The Deep House Ending Explained, Cast, Where to Watch, and Plot

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Deep House(2021)

Deep House is a French supernatural horror film written and directed by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo. The film stars James Jagger and Camille Rowe in the lead roles. Blumhouse Television and Epix have acquired distribution rights for North America.

The film was first released in France on June 30, 2021, with distribution handled by Apollo Films. It was later released in the United States on November 5, 2021, with Paramount Home Entertainment and Epix participating in distribution. The Deep House combines elements of horror and the supernatural as it tells the story of a young engaged couple, Ben and Tina, who are passionate about exploring haunted houses famous for their YouTube channel. Surname.

The journey takes them to southwestern France, where they encounter a sanatorium submerged in an artificial lake. However, they discovered that the site had become a popular tourist destination. A local resident named Pierre offered to guide them to an isolated area of ​​the lake in the forest of Chanteloup, where they found a very well preserved mansion.

As they begin to explore the house, they experience strange phenomena, including strange voices, unexplained noises, and malfunctioning electronics. They also stumbled across disturbing evidence, such as photographs, posters and articles featuring missing children, Satanic symbols and signs of violence.

As Ben and Tina try to escape an increasingly terrifying situation, they come across shocking revelations about the history of the house and its former occupants, the Montégnac family. The pair find themselves trapped inside the mansion, chased by hordes of the Montégnac undead, and confronted by an evil force seeking to possess and manipulate them.

The Deep House combines elements of suspense, the supernatural, and a story of dark secrets as Ben and Tina fight for their lives against the horrors that lurk in the haunted mansion. Overall, The Deep House offers a macabre and suspenseful cinematic experience, blending atmospheric storytelling with elements of supernatural horror to engage audiences.

Deep House ending explanation

In the finale of Deep House, Ben and Tina’s fates take a dark turn as they become entangled in the sinister secrets of the sunken mansion. As they explore further, they uncover evidence of child abductions, paranormal activities and disturbing videos. The discovery of a locked door in the kitchen, sealed with a large cross, further enhances the sense of omens. Despite the escalating dangers, Ben’s curiosity leads them to the basement, where they encounter two chained individuals.

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However, their unlucky decision to move deeper into the house triggers a chain of events. Unbeknownst to them, the mansion harbors an evil presence that thrives on satanic rituals and has granted immortality to the couple who committed atrocities against children in the past. past. The function of the house is clearly shown in the ability to preserve the interior, unaffected by time or submerged in water.

When the couple’s device malfunctions, indicating that evil forces are at work, their attempts to escape are futile. Back in the basement, Ben removes the mask from the chained pair, unknowingly unleashing the full power of the house. He is possessed, and the spirit controlling him convinces Tina to join the family in the house.

Despite Tina’s fleeting moment of sobriety, tragedy strikes when the chained woman stabs Ben, ending his life. Tina attempts to escape, but her oxygen supply runs out before she can reach the lake’s surface, resulting in her drowning. The house claims their lives, adding them to the list of victims.

In the post-credits scene, Pierre, son of the Montégnac family, the original occupants of the house, is seen leading two new divers to the same site. This implies that Pierre continued to lure gullible people to his home, perpetuating the cycle of sacrifice and feeding his parents’ insatiable hunger for victims.

The haunted nature of the house is rooted in the sinister history of the Montégnac family, who have been involved in child abduction, torture and demonic activities. Their immortality, bestowed by the evil force in the house, has bound them to their abode, forever searching for new victims.

The ending of the film leaves some questions unanswered, such as the origin of the evil force and its connection to the Montégnac people. The hazy nature of the haunted house and its ability to manipulate and trap victims contribute to the eerie and unsettling atmosphere of “The Deep House”.

The Deep House Where to watch?

You can find Deep House on a variety of streaming platforms, including Netflix, Hotstar, Voot, and Jio Cinema. These platforms give viewers the opportunity to watch movies from the comfort of their own homes. If you subscribe to Netflix, you can access The Deep House and enjoy the thrilling supernatural horror experience it offers. Netflix offers a wide variety of movies and TV shows, making it a popular choice for many streaming enthusiasts.

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Hotstar is another platform where you can stream “The Deep House”. With a Hotstar subscription, viewers can access a wide selection of content, including movies, TV series, and live sporting events. Voot is also home to The Deep House, providing users with a platform to stream and enjoy the movie. Voot provides a compilation of popular Indian and international movies, TV shows and original content.

Jio Cinema, Jio’s streaming service, presents The Deep House as part of its library. Jio Cinema subscribers can explore a variety of movies of different genres and languages. By being available on these streaming platforms, The Deep House gives audiences the convenience and flexibility to watch movies when and where they want, satisfying the diverse interests of enthusiasts. film.

The plot of the deep house

Ben and Tina, a young engaged couple from New York and avid YouTubers, embark on a journey across Europe to document their experiences in supposedly haunted houses. . Their latest destination takes them to southwestern France, where they hope to discover a sanatorium submerged in a man-made lake.

However, upon arrival, they discovered that the site had become a popular tourist spot. A local resident named Pierre offers to lead them to a remote area of ​​the lake known as the Chanteloup forest, where a well-preserved mansion awaits. As Ben and Tina venture into the flooded mansion, they quickly notice strange things.

Mysterious voices and noises surround them, the drone’s motion tracker detects movement without apparent cause, and their electronics malfunction inexplicably Okay. Exploring further, they came across rooms filled with disturbing photographs, posters and articles of missing children, along with satanic symbols and violent scratches on the front door.

In the kitchen, they came across a door blocked by a large cross. When they opened it, they discovered a room containing two corpses suspended from a satanic pentagram, as well as a side room filled with preserved human body parts. Desperate to escape, Ben and Tina find themselves trapped inside the house when the window they entered is unexpectedly blocked by a brick wall.

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Their efforts to locate other exits were fruitless. While trying to open a net in the cellar, Tina is suddenly attacked, but Ben inexplicably denies witnessing anything unusual. In a shocking turn of events, Ben removes the mask from the corpse, revealing they are the Montégnac family, the former owners of the house. The undead come back to life and chase Ben and Tina around the mansion.

When they make a final attempt to escape through a chimney, it collapses, separating them on different floors. In an upstairs bedroom, Ben discovers a genealogy tree revealing Pierre as the son of Montégnac, who had deliberately lured them to the house. He is then attacked by Sarah, the immortal daughter of the Montégnacs, and possessed by her.

Tina eventually found Ben and followed him to a hidden living room in the basement. Through the grisly reel, Sarah reveals the dark truth: Mr. Montégnac and Pierre kidnap children around the area to sacrifice to Satan. Montégnacs and Sarah were eventually killed by a hostile mob, but Pierre managed to escape.

Under Sarah’s influence, Ben tries to convince Tina to join the Montégnac family. Faced with imminent danger and running out of air, Tina flees into a secret Satanic chapel, where she discovers a way out. Ben catches up with her and attempts to kill her, but Tina defends herself with a diving knife, helping Ben escape possession.

However, before they can escape together, Sarah stabs Ben to death. The Montégnacs then turned their attention to Tina, but she managed to climb up the shaft leading back to the lake. Unfortunately, Tina drowned just below the surface of the water, her last breath of air exhausted. After the credits, a short scene shows two new divers looking out over the lake, along with Pierre.

The actor’s house




James Jagger


Camille Rowe

Pierre Montégnac

Eric Savin

Mr. Montégnac

Alexis’ servants

Madame Montégnac

Anne Claessen

Sarah Montégnac

Carolina Massey

Trailer of Deep House

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