight unfolds with Jae-man joining to protect Gang-hoon. Together, Ju-won and Jae-man manage to defeat Kwang-jae and the other superhumans. Kwang-jae escapes, but his best friend sacrifices himself to save him.

Kwang-jae, emotionally broken, is comforted by Hee-soo, unaware of his identity. Gye-do arrives at the school and saves Bong-seok from Dong-geun. Deok-yoon escorts Dong-geun back to North Korea. Deok-yoon’s true intentions become clear: he only sought to retrieve some files and never meant to harm the kids.

The chaos ends, and all the superhumans return to their homes. On graduation day, Bong-seok, now an anonymous superhero, is absent as he continues to protect the world. In North Korea, Dong-geun takes charge and eliminates the general responsible for many lives lost.

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Doo-sik, initially thought to be dead, is revealed to be alive. Dong-geun releases him and entrusts him with the safety of his son. Doo-sik arrives in South Korea, avenging the past by killing Rae-hyuk and Min.

The family is joyfully reunited, and Kwang-jae is given a fresh start with Ju-won. Hee-soo regards Kwang-jae as her uncle, highlighting their newfound bond.

Ju-won reminisces about his daughter Ji-hee and believes he has fulfilled the happy ending she desired. In a post-credits scene, it’s revealed that the mission and the story will continue, involving various intelligence operatives.

Moving Season 1 Episode 20 Recap

In Moving Season 1 Episode 20, the story continues from the previous episode’s intense school scene where North Korean superhumans clash with South Korean superhumans.

Mi-hyun saves Kisoo and the teacher, Il-hwan, by defeating a North Korean superhuman. Deok-yoon, a North Korean military officer, discovers Kisoo and another student hiding and lets them go upon realizing they are not superhumans.

Deok-yoon finds the deceased bodies of his fellow North Koreans and pays his respects. Meanwhile, Bong-seok and Hee-soo confront the North Korean superhuman, Dong-geun, at the gym.

Deok-yoon calls Dong-geun to the school, and he leaves abruptly. Bong-seok rushes to the school after learning about his mother. Mi-hyun learns more about Doo-sik’s backstory from Deok-yoon.

Viewers discover that Doo-sik didn’t kill the North Korean president, but his actions led to the execution of North Korean officers. Seeking revenge, Doo-sik returned for another task but was captured by the North Koreans, who were also training superhumans. In the present, a fight erupts, and Mi-hyun narrowly escapes.

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Moving Series Info

“Moving” is a popular 2023 South Korean web series available on Disney+. Directed by Park In-je, the show features a talented cast including Ryu Seung-ryong, Han Hyo-joo, Zo In-sung, Cha Tae-hyun, Ryoo Seung-bum, Kim Sung-kyun, Lee Jung-ha, Go Youn-jung, and Kim Do-hoon. The story is based on a webtoon of the same name by Kang Full.

The series revolves around the lives of three high school students and their parents who discover they possess supernatural powers. These abilities play a central role in the dramatic events that unfold. “Moving” premiered on August 9, 2023, and quickly gained immense popularity.

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Moving Season 1 Episode 20 Review

The final episode of Moving Season 1 didn’t disappoint. Even though Doo-sik wasn’t part of the last battle, the happy reunion brought a satisfying end to the story. The superhumans and their kids managed to end the conflict, realizing the issue lay with the officials, not between South and North Koreans.

Bong-seok and Hee-soo confessed their feelings for each other, setting off on their individual paths while carrying their parents’ essence. The fight scenes, camera perspectives, and the introduction of new superhuman characters made the series stand out, resembling a South Korean take on Marvel.

The unexpected alliance between Ju-won and Kwang-jae was a heartwarming twist, adding depth to the storyline.  Overall, the Moving finale offered a top-notch cinematic experience, packed with action, adventure, and a touch of romance.

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Furthermore, the conclusion strongly hints at Season 2, with the introduction of intriguing new characters. It promises another exciting journey for fans to look forward to.

Moving Season 1 Episode 20 Release Date

Moving Season 1 Episode 20, titled “Graduation Day,” was released on September 20, 2023. This episode marks an important moment in the series, highlighting significant events as the story reaches its conclusion.

Moving Season 1 Episode 20 Cast



Ryu Seung-ryong


Han Hyo-joo


Zo In-sung


Cha Tae-hyun


Ryoo Seung-bum


Kim Sung-kyun


Lee Jung-ha


Go Youn-jung


Kim Do-hoon


Where to Watch Moving Episode 20?

Episode 20 of Season 1 of “Moving” on Disney+ Hotstar. This popular streaming platform allows viewers to enjoy the intriguing storyline and character developments in the supernatural drama. Stay tuned to Disney+ Hotstar to follow the exciting plot as it continues to unfold in Episode 20 of “Moving.”

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