Sumner Stroh Spoke Out About Her Rumored Romance With Adam Levine

Instagram model Amber Rose said singer Adam Levine, 43, wanted to name her third child after her after they had an affair. Social media star Summer Stroh, 23, posted a video on TikTok on Monday, September 20 in which she showed a snapshot of a conversation she claims to have had with the lead singer. Maroon 5. Her video description is as follows:

I feel ashamed that I once associated with a guy who lacked both remorse and respect.

She says in the video that they had an affair that lasted a whole calendar year. More than 11 million people have watched the video and have more than 44,000 comments. Behati Prinsloo, Victoria’s Secret model, has been the wife of Adam Levine since 2014. To date, Behati has given birth to the couple 3 healthy children.

What Sumner Stroh Says About Her Romance Rumors With Adam Levine

Summer Stroh, a model from Texas, has more than 355,000 followers on Instagram. At the beginning of the video, the model said:

For example, “I had an affair with a guy who was married to a Victoria’s Secret supermodel.”

She went on to say that she felt “used” by the musician because she was “young and innocent” at the time of the romance. She blamed her “vulnerability” as a newcomer to Los Angeles at the time.

Summer Stroh

Sumner says that she and Adam Levine dated for a year until they suddenly stopped talking to each other “for a period of several months,” and that she posted a screenshot of their discussion on Instagram with caption “I miss you”. She showed off a Direct Message from the Payphone artist asking her permission to name his third child.

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In her words, Summer commented

“My integrity was inadvertently violated. The whole thing was a sham to get me to do what they wanted.”

A friend of hers, she said, sold the screenshot to a tabloid, adding that she had never wanted to handle the matter in “such a public way”. She went on to explain by saying:

“As a professional Instagram model, I am well aware of the consequences of my work. Connected to this story, I am aware of the generalizations it contains.

Sumner responded to a negative comment with another TikTok video in which she said:

“Everybody knows that he has a wife of ten years. His family are the only ones hurt here.”

She said she was “ashamed” and “ashamed” of herself for getting involved with the singer, but said she was new to Los Angeles at the time and was “in view” of her marriage Adam Levine with Behati is over.

Then she said:

“I think they’re keeping this under wraps to avoid bad publicity.”

She said she didn’t have any reason to suspect foul play because she was talking to Adam Levine’s verified account and she also admitted that she wasn’t the victim. She said she was sorry and that Behati and her children were the “real victims” of the situation. For now, the musician and his camp have not been reached for comment.

Adam Levine

All about Sumner Stroh

23-year-old Austin, Texas native Summer Stroh is a prominent figure in the social media world. After graduating from New Braunfels High School, she enrolled at UT. She completed a degree in advertising and marketing.

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There is an older sister and two younger brothers in her family. Baylen Stroh, Summer’s older sister, also has a large Instagram following and runs a successful jewelry company. Sponsorship partnerships and product endorsements boosted Summer’s estimated net worth to $600,000.

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