New Jeans’s Hyein Is The New Ambassador For The Luxury Fashion Label Louis Vuitton

New Jeans’ Hyein will officially join Louis Vuitton’s celebrity ambassador team on December 30, 2022. The K-pop idol, who debuted under the name HYBE LABELS, is not just the brand’s youngest ambassador. haute couture brand but also the first rookie idol to receive this title. appoint ambassadors.

Following this news, fans are extremely excited for Hyein and New Jeans, who have achieved so much in less than a year since their debut. Fans can’t stop whispering about her gorgeous and stunning look in Vogue magazine’s photo shoot to promote Louis Vuitton’s latest ambassadorial role.

Louis Vuitton’s newest brand ambassador HYEIN#광고 #LouisVuitton#NewJeans #뉴진스 #HYEIN@louisvuitton

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Hyein of New Jeans is the youngest ambassador of Louis Vuitton.

Hyein, the maknae of K-pop girl group New Jeans, was just 14 years old when she became the newest ambassador of Louis Vuitton. With the high-fashion company’s immense recognition and popularity, their faith in Hyein to effectively advertise their business says a lot about their idol and their irresistible charm. she continues to attract more people.

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Fans couldn’t stop giggling while scrolling through New Jeans’ Hyein Vogue photo. She wears items from the 2023 Cruise Collection created by Nicolas Ghesquiere for Louis Vuitton. Other images of the idol were taken in a shiny, bright outfit underneath the Y2K backdrop, which is the trademark of the K-pop rookie girl group, New Jeans. Naturally, followers took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the startling photos of their hero, New Jeans’ Hyein.

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New Jeans’ Hyein has been named the newest Louis Vuitton ambassador, along with member Hanni, who is currently a Gucci ambassador. While both have been confirmed as ambassadors, the remaining members represent different luxury fashion companies, including Minji for Chanel, Haerin for Dior and Danielle for Burberry. Fans now want them to be global ambassadors.

Ditto is the newest song by New Jeans.

On December 19, 2022, New Jeans released Ditto, an ending song that has now taken over the internet. Ditto is more emotional, with a nostalgic perspective, than their previous hit titles Hype Boy, Cookie and Attention. To add to the fun, the music video features two prominent figures in the Korean drama business, surprising many fans. The presence of Choi Hyun in Weak Hero Class 1 and All of Us Dead’s Park Ji-hu, who was revealed to be the female behind the camera, sent fans into a frenzy and created a lot of buzz around music videos.

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Fans can’t wait to see what the five women have in store for them next year as they continue to achieve incredible feats as they head into 2023. Despite never having surpassed the title of newcomer Soldier of the Year, New Jeans continues to successfully gain followers with their distinctive designs and compelling ventures.


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