Swiping America Where Are They Now?

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Swiping America is an HBO Max dating show that offers a unique twist to the traditional reality TV format. The show follows four singles from New York City as they embark on a cross-country journey in search of love and meaningful connections. The participants, Ashleigh Warren, Reagan Baker, Kesun Lee and Kris Kelkar, will travel to eight different cities, including Asheville, New Orleans, Miami, Austin, Santa Fe, Boulder, Seattle and Honolulu.

The aim is to break free from the constraints of the local dating scene and explore the potential for romance beyond their surroundings. Unlike other dating shows, Swiping America focuses on the early stages of love and human connection rather than rushing towards marriage. The creators, Johnnie Ingram and Stephen Warren describe it as a “romantic documentary” that blends elements of romantic comedy with the authenticity of the real-life experience.

The diverse cast brings their unique backgrounds and perspectives, adding excitement and drama to the film. Viewers can look forward to witnessing the challenges, victories, and personal growth of the participants as they navigate the intricacies of dating in different cities. With fresh ideas and a diverse cast, Swiping America promises to be an engaging and thought-provoking exploration of love, relationships and finding the perfect match.

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Swipe America


Year old


Ashleigh Warren

thirty first

Social Media Strategist for Influencers and Creators

Reagan bread


Hair and Beauty Specialist; Writer

Kesun Lee


Real Estate

Kris Kelkar


Data Scientist

Swiping America Where are they now?

After American Claw ends, fans may wonder about the whereabouts and current identities of the male leads. Here’s an update on what members have been up to since the show:

Ashleigh Warren: During the finale in Honolulu, Hawaii, Ashleigh took an important step in her relationship with Jess, removing dating apps from their phones. While it’s not yet certain whether their relationship or any other on the show will last, Ashleigh’s post-show journey has been marked by personal growth and changing perspectives. new to relationships.

She continues to prioritize her happiness and is enjoying the slower pace of life she experienced on the show. Ashleigh has an adventurous spirit and loves to travel, discover new cultures and spend quality time with her loved ones.

Reagan Baker: Reagan had a memorable time in the show, especially enjoying the vibrant city of New Orleans, Louisiana. She takes a confident and independent approach to dating, not feeling pressured by society’s expectations.

Reagan believed in taking his time and being clear about his intentions. She is comfortable being single and prefers casual dates or spending time alone. Reagan treasures her friendships and appreciates her personal growth throughout the Swiping America experience.

Kesun Lee: Kesun decided to make a bold move after filming and left New York City, where the cast resided before the screening, to live in Charleston, South Carolina. Kesun yearns for change after Swiping America’s transformative experience.

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They continue to seek adventure, combining their passions with yoga, travel, family time, museum exploration, reading and fashion. Kesun is happy when viewers see the friendship blossoming between the main characters and show off their distinctive style.

Krishnanand “Kris” Kelkar: Kris experienced a YOLO moment while on Swiping America, which came after a difficult breakup. This experience has given Kris the opportunity to reflect on herself and grow personally. Kris realizes how important it is to be authentic and comfortable with yourself.

They admit that not everyone likes them, but accepting this fact allows for more authentic connections. Kris has a passion for photography, museums and exploring their creative side. Their journey on the show included a memorable moment when they wore wedding dresses that viewers can expect to see.

While there may not be a public declaration of lifelong love after the film, the four main characters form a lasting friendship. Their connection serves as an inspiring reminder that meaningful friendships can be formed at any stage of life.

Swiping America is more than just pairing; it’s a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and embracing the possibilities that life has to offer. Fans can watch the first season of Swiping America, streaming on Max, to witness the heartfelt stories and transformative experiences of these four individuals.

Who is still single in Swiping America?

The relationship status of the Swiping America participants has yet to be revealed, leaving it uncertain as to who is still single. After the show’s finale in Honolulu, Ashleigh Warren and Jess, with whom she had the most enduring relationship throughout the series, removed their dating apps together, hinting at a potential commitment. .

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However, the leads, including Reagan Baker, Krishnanand Kelkar, Kesun Lee and Ashleigh Warren, kept it a secret when asked about their current relationship status. While Lee and Warren casually mention that they don’t have an engagement ring, there’s no definite answer as to whether anyone is still single.

It seems that Swiping America’s focus is not only on finding a romantic partner, but also on personal growth and experiences gained from cross-country dating journeys. The participants’ reluctance to reveal their relationship status aligns with the show’s emphasis on broader aspects of love, connection, and self-discovery.

Swiping America aims to explore the early stages of love and human connection, beyond the superficialities of petting in their own city. Potential clients’ post-program updates indicating that the experiences and changes they’ve gone through in the program have influenced their views on relationships and the importance of personal happiness .

Although the status of their romantic relationships has yet to be revealed, the participants expressed a deep appreciation for the friendships formed throughout their journey, showing that the The program’s action goes beyond finding a life partner.

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