The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Episode 3 Ending Explained, Recap, Review, And More

“The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Episode 3 concludes with the antagonist, Codron, discovering the heroes’ plans, foreshadowing impending challenges, while the next episode, ‘Paris Sera Toujours Paris,’ is scheduled for release on September 24, 2023, on AMC.”

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

“The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon” is a new TV show in the “The Walking Dead” universe. It’s the sixth TV series in this world of post-apocalyptic horror. The show, created by David Zabel for AMC, follows the adventures of Daryl Dixon, a character played by Norman Reedus, who fans may remember from the original series. Alongside him, there’s a whole new cast of characters portrayed by Clémence Poésy, Louis Puech Scigliuzzi, Laïka Blanc-Francard, Anne Charrier, Romain Levi, and Adam Nagaitis.

Development for this series began in September 2020, and it was initially planned to include Carol Peletier, another character from the original series. However, due to logistical challenges involving the actress Melissa McBride, they had to change their plans and put the spotlight solely on Daryl. Nevertheless, fans can look forward to seeing Melissa McBride reprise her role in some way in the show, as it was announced in June 2023.

The first season of “The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon” premiered on September 10, 2023, with six episodes in store for viewers. Even before the first season aired, it was already renewed for a second season in July 2023, promising more post-apocalyptic adventures for fans to enjoy.

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The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Episode 3 Ending Explained

In the ending of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Episode 3, the bad guy, Codron, finds out where our heroes are going. He also learned more about Daryl and his group. This means trouble is coming their way in future episodes.

Basically, the episode ends with the bad guy discovering the good guys’ plans, so our heroes have to be careful because they will likely face some big problems in the next episodes. The next episode of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, called “Paris Sera Toujours Paris,” will be out on September 24, 2023, on AMC. 

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Episode 3 Recap

In Episode 3 of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, shows how the zombie apocalypse began in France, specifically in Paris. Before everything went bad, Isabelle, one of the main characters, was a partygoer and used drugs. We also learn that Laurent, another character, is actually Isabelle’s nephew.

The episode starts by showing the last normal day in Paris. Isabelle is having a great time at a nightclub, but things take a scary turn when she realizes that something is seriously wrong with people. They start acting strange, and dead people come back to life as zombies.

Isabelle and her boyfriend Quinn manage to escape and find shelter in a church with Isabelle’s pregnant sister, Lily. Tragically, Lily gets bitten by a zombie and gives birth to a baby boy named Laurent before becoming one herself.

In the present day, Daryl, Isabelle, Laurent, and Sylvie are traveling in a cart when they encounter a group of teenagers who grew up in a preschool since the apocalypse. They had been raised by their teacher, Madame DuBois, who is now bedridden. The teens tell Daryl that their supplies were stolen by a man named La Tarasque, who lives in a nearby castle. Daryl helps them get their supplies back, and they all leave the preschool with a new horse.

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At the end of the episode, the villain Codron learns about the heroes’ location and plans, indicating that trouble is on the horizon for our main characters in future episodes. The next episode, “Paris Sera Toujours Paris,” airs on September 24, 2023, on AMC.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Episode 3 Review

In Episode 3 of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, titled “Paris sera toujours Paris” (Paris Will Always Be Paris), the story continues as Daryl, Isabelle, Sylvie, and Laurent journey to a place called The Nest to keep Laurent safe and fulfill his destiny as a potential new messiah. Along the way, they encounter new characters and face various challenges.

The episode showcases the eerie beauty of post-apocalyptic France, with stunning scenes of destroyed architecture. Daryl, who often took a back seat in the main series, takes center stage here, allowing Norman Reedus to shine in his role as the titular character.

New characters are introduced, including a particularly outrageous one who reveals something unexpected and astonishing. Codron, a recurring character, also makes a return, providing viewers with more insights into his character. Quinn, the owner of an underground nightclub, reappears and shares surprising information that has an impact on another character.

Isabelle and Daryl, both scarred by their pasts, find a new lease on life in the apocalypse, and their evolving dynamic adds excitement to the story. Additionally, the episode features a French cover of “People Are Strange” by The Doors, paying homage to the legendary Jim Morrison, the band’s lead singer.

Overall, Episode 3 continues to expand the world of The Walking Dead, offering fresh elements and character development while maintaining the familiarity of the series.

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The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Cast

Here is a tabular column of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon cast list for the characters:



Norman Reedus

Daryl Dixon

Clémence Poésy


Louis Puech Scigliuzzi


Laïka Blanc-Francard


Anne Charrier


Romain Levi


Adam Nagaitis


Where to Watch The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon?

“The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon” can be watched without cable on the AMC Plus streaming app, accessible through platforms like Apple TV and Prime Video, or via DirecTV.

Additionally, you can tune in using live TV streaming services such as Philo and Sling TV, which include the AMC channel. These alternatives provide viewers with the freedom to enjoy the show on different devices, eliminating the requirement for a traditional cable subscription.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Trailer

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