The Tailor Season 3 Ott Release Date and Time, Countdown, When Is It Coming Out?

Mark your calendars for the premiere of The Tailor Season 3 on November 3, 2023. You can find all the details about this season on this page.

The Tailor Season 3 Ott Release Date and Time

The Tailor Season 3 will be released on Friday, November 3, 2023. The Tailor is one of the most popular Turkish Drama Series, which was initially released on 2 May 2023. This series received huge popularity within the premiere of just a few episodes and now it has got its new season which is Season 3. 

People can watch The Tailor Season 3 on the respective legal platform after its official release. The Tailor is based on Drama and Mystery, which includes many characters who plays vital role throughout the series. 

Name of the Season

The Tailor

Initial Release Date

2 May 2023

The Tailor Season 3 Characters

Cagatay Ulusoy and Sifanur Gul

Current Season

Season 3


Drama and Mystery

The Tailor Season 2 Release Date

July 28, 2023

The Tailor Season 3 Ott Release Date

November 3, 2023


1 day

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When will The Tailor Season 3 be available for streaming?

You can enjoy The Tailor Season 3 by streaming it on Netflix, one of the world’s most popular streaming platforms. This season offers an exciting continuation of the series, providing viewers with a fresh dose of the show’s captivating storyline and characters.

With the convenience of Netflix, you can delve into the latest episodes at your own pace, making it a great choice for fans of this thrilling series. Don’t miss out on the action, drama, and suspense that The Tailor Season 3 has in store.

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The Tailor Season 3 Cast

  • Cagatay Ulusoy as Peyami
  • Sifanur Gul as Esvet
  • Salih Bademci as Dimitri
  • Olgun Simsek as Mustafa
  • Berrak Tuzunatac as Cemre
  • Engin Senkan as Dede Peyami
  • Evrim Alasya as Kiraz

The Tailor Season 3 Synopsis

Hidden mysteries loom, poised to disrupt the destinies of three individuals. At the helm of this narrative is Peyami, a renowned tailor who recently orchestrated a triumphant runway presentation, amidst the whirlwind of his unpredictable best friend, Dimitri. The jubilation, however, proves fleeting as the passing of his grandfather looms, forcing him to grapple with long-buried secrets he’s been reluctant to face. Tweet

The Tailor Season 2 Recap

The conclusion of Season 2 of The Tailor brought a momentous turn of events as Dimitri (Salih Bademci) took a bold step. He set his father’s trunk ablaze in front of his entire family, an act symbolizing his triumph over the childhood trauma of being locked inside that very trunk.

Concurrently, Peyami (Cagatay Ulusoy) orchestrated a triumphant fashion show, a pivotal moment in his journey. Following the show, he introduced his father, Mustafa (Olgun Simsek), to the delighted crowd, fully embracing his father’s true identity. This led to a heartwarming reunion between Mustafa and Peyami’s mother, Kiraz (Evrim Alasya), leaving Peyami visibly moved by the touching moment.

As Season 2 concluded, viewers were treated to a tantalizing glimpse of what’s in store for the upcoming third season. Dimitri was stunned to witness his old friend Peyami involved in an affair with his wife, Esvet (Sifanur Gul), aboard a luxurious yacht.

Enraged by this revelation, Dimitri took drastic action, trapping himself and the adulterous couple inside a warehouse. He initiated a suspenseful ten-minute countdown, hinting at a potentially explosive climax when the timer reached zero. The season closed with a dramatic and intense twist, setting the stage for Season 3’s eagerly anticipated developments.

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What lies in store for us in The Tailor Season 3?

The third season of The Tailor maintains its brisk pace while deliberately shrouding the narrative in ambiguity. It not only recaps the show’s journey thus far but also offers tantalizing glimpses of the major themes and storylines set to unfold in the upcoming season. Evidently, a treasure trove of hidden secrets is yet to be unveiled in this latest installment.

As the sneak preview has hinted, it seems that Peyami’s actions will lead to a betrayal of Dimitri, entangling him in an affair with Dimitri’s wife, Esvet. This intricate love triangle is poised to intensify, promising a whirlwind of heartbreak and turmoil in season 3. The stage is set for a climactic showdown between Peyami and Dimitri, with questions lingering about Esvet’s ultimate choice and who will emerge victorious in this tumultuous finale.

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