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Navigate the intense world of “Resident Evil 5” with a detailed walkthrough, uncovering items and strategies to conquer challenges in this action-packed game.
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Resident Evil 5 Wiki

In 2009, Capcom brought forth Resident Evil 5, a third-person shooter video game. This creation became a significant addition to the renowned Resident Evil series. The game’s development was revealed in 2005, coinciding with the release of its predecessor, Resident Evil 4.

The initial launch occurred in March 2009 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms, followed by a Windows release in September of the same year. Later, in June 2016, the game found its way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One through re-release.

The game’s storyline follows Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance agents Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar as they delve into a terrorist threat within the fictional region of Kijuju in West Africa. Throughout their mission, Chris confronts his own history, marked by an old adversary named Albert Wesker and his former partner, Jill Valentine.

Resident Evil 5 Walkthrough

The walkthrough for Resident Evil 5 is structured as follows:

Chapter 1-1

  • Part 1: Obtain M92F (HG) and Topaz (Marquise).
  • Part 2: Acquire VZ61 (MG) and Gold Ring.

Chapter 1-2

  • Part 1: Find Antique Clock.
  • Part 2: Discover BSAA Emblem #1, Ithaca M37 (SG), and Ivory Relief.
  • Part 3: Uncover BSAA Emblem #2 and BSAA Emblem #3.

Chapter 2-1

  • Part 1: Locate BSAA Emblem #4, H&K MP5 (MG), and Jewel Bangle.
  • Part 2: Collect BSAA Emblem #5, BSAA Emblem #6, Sapphire (Pear), Topaz (Pear), and Ruby (Marquise).
  • Part 3: Acquire BSAA Emblem #7, two Jewel Bangles, and S75 (RIF).
  • Part 4: Unveil BSAA Emblem #8, Ruby (Square), Emerald (Pear), Topaz (Pear), and Sapphire (Square).
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Chapter 2-2

  • Part 1: Discover BSAA Emblem #9 and Jewel Beetle.
  • Part 2: Obtain BSAA Emblem #10 and Diamond (Oval).
  • Part 3: Find BSAA Emblem #11, Dragunov SVD (RIF), and Diamond (Brilliant).
  • Part 4: Collect Diamond (Pear) and Diamond (Square).

Chapter 2-3

  • Part 1 and Part 2: No items listed.

Chapter 3-1

  • Part 1: Acquire BSAA Emblem #12, two Brown Beetles, and Silver Idol.
  • Part 2: Find BSAA Emblem #13, Rocket Launcher, two Silver Chalices, and Silver Idol.
  • Part 3: Discover BSAA Emblem #14 and Silver Idol.
  • Part 4: Obtain BSAA Emblem #15, S&W M29 (MAG), two Blue Enigmas, and Ceremonial Mask.

Chapter 3-2

  • Part 1: Locate Ruby (Pear), Sapphire (Square), and Jewel Beetle.
  • Part 2: Discover BSAA Emblem #16 and two Venom Fangs.
  • Part 3: Collect BSAA Emblem #17 and Gold Ring.

Chapter 3-3

  • Part 1: Unveil BSAA Emblem #18.
  • Part 2: Find M3 (SG), Sapphire (Pear), and Emerald (Marquise).

Chapter 4-1

  • Part 1: Acquire BSAA Emblem #19, BSAA Emblem #20, Topaz (Trilliant), Ruby (Pear), and Sapphire (Pear).
  • Part 2: Collect Sapphire (Square), Sapphire (Pear), Ruby (Pear), Ruby (Trill.), Emerald (Trill.), and Sapphire (Trill.).
  • Part 3: Discover BSAA Emblem #21, Grenade Launcher, Sapphire (Square), Gold Idol, and Emerald (Square).
  • Part 4: Obtain Topaz (Square), Ruby (Pear), Sapphire (Pear), Ruby (Oval), and Soul Gem.

Chapter 4-2

  • Part 1: Find Blue Enigma.
  • Part 2: Collect Blue Enigma, Diamond (Trilliant), and Ruby (Pear).
  • Part 3: Acquire BSAA Emblem #22, Ruby (Pear), Sapphire (Pear), Gold Idol, and Gold Beetle.

Chapter 5-1

  • Part 1: Unveil BSAA Emblem #23 and Lion Heart.
  • Part 2: Discover Lion Heart (x3) and AK-74 (MG).
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Chapter 5-2

  • Part 1: Locate Lion Heart (x5).
  • Part 2: Collect BSAA Emblem #24 and SIG 556 (MG).
  • Part 3: Acquire Power Stone and Dead Bride’s Necklace.

Chapter 5-3

  • Part 1: Find BSAA Emblem #25, Sapphire (Marquise), and Power Stone.
  • Part 2: Discover H&K PSG-1 (RIF), Power Stone, Jewel Bangle, and Royal Necklace.
  • Part 3: Acquire BSAA Emblem #26, BSAA Emblem #27, and Ruby (Brilliant).
  • Part 4: Unveil L. Hawk, Chalice (G), Topaz (B), Lion Heart (x3), Emerald (B), Sapphire (B), Emerald (O), and Heart of Africa.

Chapter 6-1

  • Part 1: Obtain Jewel Bangle.
  • Part 2: Discover BSAA Emblem #28 and two Jewel Bangles.
  • Part 3: Acquire BSAA Emblem #29, BSAA Emblem #30, and Jail Breaker (SG).
  • Part 4: Find Dead Bride’s Necklace (x3).

Chapter 6-2

  • Part 1: Locate two Gold Chalices.
  • Part 2: No items listed.

Chapter 6-3

  • Part 1 and Part 2: No items listed.

This organized walkthrough outlines the items, emblems, and objectives for each part of the game’s chapters in “Resident Evil 5.”

Resident Evil 5 Guide

The Resident Evil 5 guide offers a comprehensive and detailed walkthrough to assist players as they navigate through the game’s chapters. From the beginning in Chapter 1-1, the guide meticulously outlines each part of the chapters, providing valuable insights into the items, challenges, and opportunities present.

As players progress through the storyline, the guide remains a reliable companion, offering guidance in Chapter 1-2, Chapter 2-1, and beyond. Divided into distinct sections, the guide covers essential items like weapons such as the M92F (HG) and VZ61 (MG), as well as collectibles like Gold Rings and Antique Clocks. By presenting a thorough account of the game’s features, the guide facilitates players in their exploration, combat, and puzzle-solving endeavors throughout the intense world of “Resident Evil 5.”

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Resident Evil 5 Gameplay

Resident Evil 5 presents players with an engaging gameplay experience rooted in the mechanics of a third-person shooter. The game plunges players into a world fraught with tension and action, requiring them to navigate diverse and often treacherous environments while confronting waves of formidable adversaries. Notably, the game places a significant emphasis on cooperative gameplay, permitting two players to join forces, pooling their strategies to triumph over daunting challenges collaboratively.

Along their journey, players gather valuable resources, meticulously manage their inventory, and wield an extensive arsenal of weapons to effectively combat the array of lurking threats. Seamlessly intertwining elements of exploration, combat, and puzzle-solving, the gameplay constructs a captivating and adrenaline-infused adventure that caters to both series enthusiasts and newcomers, offering an immersive experience that lingers long after the controller is set down.

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