Noah Schnapp Opened Up About Being A Gay On A TikTok Video

Noah Schnapp, a teen celebrity, appeared in a TikTok video posted on Thursday, January 5, 2023, with the message:

“After 18 years of being scared in a closed room, when I finally told friends and family that I was gay, all they said was ‘we know.'”

Schnapp is most recognized for his role as Will Byers in the Netflix sci-fi thriller Stranger Things. The actor notes in the video that he resembles Will more than he previously realized. Fans often assume that Will’s character is gay and has feelings for his best friend Mike. In July 2022, the actor and creators, the Duffer Brothers, implicitly validated this point in the most current installment and in separate interviews.

Soon after the news broke, netizens took to Twitter to express their surprise and happiness, with the hashtags #NoahSchnappCameOut and #NoahSchnapp quickly going trending. @llandrykonan made the following comment:

openly gay noah schnapp is a great way to start 2023

– Landry (@llandrykonan) January 6, 2023

“Not on my 2023 bingo card, but what a win,” said supportive Twitter users Noah Schnapp.

Twitterati was ecstatic with Noah Schnapp’s TikTok video and praised him for it. Many others praised Noah for “feeling safe enough to share” the news with everyone and were relieved that he was able to do so “his way”. Others mentioned Noah’s affections for Will Byers and expressed joy that Noah portrayed a homosexual character and was able to bring out the subtleties needed for the part. Others were encouraged by the fact that someone from the “biggest TV show” was able to show up.

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However, some feedback has cast a bittersweet joke among Stranger Things fans that Noah Schnapp’s Stranger Things co-star Millie Bobby Brown is homophobic. However, these individuals were quickly punished, saying that “jokes are never funny”.

What does Noah think of Will Byers?

After the publication of the final two episodes of the season, Schnapp revealed in an interview with Variety that Will’s character is homosexual and in love with his best friend, Mike, played by Finn Wolfhard. He say, “

“It’s always been there, but you never know if he’s simply maturing more slowly than his peers. They made it a very real thing, evidently as he got older. Now he’s definitely gay and he loves Mike.

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Fans have been questioning Will’s gender since season one, but Noah and the filmmakers have avoided answering directly. Before his interview with Variety, and prior to the publication of Season 4 Season One, the actor stated that it was up to the audience’s interpretation.

Noah said that he doesn’t want to reveal anything about the past two episodes. According to the producers and Netflix, Stranger Things will end after season 5, focusing on Will Byers. However, production has not yet begun.


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