The Bad Guys a Very Bad Holiday Ending Explained, Cast, Plot and Trailer

Discover the whimsical conclusion of “The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday.” After accidentally disrupting Christmas, the quirky characters find themselves on Santa’s Nice List, sparking a comedic vow to heist the North Pole next Christmas.

The Bad Guys a Very Bad Holiday 

A festive treat, “The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday” is a 30-minute CG animated Christmas special released in 2023, available for streaming on Netflix. The special is a spin-off of the 2022 film “The Bad Guys,” itself inspired by the graphic novel series sharing the same title.

Notably, this animated gem functions as a prequel to the main film, offering viewers a delightful backstory to the beloved characters. Crafted under the direction of Bret Haaland, the special made its debut on November 30, 2023, on the Netflix platform. As a holiday-themed addition to the Bad Guys universe, it promises to deliver humor and festive cheer, making it an ideal watch for those seeking animated joy during the Christmas season.

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The Bad Guys a Very Bad Holiday Ending Explained

“The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday” concludes with the accidental heroes, The Bad Guys, finding themselves on Santa’s Nice List after disrupting Christmas. Despite their initially nefarious plans, their efforts to restore holiday cheer unintentionally place them in Santa’s good graces.

The gang, dissatisfied with this outcome, vows to heist the North Pole in the next Christmas, affirming their commitment to villainy. The film, serving as a prequel to “The Bad Guys” movie, showcases the characters’ humorous antics and their unexpected fondness for Christmas heists.

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The destruction of the city’s Santa balloon triggers a chain of events leading to both chaos and unintended goodwill, setting the stage for The Bad Guys’ future misadventures in the world of animated villainy.

The Bad Guys a Very Bad Holiday Cast



Mr. Wolf

Michael Godere

Mr. Shark

Ezekiel Ajeigbe

Mr. Piranha

Raul Ceballos

Mr. Snake

Chris Diamantopoulos

Ms. Tarantula

Mallory Low

Tiffany Fluffit

Zehra Fazal

Gary, the Shaved Ice vendor

Keith Silverstein

DJ Trudy Tude

Kari Wahlgren

The Bad Guys a Very Bad Holiday Plot

The Bad Guys accidentally ruin Christmas by causing a mishap with a massive Santa Claus parade balloon, prompting the cancellation of their planned citywide holiday heist. Faced with the consequences of their actions, the Bad Guys shift gears, realizing they must revive the holiday spirit rather than continue their heist.

Instead of taking, they embark on a mission to give back to the community. This unexpected turn of events forces the Bad Guys to become unwitting agents of goodwill, striving to repair the damage they’ve caused and bring joy to the city.

The narrative takes a humorous twist as the once-villainous characters find themselves in the unlikely role of holiday benefactors, demonstrating that even those with nefarious intentions can inadvertently contribute to spreading cheer and generosity during the festive season.

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