The Boys’ Eric’s New Solo Is Being Chastised For Plagiarizing B.A.P.’s Coffee Shop

After a short sabbatical due to health difficulties, The Boyz Eric returned to K-pop idoldom on December 22 (his birthday) with the release of his new solo single, 4:03 (Jet Lag) featuring DAVII. While many fans rejoiced upon his homecoming, numerous netizens noticed that the melodies sound eerily similar to B.A.P.’s Coffee Shop.

Given Eric’s involvement as lyricist and composer for the song, netizens believe it is appropriate to hold the idol liable for the blunder. Dyan, the song’s producer, has admitted to mistakenly seeming to plagiarize B.A.P.’s Coffee Shop, which was published in 2013.

Fans resort to Twitter to demand that The Boyz Eric apologizes for plagiarism.

After the song was uploaded on SoundCloud, numerous The Bs (The Boyz’s fandom moniker) hurried to listen to Eric’s birthday gift. Many listeners, however, remarked that the two tracks, 4:03 (Jet Lag) and Coffee Shop, sounded identical, particularly in the beginning. Despite being fans of The Boyz Eric, some Twitteratis thought holding him responsible for such an error was the proper thing to do. On the other side, several supporters backed him, claiming that the idol was not the producer. They went on to say that because Eric had just returned from his break, an impending controversy was not what he needed.

The Boys Eric

Regardless, the internet has been flooded with hypotheses, evidence, and views regarding the incident, and netizens aren’t going to let the plagiarism go without a thorough apology to B.A.P.

Dont tell me the agency/company isnt at fault here, someone like me whos not even in the industry can find out about the song being stolen from B.A.P, its literally in the comments of that very “prod by dyan” video 🙄🤡

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— ♥*♡∞:。.amelia .。:∞♡*♥ (@onlyjunhong) December 22, 2022

its not that people hating him they just dont want him to promote something plagiarize like do you want ur idol sing something out of other people hard work n they other way around if tbz songs got plagiarize u all will trow hands too sooo lets just respect each other n say sorry

— Arslight_333 (@Ichaaaa333) December 23, 2022

Eric’s bandmate Kevin designed the 4:03 cover (feat. DAVII)

The Boys’ Eric, who has published several solo singles on SoundCloud, is back with another song to not only commemorate his comeback from sabbatical, but also to give The Bs on his birthday. Fans hailed the idol’s homecoming with great pomp and enthusiasm after months of his absence and an entire comeback without him.

The song was written and composed entirely by the idol himself. Furthermore, to add to the sentimentality, his bandmate Kevin created the song’s artwork. Kevin, who is well-known for his creative abilities, has worked on many of The Boyz’s album covers, and he will not disappoint his bandmate with his design this time.

The Boys Eric

IST Entertainment revealed earlier this year, in March, that The Boyz Eric would be taking time off from his schedule to concentrate on his health. The idol returned to Korea in September after resting in the United States. Following him, his fellow member Sunwoo had also taken a break for similar reasons. This December, the two idols finally returned to their schedules.

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