Teen Mom Stars Jade Cline Got Engaged To Sean Austin

Teen Mom stars Jade Cline and Sean Austin have taken their romance to the next level by being engaged. After rekindling their relationship in 2021, the pair got engaged in July. Jade revealed the news to a fan through her Instagram Story after MTV aired the first teaser for Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

“We’ve been engaged since the first week of July, but we waited to announce it because we didn’t want to spoil the new season’s trailer.”

A video of the proposal was also posted on Jade’s TikTok on September 1, 2022, showing Sean dropping down on one knee before proposing to his girlfriend in front of their closest friends and family. Jade captioned the video, ”

“Our happily ever after has just started. So happy to finally be able to share this! I will marry Austin in October 2023. We’ve worked hard to get here, and I’m very pleased of our accomplishments. “Love always triumphs”

Jade Cline

Jade is carrying a bouquet of flowers in the video, and after seeing the ring, she says:

“Oh my gosh, it’s so large”

The couple is then seen smiling and hugging one another and is subsequently joined by their five-year-old daughter Kloie on September 18. In the latest teaser for Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, there is a brief peek of the proposal. In a since-deleted Q&A on her Instagram Story, Jade said that the newly-engaged pair had set October 2023 as the date for their “Gothic Victorian-style” wedding.


Timeline of Teen Mom pair Jade Cline and Sean Austin’s relationship

Since having their daughter Kloie in 2017, Jade and Sean’s relationship has seen many ups and downs. Viewers first encountered Jade on Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant in 2018. During the same season, she was also introduced to Sean, a drug user who was battling. Jade and Sean subsequently appeared on Teen Mom 2, when Sean was shown clean and in outpatient therapy. However, the pair split up in February 2019 during shooting the series due to drug misuse difficulties. Later, he entered rehab. During this period, Jade told People:

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I will always want Sean to be Kloie’s father and he will always be Kloie’s father. However, while discussing their connection, the Teen mom stated: I believe he and I are both doing our own thing.

Jade Cline


In March 2022, Sean had an Instagram Live conversation in which he informed his followers that rehab taught him he “needed to rediscover himself.” He said:

“At the end of the day, I need to rediscover myself and come to terms with things I haven’t come to terms with, get things off my chest I didn’t realize I needed to get off my chest and unearth everything I’ve buried for so long.”

Sean, according to Jade, is now entirely clean and “like a new person” as a result of his rehabilitation stay. Last year, Jade and Sean resumed their relationship when Jade returned from rehabilitation. Jade and Sean get engaged in July 2022, after having been together for years and through difficult times in their lives. The pair has “already booked” the location for their wedding, which will be “very elegant but definitely with October vibes.”

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