‘THE BOYZ’ Are Supposedly Planning A Comeback In February 2023

On January 5, 2023, THE BOYZ, the fourth generation K-pop group, was officially revealed to be returning in February of this year. The group is currently preparing for their upcoming album, which will not only be their first album in 2023 but also their first album as a group following the return of group member Eric from a hiatus. . Take note, their latest album was released about six months ago, sadly without Eric, who is on hiatus due to health reasons.

After a well-deserved relaxation, however, Eric has resumed his quest as a K-pop star with a December 22 release of 4:03, a solo tune for his birthday. his birthday (Jet Lag). Fans who missed the chance to see Eric perform on stage with the band are looking forward to the reunion that promises to be filled with thrilling activities.

“HAPPY TEARS RN”: Fans respond to THE BOYZ’s return and Eric’s homecoming.

Fans couldn’t hold back their excitement when they heard that THE BOYZ would return in February 2023 with all 11 members. Eric also revealed on his Bubble platform that he will be joining the members to release a full-length album after the release of THRILL-ING in 2021. Although this is idol K’s first comeback. -pop with THE BOYZ since his return, all 11 members participated in the release of the winter single All About You on December 6, 2022. However, seeing the idol perform live further fueled the fan’s enthusiasm and many went wild about it on social media.


While many fans were excited about the new album, others reminded Eric of the unresolved plagiarism issue. Despite the fact that there is enough evidence that the song 4:03 (Jet Lag) feat. DAVII accidentally or intentionally copied BAP’s Cafe, neither the corporation nor the idols solved the problem. Even THE B’s (fans of THE BOYZ) believe that a genuine conclusion is needed on this matter to clean up the air. In other developments, THE Bs responded well to THE BOYZ’s current track, All About You. After Sunwoo and Eric’s sabbatical, fans were delighted to see them resume their activities. In addition, the delicate melodious sound and the nostalgic MV with all 11 members have taken listeners on an emotional roller coaster.

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With a new album on the way, THE Bs are excited to see what this ever-changing K-pop boy band has in store for them. They are especially looking forward to appearing on stage as the group is recognized for their unique and creative choreography.


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