Tekken 8 Leaked Characters

Discover the excitement around Tekken 8’s leaked character roster, sourced from EVO 2023. Familiar faces and new additions emerge, sparking anticipation for the upcoming installment’s diverse combat dynamics.
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Tekken 8 Leaked Characters

A leaked image originating from EVO 2023 has surfaced across social media platforms, igniting excitement among Tekken fans. This image reportedly captures an extended character roster that had yet to be officially revealed for Tekken 8. While the information should be approached cautiously as leaks, it holds promise, especially given its alignment with the designs of newly unveiled characters.

Steve Fox:

Recognizable to fans, Steve Fox is among the featured characters in the leaked image. His return would mark a familiar face in the upcoming Tekken installment.

Kuma and Panda:

Kuma and his counterpart Panda make their appearance, adding a dose of nostalgia and fun to the roster.


Shaheen, known for his Saudi Arabian martial arts prowess, remains a part of the leaked roster, promising diverse combat styles.


Feng Wei, a formidable fighter known for his distinct fighting technique, is seen in the leaked image, likely bringing his calculated moves to Tekken 8.


The enigmatic Russian soldier, Dragunov, emerges from the leak, hinting at his strategic combat style that fans have come to appreciate.


Alisa Bosconovitch’s presence signifies a continuation of her robotic, futuristic fighting techniques, adding a unique flair to the roster.


Yoshimitsu, a Tekken staple known for his intricate swordsmanship, promises to captivate players with his intricate moveset.


Leo Kliesen, with a distinct blend of Bajiquan and other martial arts, maintains a position in the leaked roster, offering a fresh approach to combat.

New Characters:

Among the intriguing faces featured in the leak are new characters, adding an air of mystery and excitement to Tekken 8’s potential additions.

As fans await official confirmation and more details from Bandai Namco Entertainment, it’s important to approach leaked information with a pinch of skepticism. As updates unfold, we’ll strive to provide the latest insights into the characters and gameplay of Tekken 8.

Tekken 8 32 Characters

The Tekken 8 roster, potentially housing 32 characters as per leaked information, has sparked fervor in the gaming realm. While approaching the leaked roster with caution, the Game Director’s response adds weight to its legitimacy. Among the lineup, iconic figures like Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima are set to return, creating a sense of nostalgia. Regrettably, some cherished characters from earlier editions won’t make a comeback. Here’s a glimpse of the characters featured in the leaked roster:

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Jin Kazama: A central figure in the series, Jin’s return promises to uphold his martial prowess and pivotal role.

Kazuya Mishima: Kazuya’s reappearance is anticipated, bringing with it the fiery legacy of the Mishima clan.

King: A beloved character known for his wrestling skills, King’s inclusion ensures dynamic combat encounters.

Paul Phoenix: Recognized for his iconic haircut and fiery personality, Paul is poised to continue his legacy.

Marshall Law: With his unique fighting style, Law’s comeback adds diversity to the roster.

Raven: A stealthy fighter, Raven’s presence adds an element of intrigue to the leaked lineup.

Azucena: A new addition, Azucena’s appearance holds promise for fresh combat dynamics.

Steve Fox: Returning with his boxing prowess, Steve’s character contributes to the diverse skill set.

Kuma: The adorable bear fighter, Kuma’s inclusion adds a playful element to the roster.

Panda: Kuma’s counterpart, Panda, ensures the duo’s entertaining presence.

Shaheen: Known for his Saudi Arabian martial arts, Shaheen’s return brings cultural diversity.

Feng: An enigmatic fighter, Feng’s skill set promises intricate combat techniques.

Dragunov: His tactical approach to combat ensures a thrilling addition to the leaked roster.

Alisa: With her robotic abilities, Alisa offers a unique blend of futuristic combat.

Yoshimitsu: Renowned for his swordsmanship, Yoshimitsu’s appearance holds the promise of intense battles.

Leo: Leo’s diverse combat style contributes to the roster’s multifaceted dynamics.

Akuma: From Street Fighter, Akuma’s presence adds a crossover dimension to Tekken 8.

Angel: Returning from Tekken 2, Angel’s role holds significance in the Tekken storyline.

Anna Williams: A mysterious presence, Anna’s appearance adds intrigue to the leaked lineup.

Armor King: Known for his impactful moves, Armor King’s return adds flair to the roster.

Armor King II: The younger sibling’s presence enriches the legacy of Armor King.

Baek Doo San: As a master of Hwoarang, Baek’s inclusion promises exhilarating combat sequences.

Bruce Irvin: A Muay Thai champion, Bruce’s return adds diversity to the martial arts techniques.

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Christie Monteiro: Her Capoeira skills make Christie an enticing addition to the leaked roster.

Craig Marduk: Known for Vale Tudo, Craig’s combat style ensures intense battles.

Devil Kazumi: A formidable antagonist, Devil Kazumi’s reappearance promises epic showdowns.

Dr. Bosconovitch: His role as a bonus character in Tekken 3 adds a touch of uniqueness.

Eliza: The enigmatic vampire’s return holds the promise of unconventional battles.

Fahkumram: As a Muay Thai fighter, Fahkumram’s inclusion adds depth to the leaked roster.

Forest Law: Son of Marshall Law, Forest’s return ensures legacy continuity.

Ganryu: A rikishi with unique skills, Ganryu’s comeback adds variety to the roster.

Geese Howard: From Fatal Fury, Geese’s crossover appearance enriches Tekken 8’s world.

Tekken 8 

Tekken 8 (鉄拳8) emerges as an eagerly anticipated fighting game, jointly crafted by the creative forces of Bandai Namco Studios and Arika, and poised for publication by Bandai Namco Entertainment. This upcoming installment marks the eighth primary and tenth overall addition to the illustrious Tekken franchise. With a slated release date of January 26, 2024, Tekken 8 is set to make its debut on the PlayStation 5, Windows platforms, and the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles.

Bearing the weight of a rich legacy, Tekken 8 stands as a continuation of the renowned Tekken series, renowned for its intricate combat mechanics, diverse character roster, and immersive narratives. Players are primed for an elevated experience, offering a fusion of classic elements and innovative features that promise to redefine the fighting game genre.

With its launch scheduled across diverse platforms, including cutting-edge consoles and PC, Tekken 8 is primed to exploit the technological advancements of the current gaming landscape. Players can anticipate immersive visuals, responsive gameplay, and a dynamic audiovisual environment that elevates every fight to a cinematic experience.

The Tekken series’ hallmark cast of characters is poised for a reinvigorated presence, each armed with their signature moves, techniques, and narratives. The game’s seamless integration of these diverse fighters into its storyline ensures that Tekken 8 will captivate both longtime fans and newcomers to the franchise.

As the boundaries of virtual combat are pushed, Tekken 8 promises to deliver a compelling blend of nostalgia and innovation, celebrating the essence of the series while embracing new possibilities. With its imminent release, players across platforms can brace themselves for a visceral journey, where every punch, kick, and strategic maneuver serves as a testament to the evolution of a franchise that has stood the test of time.

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Tekken 8 Gameplay

Tekken 8’s gameplay is poised to center on “aggressiveness” according to director Katsuhiro Harada. It introduces a novel “Heat” gauge system while retaining core elements from Tekken 7, like the Rage system-based attacks. Notably, the Rage Drive has been reworked into a Heat system move called Heat Smash, reinstating the single-use Rage Art dynamic akin to Tekken 7’s earlier version. Encouraging an assertive approach, the gameplay pivots from defensive strategies, rewarding those who embrace a more proactive stance.

The Heat State, akin to Soul Charge in Soulcalibur VI, grants chip damage, expanded move sets, and altered move properties. Players can fluidly transition into the Heat State by dash-canceling specific moves, similar to The King of Fighters’ MAX Mode. Importantly, the Heat State timer halts during active move execution.

Tekken 8 augments its appeal through enriched stage destruction and character reactions, enhancing the overall experience for players and spectators. This evolution is informed by Tekken 7’s reception as a high-level esports game. The “Screw” damage attribute from Tekken 7 evolves into a novel juggle combo extender system, introducing a ground-bound-like state upon rapid backflip descent—akin to Tekken 6. Defending against formidable attacks or Heat State moves induces chip damage, allowing health regeneration through attacking the opponent.

The online mode adopts the “Arcade Quest” avatar-based battle hub, incorporating arcade settings, online matches, and avatar customization. Leveraging the Fight Money system from Street Fighter V enhances engagement. Character models and voice lines are entirely new, signifying a departure from recycling. Notably, Tekken 8 leverages Unreal Engine 5, a pioneering move for a major fighting game.

Bandai Namco’s planned closed network test in July 2023 will evaluate balance, matchmaking, and stability ahead of the official release, offering limited participation on a first-come, first-served basis.

Tekken 8 Trailer


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