Onandi Lowe Height How Tall is Onandi Lowe?

What is Onandi Lowe’s height? Onandi Lowe, Jamaican soccer player, is 191 cm tall.

Onandi Lowe’s height How tall is Onandi Lowe?

Want to know Onandi Lowe’s height? Then read this article and get accurate information about Onandi Lowe Height. Onandi Lowe is a Jamaican footballer born on December 2, 1974. Recently we can see fans searching for Onandi Lowe Height; We have the same answer.

Onandi Lowe Height and biography details are the most searched terms by users. Those who are wondering about Onandi Lowe’s height can refer to the information below.

  • Onandi Lowe’s height in centimeters – 191 cm
  • Onandi Lowe in meters – 1.91 m
  • Onandi Lowe in feet – 6 feet 3 inches

It is now clear to fans how tall Onandi Lowe is. To know more about Onandi Lowe’s biography, refer to the table below.


Onandi Lowe


Jamaican player

Date of birth

December 2, 1974

Place of birth

Kingston, Jamaica

Age (as of 2023)

49 years old


191 cm


79 kg (174 lb)




Who is Onandi Lowe?

Onandi Lowe, born December 2, 1974, in Kingston, Jamaica, stands out as a former Jamaican international soccer player, leaving an indelible mark on the sport. At 6 feet 3 inches tall and 194 lbs, Lowe’s physical presence on the field complements his versatile skills. Lowe demonstrated his footballing prowess by playing in a variety of outfield positions, although he was particularly highly regarded as a striker.

His career spanned various leagues, including the Jamaica National Premier League, North America and England. Notably, he represented Sporting Kansas City and Rushden & Diamonds FC in 2001 and Richmond Kickers in 1999. A key figure in the Reggae Boyz since 1995, Onandi Lowe has made significant contributions to football. played for Jamaica, had more than 60 caps for the team and scored 27 goals. His participation in the 1998 World Cup in France marked a highlight in his international career.

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Beyond his own accomplishments, Lowe’s legacy extends to his family. His son, Damion Lowe, followed in his footsteps at centre-back, adding another chapter to the Lowe family’s contribution to the beautiful game. Onandi Lowe’s impact on Jamaican football is a testament to his skill, versatility and lasting influence on the development of the sport in his homeland and beyond.


Real name

Onandi Lowe


Jamaican player

Date of birth

December 2, 1974


5 million dollars

Children/Children’s names

Damion Lowe



Onandi Lowe’s age

Up to now, football legend Onandi Lowe is radiating optimism at the age of 49, demonstrating a life devoted to beautiful football. Born on December 2, 1974, in Kingston, Jamaica, Lowe’s journey from the bustling streets of the capital to becoming a prominent figure in international football not only reflects the passage of time but also A legacy of passion and dedication.

At 49 years old, Onandi Lowe is considered the living embodiment of the indomitable spirit that drives the sport. His birthplace, Kingston, a city filled with rhythmic energy, echoed in every goal he scored and every match he played. The optimism surrounding his age encapsulates a career rich in achievements, from representing the Reggae Boyz at the 1998 World Cup to leaving a lasting impact on football clubs in Jamaica, North America and you.

A towering figure of 6 feet 3 inches tall, Lowe’s age became a symbol of resilience and unwavering commitment. His journey continues to inspire generations, proving that love for the game transcends the boundaries of time. At 49, Onandi Lowe is considered a symbol of optimism in football, a timeless force that still influences the sport he loves.

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Nationality Onandi Lowe

Onandi Lowe, famous soccer star, is proud to come from the vibrant island nation of Jamaica. Born on December 2, 1974, in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, Lowe’s nationality is an integral part of his identity and a source of great pride. Jamaica, nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, has a rich and diverse cultural heritage. permeates every aspect of life, including sports.

A Jamaican international soccer player, Lowe’s journey from the sun-drenched streets of Kingston to the international soccer arena symbolizes the resilient spirit and skill that defines Jamaican athletes. Lowe’s contributions to Jamaican football extend beyond the island’s boundaries, demonstrating the energy and talent that comes from this small but dynamic nation. His participation in the Reggae Boyz, representing Jamaica on the global football stage, reflected the spirit of the nation’s passionate football culture.

In the mosaic of Jamaica’s cultural landscape, Onandi Lowe’s nationality serves as a beacon, representing the indomitable spirit of Jamaica’s athletes and their lasting impact on the world stage . His legacy is not only a personal achievement but also a testament to the brilliant sporting tapestry woven by the people of Jamaica.

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