Secretly Pregnant Where Are They Now Bundles of Joy Unveiled: Secretly Pregnant – Where Are They Now?

Hidden Beginnings, Revealed Destinies:Unveiling the Secrets of ‘Secretly Pregnant’ Where Are They Now. Life’s Unseen Journeys:Catching Up with the Stars of Secretly Pregnant

Secretly Pregnant

“Secretly Pregnant” shares the tales of women who, for various reasons like fearing judgment or facing health challenges, keep their pregnancies hidden from family, friends, or colleagues. Each episode unfolds the stories of two women, capturing their anxiety leading up to the revelation of their pregnancies and the aftermath following the birth. The show is produced by Gigantic! Productions for Discovery Fit & Health, with Cheryl Horner Sirulnick as executive producer and Lisa Kohn and Abby Russell as co-executive producers. Tracy Rudolph serves as the executive producer for Discovery Fit & Health.

Secretly Pregnant Cast










Richanne Petrigno








Amy DiMarco


Kanchana Warner

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Secretly Pregnant Where are They Now?

Where Is Krystal Now?

Krystal, a first-time mother, chose to keep her pregnancy hidden from her mother-in-law due to fear of retaliation given her poor financial status. Fortunately, her mother-in-law has accepted the child, and Krystal is presently happy in her life.

Where Is Jerline Now?

Jerline, facing tough family circumstances with her husband unemployed, decided to hide her pregnancy. Fans will be delighted to know that Jerline is now living a happy life with her husband, updating her fans through her own YouTube Vlog.

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Where Is Jen Now?

Unfortunately, Jen had a heartbreaking experience as her baby, Jonas, passed away as a stillborn. Traumatized, she kept her next pregnancy secret out of fear. Presently, Jen is a mother of two and has built a happy life alongside her loving husband.

Where Is Richanne Petrigno Now?

Richanne hid her pregnancy after being diagnosed with a brain tumor to avoid burdening her family. Thankfully, the pregnancy passed without a hitch, and she became a mother. Richanne has seemingly regained control over her tumor and is doing well in life.

Where Is Tessa Now?

Tessa, fearing her conservative family’s reaction, kept her pregnancy under wraps. Surprisingly, she was accepted, and she is presently living a happy life surrounded by loved ones.

Where Is Sandra Now?

Sandra, besides appearing on ‘Secretly Pregnant,’ was part of ‘Divorce Court.’ Her current relationship status is unclear as she and her husband, Paul, maintain privacy.

Where Is Charity Now?

Charity and her husband, expecting their sixth child, kept the pregnancy a secret due to financial concerns. Thankfully, Charity’s parents were accepting, and she and her husband have built a happy life surrounded by their children and loved ones.

Where Is Amy DiMarco Now?

Amy, expecting her ninth son, kept her pregnancy hidden fearing family rejection. Luckily, her family welcomed the child, and today, she is quite happy in a life surrounded by family and friends.

Where Is Kanchana Warner Now?

Kanchana hid her pregnancy fearing disownment by her family due to her Mormon husband. She became a mother of two and faced the tragic passing of her husband, Blake Warner, on April 2, 2019. She is now focused on a bright future with her daughters, Myles and Makyla.

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Where is the Rest of the Cast Now?

The show focuses on secrecy, and the current whereabouts of certain cast members remain unclear. Season 1 participants maintain limited social media presence, embracing privacy. Participants from Season 2 prefer to keep a low profile, refraining from disclosing their current whereabouts. Season 2 participants like Ashley, Kelly, Lauren, and Susannah keep their personal lives under wraps.

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