Scott Disick Is Rumored To Be Dating Kimberly Stewart

Rumors regarding Scott Disick and Kimberly Stewart’s relationship have been circulating on social media after images of the two holding hands in Santa Monica appeared on August 21, 2022. Kimberly was said to be enjoying her 43rd birthday at Giorgio Baldi that night.

After they were first photographed having lunch in Beverly Hills on August 17, 2022, gossip about their romance started to circulate in the media rags. Sources close to the pair revealed to US Weekly last week that they had just begun dating. They also said that Scott and Kimberly have been “in the same circle” for years and have been friends for a long time. Scott’s latest romance has reignited public curiosity in his love life and previous relationships. This page will go through his dating history, beginning in 2006.

A look at Scott Disick’s romantic relationships throughout the years

1) Kourtney Kardashian (2006-2015)

Scott Disick was originally presented to the public as Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend in Season 1 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The program premiered in 2006, and the pair dated on and off for about a decade. They nearly married in 2007 but called it off.

Mason, 13, Penelope, 10, and Reign, 8, are the couple’s three children. They separated in 2015 after Scott reportedly cheated on Kourtney with stylist Chloe Bartoli. However, Kourtney subsequently said that Scott’s drug misuse difficulties were the key cause for their split. According to reports, the two do not speak much these days and primarily interact for reasons relating to their children.

2) Chloe Bartoli (July 2015 and later in May 2017)

Chloe and Scott had a brief affair in 2015, which was reignited in 2017 when they were seen kissing in Cannes. However, the relationship did not continue long when Scott Disick began dating Sofia Richie.

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3) Lina Sandberg (January 2016)

Lina Sandberg, a Swedish model, was also seen with Scott in early 2016. However, this was also a fleeting affair.

Scott Disick

4) Christine Burke (March 2016 and November 2021)

Christine was also connected to Scott Disick when they were caught kissing at a boat party in the south of France in May 2016. They were subsequently seen together in 2021 after Scott ended his relationship with Amelia. The couple dined together twice, although their relationship status was unclear at the time.

5) Megan Blake Irwin (July 2016 and October 2020)

When Scott Disick and Megan Blake Irwin were pictured together in New York and Los Angeles, rumors of a relationship started to circulate. Nothing was proven at the time, and the rumors gradually died away. The two were observed leaving the Kimpton La Peer Hotel together in 2020, but nothing definite was ever discovered concerning their connection.

6) Bella Banos (January 2017, October 2020, and December 2021)

Bella Banos and Scott Disick initially became associated in 2017 when they traveled to Costa Rica together. They split up soon after but were photographed eating at Nobu Malibu in October 2020. They were said to be dating for the third time in December 2021 while on holiday in St. Barts.

Scott Disick

7) Jessica ‘J Lynne’ Harris (January 2017)

J Lynne and Scott Disick were connected when they were seen kissing during a vacation to Miami in January 2017.

8) Ella Ross (May 2017)

Ella Ross and Scott Disick were pictured together many times in May 2017, although a source close to the couple informed the media that their relationship wasn’t “serious.”

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9) Bella Thorne (May 2017)

Bella was spotted with Scott in Cannes in May 2017. The couple celebrated Scott’s 34th birthday together, but the Disney actress said in an interview that she was never “s*xually” connected with the KUWTK alumni.

In June 2017, she told Complex magazine:

“Scott is really pleasant, sweet, and engaging. I don’t drink, yet he drinks a lot. And it simply ended up… I simply wasn’t feeling it; I was like, ‘I have to go.’ I like going out and having fun, and I enjoy f*king dancing, but I don’t party like that, and it was much too much for me. ‘Woah, this isn’t how I live my life, bruh,’ I thought.”

scott disick

10) Sofia Richie (May 2017)

Scott and Sofia Richie were originally connected in May 2017, after he split up with Chloe Bartoli for the second time. The pair had an on-again, off-again romance that ended in August 2020. According to rumors, Sofia’s family believed she would be “far better off” without Scott Disick, which might have been the catalyst for their breakup.

11) Amelia Hamlin (November 2020)

Amelia and Scott were first spotted together at a Halloween party in October 2020, but suspicion about their relationship began to circulate on social media in November 2020. After being photographed wandering the Malibu beaches together towards the close of 2020, the couple made their Instagram connection public in March 2021.

Amelia and Scott split up after a year of dating in September 2021. The separation was allegedly caused by Scott’s harsh remarks about Kourtney and Travis’ relationship.

12) Elizabeth Grace Lindley (October 2021)

A month after his breakup with Amelia, Scott was photographed partying with influencer Elizabeth Grace Lindley. The couple was never seen together again after that.

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13) Hana Cross (November 2021)

Hana Cross and Scott Disick were first spotted together in November 2021. Between November 2021 and January 2022, the pair went on many dinner dates.

14) Holly Scarfone (February 2022)

Holly was first seen with Scott on a trip to Nobu Malibu in February 2022. According to their flirtatious Instagram comments, they seemed to hit it off immediately away. Holly subsequently uploaded a photo of herself in black lingerie set during their trip to Paris. Scott was mentioned as a photo courtesy in the post’s description.

However, a source close to Scott Disick informed the media that he isn’t ready to settle down just yet. They stated:

“Right now, Scott isn’t sure what he wants. There is a connection with Holly, and she is really pleasant to be around, but Scott is looking for any woman who will help him forget about Kourtney and Travis right now.”

15) Rebecca Donaldson (April 2022)

Scott was photographed exiting a party at On The Rox in Los Angeles during the early morning hours of April 6, 2022, with model Rebecca earlier this year. However, it is believed that the couple did not continue their romance, since Scott was subsequently photographed in Miami with Bachelor alumnae Corinne Olympios.

16) Kimberly Stewart (August 2022)

Scott is now in a relationship with Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberly Stewart. Kimberly’s brother, Sean, introduced them and they’ve known one other for a long time. They had been hanging together in groups but had just recently begun to see each other.

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