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movie regression

Regression,” released in 2015, is an intriguing psychological, horror, mystery film directed and written by Alejandro Amenábar, featuring an impressive cast, including Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson in the films. lead role, alongside talented actors such as David Thewlis, Lotaire Bluteau, Dale Dickey, David Dencik, Peter MacNeill, Devon Bostick and Aaron Ashmore in supporting roles.

The film made its highly anticipated debut at the San Sebastián International Film Festival on September 18, 2015, marking its exciting world premiere. It then reached audiences in the United States on October 9, 2015, distributed by The Weinstein Company, specifically under the banner RADiUS-TWC.

Although “Regression” garnered attention upon release, reviews from critics were mostly negative, reflecting differences of opinion regarding the film’s merits. . The various reviews add to the intrigue surrounding the film, making it a fascinating topic to explore and discuss further.

Explain the ending of the regression movie

The film’s conclusion with a statement sheds light on the historical context surrounding the events depicted. It acknowledges that during the Panic Satanic era in the 1980s, there was a wave of fear and accusations regarding ritual abuse perpetrated by organized Satanic cults. However, as time passed and investigations opened up, no convincing evidence emerged to corroborate these claims.

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The statement highlights the fading hysteria of demonic abuse, suggesting that public awareness and understanding has increased over time. It highlights that many cases similar to those depicted in the film were reported during that period, creating an atmosphere of fear and insecurity. It is clear, however, that these allegations lack the necessary evidence to prove the existence of ritual abuse prevalent by organized Satanic cults.

By drawing attention to this historical setting, the film aims to provide a critical perspective on the events described and shed light on the ultimate perception that the accusations are largely unfounded. base. It encourages reflection on the social impact of moral panic and serves as a reminder of the importance of evidence-based conclusions when evaluating controversial and sensitive topics.

Regression movie actor



Ethan Hawke

Detective Bruce Kenner

Emma Watson

Gray Angela

David Thewlis

Professor Kenneth Raines

Lotaire Bluteau

Pastor Murray

Dale Dickey

gray rose

David Dencik

John Gray

Peter MacNeill

Cleveland Police Chief

Devon Bostick

Roy Grey

Aaron Ashmore

Detective George Nesbitt

The Butcher Adam


Kristian Bruun


Aaron Abrams


Julian’s wealth


Wendy Lyon


Janet porter


Regression movie plot

Regression” is a gripping psychological thriller set in Minnesota during the 1990s. The story revolves around detective Bruce Kenner, played by Ethan Hawke, who becomes embroiled in a complex, gender-challenging case. limits of his sanity and morality.

Detective Kenner investigating a disturbing crime, he meets John Gray, played by David Dencik, who shockingly admits to sexually abusing his daughter, Angela Grey, played by Emma Watson. However, John claims to have no recollection of committing these heinous acts. Determined to uncover the truth, Kenner seeks the help of Professor Kenneth Raines, played by David Thewlis, who specializes in memory rehabilitation therapy.

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As the investigation deepens, Kenner and Raines begin to suspect that their colleague, Detective George Nesbitt, played by Aaron Ashmore, may be involved in the case. Despite detaining him, they found no convincing evidence against Nesbitt. To complicate matters further, Angela’s testimony hints at the involvement of a Satanic cult. She claims to have fallen victim to masked men who took disturbing photos during the abuse.

To unravel the dark secrets surrounding the Gray family, Kenner and Raines approach Angela’s estranged brother, Roy Grey, played by Devon Bostick. Through regression techniques, Roy recalls painful memories of hooded figures entering his room as a child. This revelation leads Kenner and Raines to suspect the possible involvement of Roy’s grandmother, Rose Grey, played by Dale Dickey. However, a search of Rose’s home was fruitless.

Meanwhile, Kenner’s own sanity is put to the test as he begins to experience haunting nightmares with sinister diabolical rituals. Angela, fearing for her life, confides in Kenner, revealing that the cult is targeting her due to a demonic mark she claims to possess. She also shares her mother’s chilling encounters with strange silhouettes and mysterious phone calls before her tragic accident.

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