Through My Window Across the Sea Ending Explained, Cast, and Plot

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Through my window on the sea ends interpretation

The truth is that both Raquel and Ares have faced their own challenges throughout the year. Ares often questioned whether his decision to attend medical school was a mistake, while Raquel kept the publication of her forthcoming novel a secret with Ares.

During a conversation, Ares confides in Raquel about how Vera has helped him get through tough times and recounts how one drunken night he woke up with his shirt on Vera but didn’t. remember what happened. This revelation leaves Raquel and Ares at a crossroads, uncertain about their next move.

In the end, Raquel decides to go to a party while Ares chooses to stay. At the party, Vera confesses to Ares that nothing really happened between them, but Ares is furious with her for letting Raquel believe otherwise.

Meanwhile, the situation with the other two brothers is not better. Artemis proves to be a terrible, disrespectful boyfriend to Claudia, leading her to justifiably end their relationship. Apollo and Daniela feel tension as they navigate different desires for their relationship.

On the other hand, Yoshi leads Anna before making it clear that he still hasn’t stopped loving Raquel, eventually breaking her heart. It is clear that Yoshi needs to reevaluate his priorities. When Raquel left the party with Gregory, Yoshi impulsively stole someone’s motorcycle and sped off.

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Tragedy struck when Yoshi had an accident, falling off a cliff. Ares witnessed the crash and ran to Gregory’s side, trying CPR, but sadly, he was unable to revive him. Witnessing Yoshi’s lifeless body, Raquel also collapsed. It turns out that neither Ares nor Raquel continued with Vera or Gregory and may have realized that they wanted to be together. However, before they could express their feelings, things didn’t go as planned.

At the end of “Through My Window: Across The Sea”, Raquel is annoyed with Ares, questioning why he couldn’t save Yoshi. While the question is unfair, Ares shouldn’t blame Raquel either for distracting him during the school year and preventing him from taking action.

Raquel and Ares go their separate ways, and Ares returns to Stockholm to consider whether medical school is really the right path for him. On the other hand, Yoshi submitted Raquel’s manuscript to a publisher, and it was approved for a novel.

While Vera texted Ares, it’s still unclear if he sent the apologetic text he intended to write to Raquel. The way Raquel closes her window shows that he didn’t send it or that she is no longer interested. Ares realized that he wouldn’t have the chance to approach Raquel through her window again.

Through My Window Through the Sea

Raquel, who pursued literature, and Ares, who attended medical school in Stockholm, relied mainly on phone conversations, seemingly disinterested in his surroundings. While Raquel’s behavior may be forgivable, it’s puzzling how Ares manages this amid the pressures of medical school.

In Through My Window (2022), Raquel is depicted as a published author, but “Across The Sea” reveals that she only has one manuscript available and still needs to submit it to a publisher. Yoshi, who still has feelings for Raquel, sets them aside for the time being to act as her agent. Both Ares and Raquel attracted attention from admirers at their respective universities, although nothing significant happened.

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The plot of “Across the Sea” gains momentum when Ares surprises Raquel by visiting his beach house, only to discover that his brothers and their friends are also present. The events that take place during their time at the beach house form the central plot.

While there is much outcry, tensions escalate when Ares realizes that Gregory is unaware of Raquel’s relationship status, and Raquel learns that Vera, an obvious Ares admirer, has joined them in their trip. This comes at a time when Raquel and Ares acknowledge their growing distance and the need to work through their relationship.

While Gregory remains relatively harmless, Vera displays obnoxious behavior, suggesting that she considers Raquel someone Ares will eventually let go of. Ares didn’t do much to assuage Raquel’s growing insecurities. However, Raquel chooses to trust Ares, but she feels increasingly isolated from him.

Gregory then reveals that his ex-girlfriend dumped him for Ares, who had just started dating another girl just two weeks earlier. Although Raquel was aware of Ares’ flirtatious nature from the very beginning of their relationship, his past indifference now takes on greater significance.

Raquel’s suspicions are further increased when she sees a photo on Ares’ phone of Vera wearing his shirt. No longer wanting to live in his insecurities, Raquel begins the challenge game and confronts Ares directly, questioning whether he and Vera are intimate with each other. Both Ares and Vera were silent, leading Raquel to conclude that she had been betrayed.

Actors through my window on the sea

This is a table with the actors and their respective characters from the movie Through My Window Across the Sea Cast.

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Clara Galle


Julio Pena

Ares Hidalgo

Guillermo Eyelashes


Natalya Azahara


Hugo Arbues

Apollo Hidalgo

Eric Masip

Artemis Hidalgo

Andrea Chaparro

Andrea Chaparro

Emilia Lazo


Ivan Lapadula


carla tous


Rachel Lascar

Sofia Hidalgo

Abelian folklore

Juan Hidalgo

Lucy Chaparro


Pilar Castro


Through my window Across the sea See where

Starring Clara Galle, Julio Peña Fernández and Guillermo Lasheras, this is the highly anticipated sequel to the hit Netflix series “Through My Window,” bringing beloved characters back into a gripping story. guide.

  • Watch it now on Netflix and enjoy its fascinating story.

In the gripping drama “Through My Window: Across the Sea”, set in 2023, the viewer is taken on a romantic journey. Raquel and Ares, who have endured a year apart, finally meet again on a passionate sea voyage. As they navigate their reunion, however, they find themselves facing new temptations and insecurities of their own.

The question arises: Will their love conquer all obstacles? With an adult rating of A and running at 1 hour and 51 minutes, this film explores the intricacies of relationships.

Trailer Through My Window At Sea

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