Park Joo-hyun’s Agency Has Denied The Rumors Of Her Dating NCT’s Tae-yong

Park Joo-hyun, currently starring in K-drama The Forbidden Marriage, is romantically involved with NCT’s Tae-yong. To set the record, her agency, 935 Entertainment, released an exclusive statement refuting rumors of her affair with the NCT member:

“NCT’s Park Joo-hyun and Tae-yong are just friends.”

The company also said that the two met through an online game but had no romantic feelings for each other. NCT’s agency, SM Entertainment, also confirmed to Donga that the two are “just friends”, putting an end to the false rumors.

Park Juhyun’s side confirmed that the actress and NCT Taeyong were just friends after dating rumors of both were spread on the online community.

the post claims they both share a hobby of playing online games and that she attended NCT’s concert in the family chair

– KPOP INA WORLD (@kpopers_family) January 12, 2023

The story of Park Joo-hyun/Tae-yong’s dating rumors

On January 12, various speculations surfaced online stating that NCT leader Tae-yong and actress Park Joo-hyun are dating. Many people accused the two of being romantically involved as they often team up to play online games and the actress was observed performing NCT’s performance from a dedicated family room. However, 935 Entertainment, Park Joo’s company, hyun’s company, and SM Entertainment, the male singer’s management company, have both denied this information.

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Additionally, 935 Entertainment stated:

“Park Joo-hyun loves games as a pastime and loves them so much that she uploaded a video to her YouTube channel about online games like League of Legends. She and NCT’s Tae-yong are just friends who enjoy playing video games together. Park Joo-hyun is an extremely sociable person with an extroverted attitude, so she has many friends and maintains an extensive network.”

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Most NCT fans don’t believe these allegations for a variety of reasons, one of which is the fact that the Kick It singer didn’t post photos of his girlfriend on social media. Turns out they were right. Under SM Entertainment, the male singer debuted with NCT in 2016. He is also the leader and member of the subgroups NCT U and NCT 127. In 2019, the K-pop star reappeared in the supergroup SuperM, collaboration between SM Entertainment and Capitol Records.

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On the other hand, Park Joo-hyun made her film debut with The Dude in Me in 2019. Finally, she went on to star in several dramas and movies, including Extracurriculars, Love All Play, Detective zombies, Seoul Vibe, Silence, A Piece of Your Mind, Mouse, and others. She is currently co-starring with Kim Young-dae in the MBC drama The Forbidden Marriage as So-rang.


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