Terrell Owens Net Worth in 2023 How Rich is He Now?

Terrell Owens Net Worth 2023 – The famous American Football Wide Receiver “Terrell Owens” has a net worth of $3 Million Dollars and he was born on 7 December 1973.

How much is Terrell Owens’s Net Worth? 

So how much is Terrell Owens actually worth? According to our research, Terrell Owens’s net worth is estimated to be $3 Million Dollars. Terrell Owens’s net worth is largely the result of his success as an American Football Wide Receiver.


Terrell Owens

Net Worth( 2023)

$3 Million Dollars


American Football Wide Receiver

Date of Birth

7 December 1973


49 years old


191 cm (6 Feet 4 Inches)


(231 lbs) 105 kg


Alexander City, Alabama, United States



Terrell Owens Net Worth Growth Year by Year

Net Worth in 2023

$3.0 Million

Net Worth in 2022

$1.7 Million

Net Worth in 2021

$1.4 Million

Net Worth in 2020

$1.1 Million

Net Worth in 2019

$1.9 Million

Net Worth in 2018

$1.7 Million

Who is Terrell Owens?

Terrell Owens, commonly referred to as “T.O.,” is a multi-talented American football wide receiver with a rich and diverse career both on and off the field. Born on December 7, 1973, in the city of Alexander City, Alabama, Owens has made a significant impact in the world of sports and entertainment.

Owens’ football career is marked by his impressive tenure in the National Football League (NFL), where he showcased his remarkable athleticism and football prowess for an astounding 15 seasons. During his time in the NFL, Owens earned a slew of accolades, including being a five-time All-Pro and making six Pro Bowl appearances. His statistics speak volumes about his on-field excellence, ranking him eighth in NFL history for all-time receptions, and third in both receiving yards and receiving touchdowns. These achievements have solidified his legacy as one of the greatest wide receivers to ever play in the league.

In addition to his football career, Terrell Owens has explored the world of acting and production. He has appeared in notable films such as “Any Given Sunday” (1999), “Dysfunctional Friends” (2012), and “Lap Dance” (2014), showcasing his versatility and charisma beyond the football field. Furthermore, Owens is not just a player but also a co-owner of the Allen Wranglers, a team in the Indoor Football League. His involvement in team ownership reflects his commitment to the sport even after retiring from the NFL.

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On a personal note, Terrell Owens has been married to Rachel Snider since 2014, marking another chapter in his eventful life. His journey from Alexander City, Alabama, to NFL stardom, acting, and team ownership exemplifies his determination, resilience, and success in multiple domains. With his enduring legacy, Terrell Owens continues to be a prominent figure in American sports and entertainment.

Real Name

Terrell Eldorado Owens

Date of birth

7 December 1973


49 years old


191 cm (6 Feet 4 Inches)


(231 lbs) 105 kg

Birth Place

Alexander City, Alabama, United States




American Football Wide Receiver



Eye Colour

Dark brown

Hair Colour



The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Benjamin Russell High School

Zodiac Sign


Sexual Orientation



Rachel Snider (m. 2014–2015)



How old is Terrell Owens?

As of now, Terrell Owens is 31 years old (born 7 December 1973), in Alexander City, Alabama. This places him among the group of iconic athletes who continue to inspire and remain relevant even after their playing careers have concluded. Terrell Owens’s age in 2023 is a testament to his enduring legacy in the world of American football. Despite stepping away from the field, he remains a prominent figure in sports culture, known for his incredible skills and memorable moments on the gridiron.

How tall is Terrell Owens?

Terrell Owens, standing tall at 191 cm (6 feet 4 inches), is an imposing figure on the football field. His height not only provided him with a significant advantage when it came to out-jumping defenders for catches but also made him a formidable red-zone threat. At 105 kg (231 lbs), his weight complemented his height, giving him the strength and physicality to excel in one-on-one matchups with opposing cornerbacks.

Physical Attributes



191 cm (6 Feet 4 Inches)


(231 lbs) 105 kg

What is Terrell Owens Nationality?

Terrell Owens’s nationality is American. He was born in Alexander City, Alabama, which is located in the United States. Throughout his life and career, Owens proudly represented his American heritage on and off the football field. As a professional athlete, Owens had the privilege of being a part of the National Football League (NFL), which is one of the most prestigious American sports leagues. His accomplishments and contributions to the sport have not only made him a beloved figure among American football fans but also a symbol of national pride.

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Terrell Owens Career

  • Terrell Owens, a former NFL wide receiver, enjoyed a 15-season career spanning from 1996 to 2010. Explanation: Owens had a long and successful career in professional football, playing for multiple teams over this period.

  • He entered the NFL when he was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the third round of the 1996 NFL Draft. Throughout his career, he participated in 219 games, starting in 201 of them. Explanation: Owens began his journey in the NFL with the 49ers, and his career saw him actively involved in numerous games, showcasing his consistency.

  • Owens received six Pro Bowl selections and earned a place in the All-Pro team four times. Explanation: Owens’ remarkable skills and contributions to the game were acknowledged with Pro Bowl selections and All-Pro team honors, underlining his excellence.

  • Over his career, Owens accumulated impressive statistics, including 1,078 catches, 15,934 receiving yards, an average of 14.8 yards per catch, and an astounding 153 touchdowns. Explanation: These statistics highlight the incredible impact he had as a wide receiver, making him one of the most prolific scorers in NFL history.

  • Terrell Owens holds significant rankings in NFL history, sitting at eighth place for all-time receptions and third place in both receiving yards and receiving touchdowns. Explanation: Owens’ rankings emphasize his lasting legacy and his position among the greatest wide receivers to ever grace the NFL.

  • Despite his illustrious career, Owens’ only Super Bowl appearance was in 2005 with the Philadelphia Eagles, where they faced the New England Patriots but ultimately fell short in the championship game. Explanation: The Super Bowl appearance with the Eagles stands as a memorable moment in his career, even though it ended without a victory.

Terrell Owens Achievement and Awards

Here are some of Terrell Owens’s notable awards and achievements:

  • Terrell Owens affectionately referred to as T.O. is a former NFL wide receiver who enjoyed a prolific 16-year career in professional football.

    Explanation: Owens’ introduction sets the stage for an overview of his impressive career.

  • Over his tenure in the NFL, Owens racked up a remarkable list of awards and accolades, including:

    • Six Pro Bowl appearances Explanation: His six Pro Bowl selections signify his consistent excellence and recognition by peers and fans.

    • Five-time Associated Press All-Pro Explanation: Being named All-Pro five times underscores his standing as one of the premier wide receivers in the league.

    • Three-time NFL leader in receiving touchdowns Explanation: Leading the NFL in receiving touchdowns on three occasions emphasizes his scoring prowess.

    • First NFL player to score a touchdown in seven straight Monday Night Football games Explanation: This unique achievement on Monday Night Football showcases Owens’ ability to shine on the big stage.

    • Second NFL player to record five seasons with 13 or more touchdowns Explanation: Consistently high touchdown production exemplifies his impact as a scoring threat.

    • Eighth in NFL history in all-time receptions Explanation: His ranking among the top receivers in all-time receptions highlights his longevity and productivity.

    • Third in NFL history in both receiving yards and receiving touchdowns Explanation: Owens’ third-place rankings in these categories underscore his exceptional career statistics.

  • In 2018, Terrell Owens received the prestigious honor of induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Explanation: His induction into the Hall of Fame represents the pinnacle of recognition for his outstanding career.

  • Owens was renowned not only for his on-field achievements but also for his memorable touchdown celebrations and his occasional divisive presence in locker rooms. Explanation: These aspects of his persona added depth to his legacy and made him a notable figure both on and off the field.

  • Despite his many accomplishments, Owens experienced the disappointment of losing the only Super Bowl he ever played in. Explanation: This Super Bowl loss serves as a reminder of the highs and lows that are a part of any athlete’s journey, even one as accomplished as Terrell Owens.

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