The Golden Bachelor 2023 Winner, Who Won The Golden Bachelor?

Theresa Nist’s victory in The Golden Bachelor 2023 resonated with viewers due to her maturity, grace, and genuine connection with Gerry Turner, showcasing that love knows no age boundaries.

The Golden Bachelor 2023 Winner

Theresa Nist won The Golden Bachelor 2023. she was known for her style, and won the heart of Gerry Turner, the 2023 “Golden Bachelor.” Despite being a fan favorite, Leslie Fhima, with her maturity, seemed mismatched with Gerry. When Gerry chose Theresa over Leslie on live TV, it was heartbreaking, leaving Leslie devastated.

The writer believes Leslie, at 64, had too much life experience for Gerry, who struggled to handle her emotions. Despite not winning Gerry’s heart, there’s hope for Leslie. Suggestions arise that Leslie might become the first “Golden Bachelorette,” as she embodies captivating qualities and a compelling narrative, offering hope for a new romantic journey ahead.

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What did The Golden Bachelor Say to Leslie?

Gerry Turner, the first “Golden Bachelor,” surprised everyone during the show’s finale by breaking tradition. Instead of waiting for the proposal day, he told Leslie Fhima beforehand that he chose Theresa Nist. Their conversation was upsetting, with Leslie feeling deceived by Gerry’s earlier words. Gerry regretted causing Leslie pain, feeling terrible about the situation. Later, on the live show, Gerry and Leslie talked.

Leslie expressed how Gerry’s private words made her certain about their relationship, feeling blindsided when he didn’t choose her. Gerry apologized, deeply regretting the hurt he caused. Despite proposing to Theresa, the moment was bittersweet, as Theresa was unaware of the earlier conversation between Gerry and Leslie.

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The Golden Bachelor

The Golden Bachelor is a new dating show on ABC that started in September 2023. It’s a special version of “The Bachelor” focusing on older adults. The main star, Gerry Turner, a 72-year-old retired restaurant owner and widower from Hudson, Indiana, chose 70-year-old Theresa Nist in the show’s finale on November 30, 2023. They plan to have their wedding aired live on ABC as a special event called “The Golden Wedding” on January 4, 2024.

The Golden Bachelor Overview


Dating game show

Presented by

Jesse Palmer

Country of origin

United States

Original language


No. of seasons


No. of episodes


Production companies

Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television

Original release

September 28 – November 30, 2023



The Golden Bachelor Contestants

  • Theresa Nist (Winner)
  • Leslie Fhima (Runner-Up)
  • Faith Martin 
  • Ellen Goltzer 
  • Sandra Mason
  • Susan Noles
  • April Kirkwood 
  • Kathy Swarts
  • Nancy Hulkower
  • Christina Kempton 
  • Edith Aguirre
  • Joan Vassos 
  • Jeanie Howard 
  • Natascha Hardee
  • Peggy Dercole
  • Marina Perera 
  • Anna Zalk 
  • Maria Trice
  • Pamela Burns
  • Patty James
  • Renee Halverson-Wright
  • Sylvia Robledo

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