Nick Thompson Opened Up About His Divorce With Danielle Ruhl

Since filing for divorce in August, Love Is Blind’s Nick Thompson has publicly announced his split from ex-wife Danielle Ruhl for the first time, saying he’s very upset and trying everything to preserve the relationship. In a lengthy Instagram post, he described his feelings, writing:

“I am very sad that my marriage has ended.” In my heart, I know I’ve tried my best and given everything I’ve got.”

Nick even said that things were difficult after filing for divorce. He declared:

“Like many of us who have experienced loss or a life-changing incident, we go through cycles of grief when it comes to controlling our emotions.”

The Love Is Blind reality star also spoke about her mental health, saying:

“I am working through my feelings of anxiety and sadness by working through my own mental and emotional issues.”

Nick and Danielle met in Season 2 of Love Are Blind on Netflix. After a few episodes, the couple fell in love and became engaged. In the Love Is Blind ending, the couple was formerly one of only two married couples.

Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl’s Relationship in Love Is Blind

Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl first met in Season 2 of Love is Blind. After chatting through groups, they became the first couple to get engaged. The couple got engaged after just 10 days of dating on the reality dating show. Danielle said before meeting Nick in person:

“I’m ready to marry him tomorrow.” Nothing can stop me from doing this.

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Nick is the first guy on the dating show to propose to the woman he loves. Danielle was overjoyed and accepted immediately. She said at the time:

“How can I not be attracted to him when I already feel like the happiest girl in the world?”

Despite the show’s disputes and conflicts, the former couple remained together until the end. The couple held their wedding outdoors in the presence of friends and family. The newlyweds had some difficulties after the wedding, but they stuck together and worked through their relationship through couples counseling. They were satisfied with the treatment that improved their relationship. Just a few months ago, the couple celebrated their first anniversary. They even planned to resume their vows just a few months before. In July, Danielle told Us Weekly:

“We really wanted to celebrate our two or three years so that all of our loved ones were present.” I always fantasize about my ideal wedding, wedding preparations and a bachelorette party. So we will replace everything… when the time comes.”

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However, the former couple announced their divorce a few weeks later. News about the fans is often surprised. Nick filed for divorce last June after getting married. It should be recalled that season 2 was filmed in the spring of 2021.

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