Steve DiSchiavi Wife: Is He Married? Relationship Timeline

Many people recognize Steve DiSchiavi as a former NYPD murder investigator and a key character on the Travel Channel’s paranormal series “The Dead Files.” “Is Steve DiSchiavi married?” is a frequently asked question concerning his personal life. Let us look at this further.

Steve DiSchiavi’s Marital Background

Steve’s matrimonial experience has included two key partnerships. His wife, Angela, was his first wife. They shared the pleasure of parenting with two children. However, specifics regarding their relationship are unknown, and their voyage together ended in 2015.

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Steve DiSchiavi’s Current Relationship

In recent events, Steve has discovered love once again. Simone DiSchiavi this time. In their love story, Steve proposed to Simone on February 12, 2021, only two days before Valentine’s Day. In December 2021, the pair exchanged vows and made their union official.

Angela Filed for Divorce

Looking further back in time, Steve’s divorce with Angela was formalized in 2015. Regardless of the reasons, Steve went on, ultimately finding love and companionship with Simone, whom he married in December 2021.

Further Information

Steve DiSchiavi is clearly blissfully married to Simone DiSchiavi right now. Steve’s passionate proposal on February 12, 2021, cemented their relationship even deeper. For those who are curious about their marital dynamics, both have a combined Instagram account with a sizable following base, demonstrating their public display of togetherness and love.

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Finally, Steve DiSchiavi’s current marital status is married, and his wife’s name is Simone DiSchiavi. Their love story is a testimony to rediscovering love again, from a poignant proposal to their marriage in December 2021. Fans and interested minds may learn more about Steve and his fascinating work on “The Dead Files” by watching the Travel Channel.

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