Squid Game The Challenge Player 229, Who is Phalisia 229 in Squid Game? 

Explore the intriguing journey of Phalisia, Player 229 in Squid Game: The Challenge. Uncover her strategic moves, personal revelations, and the impact she makes on the game.

Squid Game The Challenge Player 229

Player 229 has been doing really well in Squid Game: The Challenge. At first, Phalisia and Tolbert, #278, teamed up quietly in the early episodes.In episode 4, there was a tricky elimination challenge. Five players had to pick cards from six boxes. These cards could let them eliminate others, get advantages for the next game, or face elimination themselves. Surprisingly, Phalisia volunteered for this tough round.

She was nervous and kept saying the anxiety was making her feel sick. Even though she was the last to pick, her card gave her the most power. Phalisia got to eliminate three players of her choice. First, she got rid of the player with an advantage. Then, she made a surprising move that shook up the game, especially the strong “Gganbu Gang” alliance. This group, led by Rick and Stephen, was a powerful force in Squid Game: The Challenge, and Phalisia’s choices might have weakened them.

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Who is Phalisia 229 in Squid Game? 

Phalisia, better known as 229, the contestant who entered the spotlight with a game-changing move that left everyone in awe. With a strategic approach that made her a standout, fans became increasingly curious about her journey. Phalisia holds a degree from Kaplan Business School and has ventured into a career as a Leasing Agent Supervisor. Not stopping there, she founded Key Sweepz, a successful cleaning business, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit.

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Beyond the challenges of Squid Game: The Challenge, Phalisia reveals her true-crime passion through her podcast, “Paranoid Sisters,” where she dives into intriguing mysteries. On Instagram, she shares glimpses of her adventurous life. In confessional, Phalisia opens up about her personal life, proudly identifying as a lesbian and sharing her journey with her wife, Valerie. The couple faced challenges while trying to conceive, which almost led to divorce. However, in 2022, they welcomed their daughter, Zayn, into the world, solidifying their status as a joyful and resilient family.

Does Player 229 get Eliminated?

Yes, Player 229 get eliminated Phalisia is really into true crime, runs a podcast, and reads tarot cards. She feels homesick for her wife and daughter while competing and forms a special bond with Ashley, who misses her son. In a game called Jack in the Box, Phalisia gets to pick three players to eliminate and chooses Jakoben, Stephen, and Rick because she knows they’re working together.

Later, Phalisia and Ashley have to compete against each other in Marbles, and it’s emotional for them because they don’t want to lose their friendship or the chance to win the game. Unfortunately, Phalisia gets eliminated in the end.

Squid Game The Challenge

Squid Game: The Challenge is a ten-episode British reality competition TV series based on the South Korean drama “Squid Game.” In the show, 456 players vie for the largest single cash prize in game show history, $4.56 million.

Produced by Studio Lambert and the Garden, the first 5 episodes premiered on Netflix on November 22, 2023, with subsequent episodes released on November 29 and December 6. Within three days, it became the number-one show on Netflix in 76 countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom.

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Squid Game The Challenge Plot

In “Squid Game: The Challenge,” 456 participants aim to secure the grand prize of US$4.56 million, the most significant cash prize in game show history. This surpasses the previous record held by Andrew Kravis in The Million Second Quiz. The contestants face a series of challenging games that push them to their limits, leading each one to ponder the lengths they’re willing to go to emerge victorious.

The storyline revolves around the intense competition and the personal choices contestants make as they navigate the demanding challenges in pursuit of a substantial cash reward

Squid Game The Challenge Overview


Reality competition

Based on

Squid Game by Hwang Dong-hyuk

Country of origin

United Kingdom

Original language


No. of series


No. of episodes

5 (as of 22 November 2023)

Squid Game The Challenge Trailer

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