What Happened to Barbies Parents? Where are Barbies Parents?

Meet Barbie’s parents, George and Margaret Roberts who are said to be from the Barbie’s world, but aren’t often featured in Barbie’s toy lineup.


Barbie is a popular fashion doll created by Ruth Handler and made by Mattel, a big toy company. Barbie came out in 1959 and has been a major part of the fashion doll world for a long time. Mattel has sold more than a billion Barbie dolls, making it their most successful product. Over the years, Barbie has become more than just a doll. She’s now a whole brand with lots of dolls and accessories. Barbie even appears in video games, animated movies, and a live-action film.

Barbie and her friend Ken are some of the most well-known dolls in the world. They’ve had a big impact on how people play with dolls and what they like to buy with them, like clothes and other stuff. Barbie has also shown that girls can be independent and have a fun, fancy lifestyle.

While Barbie’s sales went down for a while, they got better in 2020, with $1.35 billion in sales. The release of a new Barbie movie in 2023 is expected to make Barbie even more popular, and it’s even starting a fashion trend called “Barbiecore.”


What Happened to Barbies Parents? 

Barbie’s parents are George and Margaret Roberts. Not much about her parents is shown. Barbie has been been taking care of her younger siblings on her own. George and Margaret don’t have their own dolls, even though they had 10 (technically 11) kids. Barbie’s family includes her sisters like Skipper and Stacie, as well as her two brothers, Todd #1 and Todd #2. There were other siblings too, like Tutti, Kelly #1, Kelly #2, Shelly, and Krissy, but they came and went over the years.

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Despite being a big part of Barbie’s life, George and Margaret remain largely absent from the toy world. Doll collectors would love to see Barbie’s parents get their own dolls, just like her siblings. George and Margaret deserve some recognition for raising such a lovely family, even if Barbie does most of the work looking after her younger brothers and sisters.

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Where are Barbies Parents?

Barbie’s parents, George Roberts and Margaret Rawlins Roberts originally appeared only in Barbie books but now feature in the digital series “Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures.” George, Barbie’s father, transitioned from being an engineer to a documentary filmmaker in this show.

Margaret, Barbie’s mother, also initially existed in books but then appeared on screen as well. Unlike her previous role as a homemaker, in “Dreamhouse Adventures,” Margaret works as a computer engineer and is the creative mind behind the design of the Roberts family’s dreamhouse. She even has a sister named Millicent.

George and Margaret don’t have their own dolls, and they’re not as prominent as their famous daughter and her siblings. Their appearances are limited to specific Barbie media like books and the “Dreamhouse Adventures” series.

Who are Barbies Parents?

Barbie’s parents are George Roberts and Margaret Rawlins Roberts. George is the father of Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea, while Margaret is their mother. Originally, they were characters in Barbie books, but they have since made appearances in the digital series “Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures.”

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In this show, George’s profession changed from being an engineer to a documentary filmmaker. Margaret, on the other hand, shifted from being a homemaker to becoming a computer engineer and the mastermind behind designing the Roberts family’s dreamhouse. She also has a sister named Millicent.

Where are Barbies Made?

Barbie dolls are made in different places around the world. The main company that makes Barbie dolls, Mattel, has factories in several countries, including the United States, China, Indonesia, and Malaysia. These factories are where the dolls are manufactured and put together. Barbie’s parts, like her plastic body and clothes, are often made in different places and then sent to the assembly factories. These parts are carefully crafted to make sure each Barbie doll looks just right.

So, in short, Barbie dolls are made in various factories worldwide, with different parts coming from different places. Mattel, the company that owns Barbie, oversees the production process to ensure that every Barbie doll meets their quality standards before they are shipped to stores around the world for kids to enjoy.

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