The Silencing Ending Explained, Cast, Plot, Review, Trailer, and Where to Watch

Unravel the intense conclusion of “The Silencing” with a detailed ending explanation. Dive into the engaging plot, stellar cast performances, and comprehensive review, complemented by a glimpse of the gripping trailer.

The Silencing Ending Explained

“The Silencing” concludes with a dramatic and revealing ending. Rayburn Swanson, the hunter portrayed by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, confronts and overpowers the true killer, Dr. Jon Boone, played by Shaun Smyth. Boone confesses to kidnapping and killing girls, driven by a misguided mission to “save” them from perceived bad parents. In a twist, Alice Gustafson, the sheriff portrayed by Annabelle Wallis, discovers Boone’s true identity and sinister motives.

During a confrontation in the wildlife sanctuary, Rayburn takes matters into his own hands and severely beats Boone, ultimately trapping him in a spike trap. Alice, witnessing this, grapples with the moral dilemma of justice versus revenge. Despite her initial suspicion of Rayburn, she comes to understand the gravity of Boone’s crimes.

As Boone meets his demise, Rayburn and Alice share a complex moment, symbolizing a form of closure for Rayburn and justice for the victims. The film ends with Alice sitting in a patrol car, reflecting on the ongoing manhunt for Boone.

Overall, “The Silencing” provides a conclusion that explores the consequences of vengeance and the pursuit of justice, leaving viewers with a thought-provoking ending that ties together the themes of the film.

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The Silencing

“The Silencing” is a gripping 2020 American-Canadian action-thriller film directed by Robin Pront and written by Micah Ranum. The movie features notable actors including Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, known for his role in “Game of Thrones,” and Annabelle Wallis.

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The storyline revolves around a hunter and a sheriff joining forces to hunt down a murderer who may have abducted the hunter’s daughter years earlier. As the plot unfolds, suspense and tension build, creating an intense and thrilling cinematic experience.

The film’s visual elements are brought to life through the cinematography of Manuel Dacosse and the editing expertise of Alain Dessauvage. The soundtrack, composed by Brooke Blair and Will Blair, adds an additional layer of intensity to the narrative.

“The Silencing” was initially released on DirecTV Cinema on July 16, 2020, followed by a wider release in theaters and Video on Demand (VOD) on August 14, 2020, through Saban Films. Despite its modest box office performance, the movie received attention for its engaging storyline and the compelling performances of its cast.

Clocking in at 93 minutes, the film unfolds in the United States and Canada, primarily using English as its language of communication. Overall, “The Silencing” offers viewers a thrilling ride through its suspenseful plot and strong character portrayals.

The Silencing Cast



Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Rayburn Swanson

Annabelle Wallis

Alice Gustafson, Sheriff of Cutler County

Hero Fiennes Tiffin

Brooks Gustafson

Zahn McClarnon

Karl Blackhawk

Melanie Scrofano


Shaun Smyth

Dr. Boone

Danielle Ryan

Dr. Patel

The Silencing Plot

“The Silencing” follows the story of Rayburn Swanson, an alcoholic and remorseful trapper who owns the Gwen Swanson Sanctuary, named after his missing daughter. Gwen disappeared five years ago, disapproving of Rayburn’s lifestyle. The sanctuary is protected by surveillance cameras to keep hunters away.

Sheriff Alice Gustafson, dealing with her troubled brother Brooks, discovers a body with a throat scar and a spearhead marked “MB.” Rayburn identifies the body but realizes it’s not Gwen. They find out about an ancient weapon, an atlatl, used in the crime.

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Rayburn, spotting a ghillie-suited man in the woods, is wounded by a spear. Reviewing the footage, he sees the same man hunting a mute girl named Molly. Rayburn rescues Molly but is injured. Alice arrives, mistaking Rayburn for the killer, allowing the real hunter to escape.

Rayburn seeks refuge with his ex-wife and her husband, tribal police Sheriff Karl Blackhawk. Alice, realizing her mistake, promises Molly justice. Rayburn discovers the hunter’s marked truck, leading him to the killer’s lair.

Rayburn finds evidence linking the killer, Dr. Jon Boone, to missing girls, including his daughter. Boone, grieving his own loss, explains his twisted motive. A confrontation at the sanctuary ensues, with Rayburn overpowering Boone. Alice arrives in time to witness Rayburn’s revenge.

In the aftermath, Boone is hunted like his victims, and Alice seeks closure for her moral failure. Rayburn, with Molly, mourns Gwen, symbolically pouring his last bottle of whiskey into the lake. “The Silencing” weaves a tale of redemption, justice, and closure amid a backdrop of suspense and thriller elements.

The Silencing Review 

“The Silencing” offers a gripping narrative that unfolds in the wilderness, blending suspense and action. Starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Annabelle Wallis, the film follows a hunter and sheriff tracking a murderer. The rugged ambiance of Greater Sudbury, Ontario, where it was filmed, adds authenticity.

The plot keeps audiences on the edge with unexpected twists, though critical reception varies. Premiering in 2020, the movie gained popularity on Netflix, despite mixed reviews. Its intense scenes, strong performances, and unique storyline contribute to a decent action-thriller, providing viewers with an engaging cinematic experience.

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The Silencing Where to Watch 

“The Silencing” is available for streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix Basic with Ads. Viewers have multiple options to enjoy the movie, whether through the diverse content library of Amazon Prime Video or the ad-supported version on Netflix Basic.

Movie enthusiasts can choose the streaming service that best suits their preferences to experience the suspenseful action-thriller at their convenience. With these platforms, audiences can delve into the world of “The Silencing” from the comfort of their own screens, making it accessible for a wide range of viewers.

Where Was the Movie The Silencing Filmed?

“The Silencing” was filmed in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, capturing the rugged ambiance for intense scenes. The city, north of Toronto, became the backdrop for the 2020 American-Canadian action thriller, featuring a real cabin for Rayburn’s home and the surrounding woods for critical sequences. Filming took place from April to May 2019, lasting approximately 26 days.

Ramsey Lake, known for being the world’s largest lake within a single city, was utilized for water scenes, adding to the authentic atmosphere. Initially intended for overseas production, the filmmakers opted for Greater Sudbury, creating a captivating setting for the hunter and sheriff’s pursuit of a murderer in the woods.

The Silencing Trailer

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