Okbaby A Family Youtube Channel Is Coming To An End Following Kyra Sivertson and Oscar Morales Split

Okbaby, a popular YouTube channel with over 1.49 million followers, is closing down. Fans who were looking forward to the family’s vlogs are upset by the news that the channel would no longer exist. The couple vlogged their life together and produced videos of each of their children from birth. However, as soon as the two split up, the decision was made to discontinue the channel.

Okbaby’s conclusion: Details are investigated

YouTubers Kyra Sivertson and Oscar Morales, who have built a profession by vlogging their life to the world, have announced the closure of their channel, Okbaby. The couple, who have four children, called it quits earlier this year and announced their split on their family YouTube channel.


Following their divorce, the couple said that they are going their own ways, and their channel is something that is holding them together, apart from the kids, therefore it would be a smart option to stop creating videos so that they may lead different lives. Oscar can be heard in the video remarking how strange the situation has gotten, but it’s for the best that they cease creating films together.

Throughout the film, the couple discussed how splitting custody of their four children would be the most difficult aspect of their divorce. At the same time, Oscar and Kyra reminisced about how they’ve spent their whole lives on YouTube, from making their first video to getting their first apartment together, getting their first real job to start a family, buying a home, buying vehicles, and eventually welcoming their kids.

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The pair said at the end of the video:

“We’re no longer Okbaby; we’re Oscar and Kyra with a bunch of infants.”

Oscar and Kyra will be working on their own channels for the time being. However, they also said that they would be releasing three more videos, which will be the last recordings on this channel; after that, they will cease publishing videos and viewers may instead follow them on their own channels.


Both acknowledged fault in their relationship when they announced their split a few months ago; yet, at the time, netizens chastised Kyra for breaking up with Oscar, since that was the message sent via the video. However, the couple determined that divorce would be a good thing for their children as well. They agreed to share their channel Okbaby at the time, but it has clearly been much more difficult than they anticipated. When the couple announced their split earlier this year, many speculated that Kyra was cheating on Oscar, but it was subsequently proven that this was not the case. It was a mutual choice to split up.

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