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“Embark on an enthralling detective journey in ‘Twin Mind 4: Nobody’s Here,’ a thrilling game infused with mysticism, where you’ll investigate a locked-room crime and uncover the secrets of a cunning criminal.”
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Twin Mind 4 

Welcome to the captivating world of “Twin Mind 4: Nobody’s Here,” a thrilling detective story infused with elements of mysticism. In this game, you will take on the role of a skilled detective, tasked with investigating a crime that appears to have been committed in a room closed off from the outside world. Your keen investigative abilities will be put to the test as you work to uncover the truth behind this enigmatic case, all while navigating through a compelling storyline filled with twists and turns.

To successfully progress through the game, your primary objective will be to find and collect various inventory items scattered throughout different locations. These items will play a crucial role in solving puzzles, unlocking new areas, and ultimately advancing the storyline. Be attentive and observant, as each piece of evidence you uncover will be essential in piecing together the puzzle of this intricate crime.

As you delve deeper into the mystery, you will encounter engaging mini-games and hidden object scenes. These challenges will not only provide an exciting diversion but also offer valuable rewards and clues that will aid you in your investigation.

Should you encounter any obstacles or find yourself perplexed by a particular puzzle, fear not! The game provides a helpful “Advice” button, conveniently located as a magnifying glass icon in the lower right corner. By utilizing this feature, you can receive hints and guidance to overcome any difficulties you may encounter along the way.

To facilitate seamless exploration and movement between locations, be sure to consult the Map of the area. This indispensable tool will enable you to navigate with ease, allowing you to swiftly travel between different places in pursuit of crucial leads.

Rest assured, this guide will provide comprehensive assistance without the need for constant zooming. The included screenshots will present images already enlarged, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

Prepare yourself for an immersive adventure filled with suspense, mystery, and the thrill of solving an elaborate crime. Embrace your detective instincts, and embark on this enthralling journey to unravel the secrets hidden within “Twin Mind 4: Nobody’s Here.” Good luck, detective!

Twin Mind 4 Walkthrough 

Welcome to the informative walkthrough of “Twin Mind 4: Nobody’s Here.” In this exciting detective story with elements of mysticism, you will join twin detectives Eleanor and Randall as they investigate the mysterious death of an employee at the science center. The victim died in a closed room from the inside, pointing to a possible murder. Your task is to help the detectives find clues, reconstruct the incident, and uncover the ingenious plan of the criminal.

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Throughout the game, you will need to search for inventory in various locations and use them correctly to progress through the story. You will also come across mini-games and hidden object scenes that challenge your puzzle-solving skills. Don’t worry; if you encounter difficulties, there’s an “Advice” button to get hints and a Map to navigate quickly.

The game offers different difficulty modes, ranging from Easy to Special, allowing you to tailor the challenge level to your preference. In the easier modes, active zones are highlighted, and mini-game skip and hint buttons reload quickly. Active zones are not highlighted on the harder modes, and there are no skip buttons, making the game more challenging.

Chapter 1: Murder in the Lab

  • Find and use the Insect Repellent, Pencil, and Insect Repellent on the Broken Pencil to get a Pencil.
  • Play the Hidden Object Puzzle (HOP) to receive the List of Evidence. Use the Key found in the List of Evidence to unlock a cabinet and obtain the Fang Pendant, Lighter, and Charger.
  • Charge the Phone and use it on the List of Evidence to reveal hidden messages.
  • Use the Solvent and Handkerchief to obtain the Amulet. Solve the puzzle in the Thanatos Wheel Manual to get the code for the safe.
  • Use the code on the safe to reveal a story-related message and progress the game.

Chapter 2: The Spectral Suit

  • Obtain the Heat Shrink Tube, Hanger Hook, and Hall Photo. Solve puzzles to progress through the chapter.
  • Use the Hair Dryer and Heat Shrink Tube to reveal hidden numbers.
  • Solve the puzzle with the Polaroid Photo to progress further.

Chapter 3: After the Fire

  • Use the Powder Pack and Hanger Hook to remove a key and progress the story.
  • Solve a series of puzzles to obtain the Laboratory Key and thanatos Wheel Manual.
  • Use the Liquid Nitrogen and Brick to obtain a door code.
  • Solve the puzzle with the Combination Lock to advance in the chapter.

Chapter 4: On the Police

  • Use the Cold Welding Machine, Board, and Nail on the Rod to get a Hook on Rope.
  • Use the Hook on Rope to proceed.
  • Solve the puzzles with the Coins and Buttons to progress the story.
  • Use the Universal Liquid Key to unlock a door and advance the game.

Chapter 5: Research Center

  • Obtain the Glass Cutter, Glass Cutter, and Runes Pendant. Use them to progress further.
  • Use the Spectrum Machine in the lecture hall and solve the puzzle to unlock the safe and obtain a Model Motorcycle Wheel.
  • Use the Runes Pendant to unlock a door and move forward.
  • Use the code to unlock the door to the experiment room and progress.
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Chapter 6: The Spectral Machine

  • Solve puzzles and use objects like the Glass Cutter and Slingshot to progress the chapter.
  • Obtain the Diving Mask, Oxygen Cylinders, and Fins to assemble the Diving Equipment.
  • Solve puzzles and use the Diving Equipment to proceed.

Chapter 7: The Yacht

  • Obtain various items like the Jack, Lever, and Rope to advance the story.
  • Use the Fishing Rod and the Cable to proceed in the game.
  • Solve puzzles and use the Diving Equipment to proceed.

Chapter 8: Yacht Club

  • Obtain items like the Grindstone and Noose to progress the story.
  • Use the Ladder, Mast, and Tackle to obtain the Signal Light.
  • Use the Signal Light to progress further in the chapter.

Continue following the walkthrough and solving puzzles to uncover the secrets and track down the culprit in “Twin Mind 4: Nobody’s Here.” Good luck in your detective journey!

Twin Mind 4 Guide

Welcome to the comprehensive guide for “Twin Mind 4: Nobody’s Here!” In this detective story with mystic elements, you’ll need to unravel the mysteries of a crime committed in a locked room. This guide will assist you in finding clues, restoring incident details, and ultimately uncovering the ingenious plan of the criminal. Let’s get started!

Investigate the Crime Scene:

As the detective, your journey begins at the crime scene. Explore the locked room meticulously to find any clues left behind.
Interact with objects and examine the surroundings for any hidden items or information that might be crucial to your investigation.
Collect Inventory Items:

Throughout the game, you’ll come across various inventory items scattered across different locations.
Be sure to collect these items as they will be essential for solving puzzles and progressing through the story.
Use Inventory Items Wisely:

The collected items will need to be used at specific points in the game to overcome obstacles and unlock new areas.
Think critically and experiment with different combinations to achieve your goals.
Engage in Mini-Games and Hidden Object Scenes:

“Twin Mind 4” features entertaining mini-games and challenging hidden object scenes.
These segments offer not only a fun diversion but also valuable rewards and additional clues for your investigation.
Utilize the “Advice” Button:

If you encounter any difficulties or get stuck at any point, don’t hesitate to use the “Advice” button.
The “Advice” button, represented by a magnifying glass icon in the lower right corner, will provide you with hints to overcome obstacles.
Refer to the Map:

To efficiently navigate through the game’s locations, make use of the Map feature.
The Map will help you quickly move between areas, saving you time and ensuring you don’t miss any crucial details.
Pay Attention to the Storyline:

The storyline of “Twin Mind 4” is filled with twists and turns, and every detail matters.
Stay attentive during dialogues and cutscenes, as they might hold clues that are vital to solving the case.
Analyze and Deduce:

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As a skilled detective, use your analytical skills and deductive reasoning to piece together the clues and solve the mystery.
Think outside the box and consider all possibilities before reaching conclusions.
Enjoy the Journey:

“Twin Mind 4: Nobody’s Here” offers an immersive and thrilling experience.
Immerse yourself in the intriguing world of the game, and savor the excitement of solving a captivating crime.
With this guide, you are well-equipped to embark on your investigation and reveal the truth behind the locked room mystery. Best of luck, and may your detective skills lead you to triumph in “Twin Mind 4”!

Twin Mind 4 Gameplay

In “Twin Mind 4: Nobody’s Here,” players embark on an enthralling detective journey filled with mystique. The game centers around investigating a perplexing crime committed in a room locked from the inside. As players delve into the intricacies of the case, they must meticulously search for clues and restore the sequence of events to unravel the cunning plan of the criminal.

Throughout the gameplay, the emphasis lies on exploring the crime scene and other locations, meticulously inspecting objects, and gathering essential inventory items. These collected items serve as indispensable tools in overcoming challenges and progressing through the storyline. Puzzles of various kinds challenge players’ cognitive abilities and may range from logic-based deductions to interactive conundrums.

To enrich the gameplay experience, “Twin Mind 4” offers hidden object scenes, where players must keenly observe cluttered environments to find specific items crucial for advancing the investigation. Additionally, players encounter mini-games and challenges that align with the narrative, testing their problem-solving prowess.

Interactions with characters and engaging in dialogues provide valuable insights and further the plot. As players gather clues, the storyline unfolds progressively, unveiling intriguing plot twists and revelations.

To assist players when faced with dilemmas, a helpful “Advice” button is available, allowing access to hints without revealing the entire solution. Furthermore, the game features a map for swift navigation between locations, tracking progress, and identifying areas that require further exploration.

Immersive visuals, atmospheric sound effects, and captivating music create an enchanting ambiance that draws players deeper into the enigmatic world of “Twin Mind 4: Nobody’s Here.” With its engaging gameplay and immersive storyline, the game promises a rewarding and intellectually stimulating experience for both seasoned detectives and newcomers to the genre.

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