The Gift 2000 Ending Explained, Wiki, Plot and More

In the finale of “The Gift” (2000), psychic Annie confronts the true killer, Wayne, but a mysterious twist surrounding Buddy’s involvement leaves Annie pondering unresolved mysteries, culminating in her reflections at her late husband’s grave.

The Gift 2000

The Gift, a supernatural horror thriller from 2000, was directed by Sam Raimi and written by Billy Bob Thornton and Tom Epperson. It follows Annie (played by Cate Blanchett), who gets caught up in a murder investigation due to her psychic abilities, tapping into the alleged experiences of Thornton’s mother. The movie also features Keanu Reeves, Giovanni Ribisi, Hilary Swank, Katie Holmes, and Greg Kinnear in the cast. 

The Gift 2000 Ending Explained

In the ending of “The Gift” (2000), Annie, gifted with psychic abilities, faces a tumultuous series of revelations. She confronts the true killer, Wayne Collins, the local school principal, who had murdered Jessica King. As Annie attempts to expose Wayne, a violent struggle ensues, and Buddy, a troubled acquaintance, comes to her rescue. However, the unexpected disappearance of Buddy leaves Annie baffled. Back at home, Annie reminisces about her late husband while mourning at his grave with her sons, contemplating the mysteries surrounding Buddy’s sudden appearance and subsequent vanishing, leaving her to ponder the unexplained events that unfolded amidst the shocking revelations of the murder case she helped solve.

Where to Watch The Gift 2000?

“The Gift” is available for purchase on platforms like Google Play Movies, YouTube, and Microsoft Store, offering the option to download it. Additionally, you can rent the movie through Google Play Movies, Microsoft Store, or YouTube, providing convenient online access to this intriguing thriller. Whether it’s for a thrilling movie night or to enjoy the suspenseful story, these platforms offer various options to watch “The Gift” at your convenience.

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Where Was The Gift 2000 Filmed?

“The Gift,” a 2000 movie, follows a woman gifted with extrasensory perception who’s called upon to assist in locating a missing young woman. The film was shot across various locations in Georgia, United States, including Savannah, Guyton, Springfield, and Thunderbolt. The filming took place between February 3rd and March 27th, 2000, capturing the eerie and suspenseful tale within these atmospheric settings. The studio involved in production isn’t specified.

The Gift 2000 Plot

“The Gift,” set in Brixton, Georgia, follows Annie Wilson, a widow with psychic abilities. When the town’s promiscuous Jessica King goes missing, Annie’s visions reveal Jessica’s murder, leading to the discovery of her body in a pond. Annie faces threats from an abusive man, Donnie, whom she helped incriminate. Meanwhile, a mentally ill acquaintance, Buddy, harbors a dark secret. As the story unfolds, Annie uncovers the truth about the murder, revealing unexpected twists involving the local prosecutor and the school principal. The tale ends with Annie grappling with the mysterious appearance and disappearance of Buddy while mourning her late husband at his grave.

The Gift 2000 Cast



Cate Blanchett

Annabelle “Annie” Wilson

Giovanni Ribisi

Buddy Cole

Keanu Reeves

Donnie Barksdale

Katie Holmes

Jessica King

Greg Kinnear

Wayne Collins

Hilary Swank

Valerie Barksdale

Michael Jeter

Gerald Weems

Kim Dickens


Gary Cole

David Duncan

Rosemary Harris

Annie’s grandmother

J.K. Simmons

Sheriff Pearl Johnson

Chelcie Ross

Kenneth King

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