The Matchmakers Ending Explained, Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

In the final episode of The Matchmakers, Jung-Woo and Soon-Deok reunited after a surprising twist involving Soon-Deok faking his death. However, some viewers felt disappointed that villain So-Hyun did not face consequences for her actions.

Explain the matchmaker’s ending

In episode 16 of “Matchmaker”, the drama ended with an unexpected plot twist. The final episode of ‘The Matchmakers’ saw Jung-Woo and Soon-Deok, who everyone thought had passed away, unexpectedly reunite. Soon-Deok actually made a deal with her mother-in-law and faked her death to start a new life. With the king’s help, she had a new start. Jung-Woo believes she is gone so the King gives her a new identity and asks her to continue matchmaking. When he visits another matchmaker’s house, he realizes it’s where Soon-Deok grew up. Then he hears her voice and they find each other again, deciding to help others find love while discovering it themselves.

Although the film ends on a hopeful note for Jung-Woo and Soon-Deok, some things are left unresolved. Viewers feel disappointed because the villain So-Hyun does not face any consequences for her actions. Throughout the film, there is suspense about her crimes and the particular poison, but in the end, she does not receive any punishment, leaving that part of the story unfinished.

Matchmaker release date

“The Matchmakers”, a South Korean drama series, premiered on October 30, 2023. This romantic drama series airs on the KBS2 network every Monday and Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. 45 (KST) time frame. The film, starring Rowoon and Cho Yi-hyun, captivated audiences with its intriguing plot. The final episode, Episode 16, aired on December 25, 2023, concluding the series. Viewers eagerly followed the romantic journey and plot twists throughout the two months until the touching finale on Christmas Day.

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Matchmaker actor



Rowoon as Shim Jung-woo

A Confucian scholar holds the record for being the youngest to pass the state civil service exam.

Cho Yi-hyun as Jung Soon-deok

Widow and second daughter-in-law of the Left State Councilor,

secretly works as Yeoju-daek, a famous matchmaker and salesman in Hanyang.

Kim Hyun-mok as Kim Oh-bong

Jung-woo’s butler.

Kim Geon-ho as Yoo Eui-won

Jung-woo’s doctor and a member of the State Council.

Kim Yeon-woo as Shim Myung-woo

Jung Woo’s older brother.

Lee Sang-gu as Shim Jin-ho

Jung Woo’s father.

Heo Nam-jun as Jung Soon-gu

Soon-deok’s older brother, works as a government inspector.

Bang Eun-jeong as Gae Dong-yi

Soon-deok’s maid offers to assist her in managing her double life.

The matchmaker’s conspiracy

The Matchmakers is a television series that tells the story of a young man named Shim Jung-woo and a young girl named Jung Soon-deok. Together they help three unmarried women find husbands in Joseon, a historical period in Korea. Shim Jung-woo is a widow, whose wife has passed away, while Jung Soon-deok is a widow, a woman whose husband has passed away.

They team up to solve the problem of three women who are considered “old maids”, meaning they are unmarried and have difficulty finding husbands. Together, Shim Jung-woo and Jung Soon-deok take on this challenge by trying to find suitable matches for these unmarried women. Their goal is to help these women overcome the social expectations and pressures of being single in Joseon society.

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Matchmaker Summary

“The Matchmakers” is a Korean drama that tells the story of Shim Jung-woo played by Rowoon and Jung Soon-deok played by Cho Yi-hyun. The film is set in historical Joseon and revolves around two characters who team up to solve a common problem: finding suitable husbands for three unmarried women facing social pressure.

Shim Jung-woo, a young widow, and Jung Soon-deok, a young widow, team up to solve the challenge of unmarried women considered “old maids” in Joseon society. Their duties involve navigating social expectations and norms while attempting to matchmake and secure suitable marriages for these women. Throughout the film, viewers witness the duo’s efforts to defy tradition and bring happiness to the lives of these unmarried women, highlighting the complexities of matchmaking in a pageant.

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